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  • JinxBachler.6407JinxBachler.6407 Member
    edited November 17, 2019

    I solve it, if you go to the 2nd one then the 1st and then the 3rd u can complete it

  • This bug still exists as of 2/12/2020... took me an hour to get through but this works - start the instance, don't talk to Tonn. Clear every monster ESPECIALLY THE ONES STUCK IN THE BASE OF THE TOWERS, then talk to tonn and follow through to completion.

    Reason for bug (I think) - there are some monsters that spawn inside of the base of the tower that you can't see. If the tower explodes before they are killed Tonn will not move from tower 2.

    Cheers :)

  • March 23rd 2020, bug persists. Rather than try the lengthy solution of killing everything first, I tried the method first posted by Roshtaak.3129:
    Started the dialog with Tonn, immediately ran through all bats, spiders, bugs and Risen until reaching first base. (I had to Benny Hill a few Risen in circles round the base of the tower before Tonn appeared, but appear he did and dutifully blew it up.
    Still ignoring all the Risen and/or Krait, I ran straight to the second tower. Tonn appeared almost instantaneously this time. I left him setting the charges and laughing at his own jokes while I ran the gauntlet back along the beach and through the caves.
    I then tried to avoid combat on the last slope, getting to the third tower, (failing miserably) but noticed as I got closer to the tower that Tonn had re-appeared again and was trying out new material (it was still bad, he should definitely stick to demolitions.) As soon as the last tower was down, the last phase triggered and three minutes later when the last wave (concluding with the pair of Krait from the water) was cleared, Tonn finally got serious and the scenario was complete! At. Long. Last.
    Roughly five minutes in all...

  • Achraf Hidouri.8029Achraf Hidouri.8029 Member ✭✭
    edited March 27, 2020

    i know a way to do it but they really should fix it though: Before talking to Tonn at the start of instance go kill skelks and bats, clear both ways of risen and towers of course, after that talk to Tonn and don't wait for dolyak, go to 1st place, kill risen in return, than go to 2nd place, don't let kraits go near 4th tower when defending beach and that's it :)

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  • you know Tonn comes for Order of Whispers and Durmand Priory story only, had Syska for Vigil story

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  • I just hit this today, twice, on the same character. The "easy" fix would be to add something that the player has to click on at each tower to trigger Tonn to blow them up, or just add one at the third tower that triggers a cutscene to blow it up.

  • I'm stuck on this exact thing. Tonn came with me to Towers 1 & 2 and then stayed at tower 2 for no reason. I've tried everything I can think of to get him to follow me but he simply won't come to tower 3. I've cleared the entire mission map of enemies and he's just standing idly at tower 2. This is absurd--I can see that this thread goes all the way back to 2018. It's April 2020! The exact same problem is persisting and I can't progress in my character's story. Very disappointed.

  • Taikanaru.5746Taikanaru.5746 Member ✭✭

    STILL BUGGED. Tonn doesn't wanna continue. Had to restart, and got it working by killing all mobs in the instance before talking to anyone.

  • Did anyone notice any dev post in this? I really dont need to read trough 2 years of issue reporting when clearly noone fiex anything. Just had the bug twice in a row...

  • Dante.1763Dante.1763 Member ✭✭✭✭

    @Hrakuun.3456 said:
    Did anyone notice any dev post in this? I really dont need to read trough 2 years of issue reporting when clearly noone fiex anything. Just had the bug twice in a row...

    They have posted in here, but its been quite some time since they have.

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  • Rusty Bear.2160Rusty Bear.2160 Member
    edited May 10, 2020

    I am also stuck on this bug. I bought this game when it first came out and I bought the expansions last month.
    I just don't understand how a game breaking bug can persist like this for over 2 years after being reported...

    EDIT: I just tried Taikanaru.5746's method of killing every mob I could fin in the cave and at the 3 sites before talking to Tann the first time and it worked for me to get through.

  • Do Tower2 first, worked for me.
    Tower2 > Tower1 > Tower3

  • hagikaze.2807hagikaze.2807 Member
    edited July 31, 2020

    I get that there is a specific 'way' to complete the quest. But a questbreaking bug being in the game for so long and the solution being 'well, there's a way around the break if you look it up online' instead of patching it is an awfully lazy way of dealing with the problem.

  • Well guys.. its 8/10/2020
    And i'm here to say Tonn still pulling his BS

  • It's been 2 years. Nobody is fixing it and apparently nobody at Anet cares about anything.

  • Completed this yesterday, took 12 attempts, not sure if i did anything different but on the last attempt i did not clear all the mobs just let the scene unfold as normal BUT i stayed with Tonn all the time (switched to range attacks with riffle only - im a scrapper), stuck to him like glue and only moved once each set of mobs were dead.

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  • Rutin.2604Rutin.2604 Member
    edited August 23, 2020

    I ran into this same bug so what I did is cleared the entire map first so everything was dead. Then I talked to Tonn, then ran to the 1st tower, once he started his bomb dialog I ran to the 2nd, and the same thing, then the 3rd and it worked like a charm. No issue.

    I didn't try just speed running the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd tower so it might work as well.

  • Wow.. why won't the developers not fix this bug? I was doing the quest and Tonn stopped approaching the FIRST TOWER for me. All I could do is "Greet."
    Story quest is not even that quick and it is so hard to play the same quest because of BUG for so many times. Me and my gf are seriously considering of not playing this anymore if we will have to suffer the same for upcoming quests too.
    I was utterly disappointed that ArenaNet did not fix the bug but just told the players to follow a guide to finish the quest.
    It would be great if this was to be fixed asap

  • Miss Lana.5276Miss Lana.5276 Member ✭✭✭

    For what it's worth to those who still have issues with this instance;

    I can clear this instance 100% of the time by employing this tactic. Run AHEAD of Tonn and the group, idle at the first tower til Tonn says it's about to blow, then head to the second one and do the same. Then, instead of doubling back into the caves, run around the lake's edge to the third tower. DON'T KILL ANYTHING until the 3rd tower. It clears it 100% of the time and is a lot faster than how you're "supposed" to run the instance. I've found killing anything before the third tower WILL bug it.

    Others have ways that work for them, this one works for me every single time. I've done personal story on about 60+ characters so far, all of them clearing this instance with this tactic.

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