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Griffin Stance = Good

Soilder.3607Soilder.3607 Member ✭✭✭

Been using it in WvW now. It's kitten good. Seriously. One second of evasion + 3 seconds of superspeed with every attack evaded for 9 seconds. And you gain 25 endurance when you first use it.

Definitely play around with this skill now.


  • Pterikdactyl.7630Pterikdactyl.7630 Member ✭✭✭✭

    I have been playing with it and while I don't know if I will integrate it into my usual roaming build, I do like the skill 100x better than before. It's super great for disengaging and that 1s evade frame is great for avoiding burst. Definitely a fun skill. Wish I could run it with LR but the endurance regen cap makes them feel a little redundant together.

  • (The new) Griffin stance is okay

    • Still wish for the old instant cast
    • Increasing the gained endurance to 50 endurance on cast would be nice too

    It's nice to get some evasion effect but with a cast time it's kinda odd

    Don't think I'll use it that much more now but it may see use sometimes

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  • Krispera.5087Krispera.5087 Member ✭✭✭
    edited December 15, 2018

    It's not an instant cast and not a stun break. I'll still take Lightning Reflexes over it.

    It's better than it was and I can see people use it now. So, not bad. I think they wanted to give more support to Skirmishing trait line, Strider's Defense and Essence of Speed. Making a more evading/glassy and bursty version of Soulbeast than meta bruiser/tanky Boonbeast.

    Smokescale (BMode), Sword 2-3, OH Dagger, GS third AA, GS Leap, Lightning Reflexes and now Griffon Stance. Soulbeast is evading like Daredevil and Mirage :).

    @ProtoMarcus.7649 said:
    It's nice to get some evasion effect but with a cast time it's kinda odd

    They didn't want to make it a copy of Mirage Cloak (which I thought it was before trying it). Imagine Whirling Defense + Griffon Stance + Strider's Defense if it was instant :P.

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