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Authentification/SMS; receiving no E-Mail [merged]

Maria Murtor.7253Maria Murtor.7253 Member ✭✭✭
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Never had problems with the Authentification since today. Both, my GW 1 and 2 Account do need a Authentification. Yesterday everything worked fine. (Maybe the Authentification is needed because of a power breakdown in my hometown.



  • i have to unlink my phone number to my current one on my account page but it doesnt seem to send the code, i know sometimes it might be late but i've waited overnight and still no code... sent a message to support but still nothing.. anyone having this issue as well?

  • same thing here at least i know its not just me now

  • My friend has the same problem. Any anet guys here to help?

  • My brother have the same problem with email authentification. Help would be much appreciated

  • We are looking into this now. Thanks for your patience -- the team is on the case!

    Gaile Gray
    Communications Manager: ArenaNet
    Fansite & Guild Relations; In-Game Events; Community Showcase Live

  • have you news for us? we have the same Problem here. i'm in because i have received a sms but my wife is waiting since hours.

  • I'm curious as well, is there any update or news as to when this is going to be fixed?

  • wolfie.2841wolfie.2841 Member ✭✭
    edited October 19, 2018

    for me, its the email im not receiving as of 4 30 pm edt. thanks (i am now in 5 18 pm edt

  • any news? Would really like to unlink my phone before I purchase a new phone and new number xD.. also sent a ticket to support, can they just reset that?

  • Got my authentification mails about four hours ago. Worked for me.

  • still not getting any authentication messages, even tried a few phone numbers. nothing.

  • Oh no, I think i know what happened with mine. I dont have access to my old number (new number has same last 4 digits), ive contacted support but still no reply. if anyone can help me here please send me a PM or if theres any GM that see's this

  • No one can help you save the CS Team, and they rarely read the forums as that would take away from their work.

  • Vinceman.4572Vinceman.4572 Member ✭✭✭✭

    I'm bumping this since it doesn't seem to be fixed because I don't get an SMS at all. A friend of mine had the same issue on Monday when we wanted to start to raid with him. He got his mail 2 hours after trying to log in.

  • It's repeating problems like this that means I'll never use two-factor, the supposed benefits certainly don't outweigh the inability to login that this kind of problem causes.

    I just wish Anet would stop spamming the road-block dialog so often when I log in. :(

  • Why on earth did they ever start the auth verification kitten anyways? use email like everyone else. I dont want another dam app on my phone, nor do I nor anyone I know want to deal with this sms kitten to begin with... guildwars2 is not a bank, it was not and is not a good idea to make a video game inaccessible over some paranoid concept about a freaking video game account...

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