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Hi, haven't played for a few years. I tried GW after WoW and enjoyed it but life took over. Life now quiet and have some time to give to gaming. What is the best initial home world taking into account I'll be playing evening week days and weekends.

Also, anyone got a guild that I could join that would take that kind of casual player?


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    edited November 26, 2018

    The world you choose doesn’t matter if you’re doing just PvE. Just make sure to be in the best region (NA or EU) that fits where/when you play. World will matter if you plan to do WvW but that too will eventually change.

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    There is a Looking for Guild category here on the forum, just scroll down.

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  • Welcome back to the game! The community here is the opposite of WoW, one of the best I've ever encountered. If you have any questions about the game, the in-game Map Chat (it's like Trade chat on WoW but not toxic lol) is where you can get help from other players. Don't be afraid to ask! Also, feel free to poke me in-game if I'm online, I'm always happy to help players out. One last tip, if you type "/wiki whatyourelookingfor" into the chat box, it'll bring up the (very extensive and helpful) game Wiki! EX: /wiki sylvari

    Have fun, and welcome to Tyria!

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