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  1. I've not experienced any trouble with the last jump at the clockface, but I've for sure had trouble with the breakaway pieces near the start and just after the leap of faith jump. Yesterday they were appearing suddenly, without doing their animation, and I assumed it was latency, but today I've seen it as described in other comments here. It's happened consistently across every instance of the Clocktower today, even after exiting to a different map and going back in.
  2. The red text is a bit hard to read until you get to the lower levels but this is really cool! Would love to see a post explaining them like Fenom mentioned, I'm surprised how many were unfamiliar! Very intriguing!
  3. Got the Ultimate version, also experiencing this, hopefully we hear more.
  4. I'm doing some research for a character, and having a hard time figuring this one out.In the years between GW1 and GW2, about how many generations have passed? The only solid lead I can find is Gwen and Logan, and I vividly remember the whole deal with her gravestone listing her as his great-grandmother, and then later it being corrected to "ancestor" which is far less specific.
  5. The first time I received the letter from Mechanist Ninn, informing me of the restoration of the Asura Gate in the Eye of the North, I was excited, and hurried to complete the new content. The second time I received the letter, I merely deleted it and moved on.I have now opened my 26th letter, and cannot help but wonder if it will ever end.I was never bothered by having so many characters, a fan of Fashion Wars, I was always happy to create more. However now, I am confronted with an inescapable fate, as every character that I have not played since the March 17th update is met with a little red
  6. The simple answer here is that an Experience Booster is not a Utility Item.Here is the Utility Item page on the wiki, where it lists just about every utility item available.At least I'm pretty certain, I've never actually tried it myself, but from my understanding it wouldn't work based on the game's definition of Utilities vs. Boosters.Hope this helps!
  7. As someone who enjoys emotes, I really do like that this gives me a reason to complete the meta achieves other than just to fill out my wardrobe. With that in mind though, I wish they were a little easier to get than this. (40-something achievements for the Grothmar Meta, ouch.)
  8. It's certainly not the first time, however what caught me by surprise is that every single one of these is voiced dialog. It sounds like it's mainly the VA's for Caithe and the Female Sylvari PC. I can't identify the voice of the male Sylvari with new lines off the top of my head though.There was a similar instance of new voiced dialog some years back too, but all that dialog seemed to stop happening not long after.
  9. Hanging out in the Grove today, I've got the dialog engrained into my memory quite well since it's my favorite city. However I've found myself surprised at hearing quite a fair share of new little snippets. Examples include "Plum wonderful!" "Oh my goodness, poor little petals!" "Smell that? There's a hint of mint in the air." and "Ah thorns! I forgot to sharpen my blade!" Is anyone else catching all these new dialog bits? Is anyone hearing new dialog in the other cities as well? I haven't heard any of these repeat yet and it's making me feel like I imagined them.Edit:More that I've come acros
  10. While it's a shame to lose Almorra, I'm hopeful that they'll tackle the fallout in an interesting way. Supposedly Laranthir of the Wild is supposed to take over the position of leading the Vigil in the case of her death, and I'm curious how that will go when he's been MIA since the end of HoT. Is he still around? Will there be butting of heads between him and Jhavi since, despite him being the one who is supposed to take over, she's the one most-involved here, with a personal stake to boot.
  11. I adore the baseless notion that our next Elder Dragon fight will be with Bubbles, but rather than going to Cantha, (It was my favorite part of Guild Wars 1, but I don't feel like now is the right time, especially considering the Human-centric streak we've been on.) we'll be going to whatever homebase/city the Largos have. I dream of sprawling cities at the bottom reaches of the ocean, kept air tight by large air pockets created through tech/magic the Largos use. (They don't seem like they can breathe water, since they wear their masks at all times, including underwater.) Luminous cities that
  12. So, with the next episode approaching in four days, and a phenomenal trailer just released, now is as good a time as ever to try and pin-point where War Eternal will be taking us. There's complete freedom to theorize whatever anyone thinks is a possibility here, but first I'd like to pose an idea.The Tarnished Coast.There's actual evidence (Okay, theoretical evidence) for this to be true! Let's start with the narrative basis for this. Aurene. Aurene was first introduced as an egg which Caithe had stolen away from the dying Master of Peace, and taken on a roadtrip into Auric Basin, where we int
  13. I've only done 100% Map Complete once, but I do enjoy from time to time picking a random map and completing a bunch of Points of Interest to simply see the scenery of a map I may not visit often.
  14. As a Sylvari main, I always have to say, more hairstyles would be a blessing! We're tallying up the YEARS since the last hair/face update (Not counting the Human-only PoF update and the Charr-only LW4 Ep2 update.) I'd personally like to see things like reds, oranges, and yellows on Sylvari hair not having to be overwhelmed by GREEN. It makes it hard to make an entirely warm-toned Sylvari. Also some more cool variety in the plants, maybe a reason to add accessory colors for Sylvari, since they get nothing in the accessory color updates? I think it would be great to get anything right now. :3
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