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Frequency of 'No Pain, No Gain'

So for the last few days I've been noticing that the fractal instability No Pain, No Gain, has been pretty common in daily T4 fractals. Over a period of 4 days, it's been on at least 2/3 fractals near-daily, except for yesterday. While I don't mind the instability too much (I play a reaper, and it's not too hard to corrupt boons obviously), it does get a bit tiring having to do it constantly. I'm curious what everyone else makes of it? Personally, I think there needs to be more variety, it's not hard but I prefer a more varied selection of instabilities -- if Anet insists on keeping it, which seems to be the case!


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    There are a couple of factors to consider:

    1. RNG is RNG. Fractal Instabilities are determined randomly each day. If that's what we're dealt, that what we have to deal with.
    2. Instability Whitelist/Blacklists affect RNG. Some Fractals have certain Instabilities that they will never get, such as Slippery Slope for Uncategorized. This further limits the pool of available Instabilities that can occur for a given rotation.

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    I don't mind it, as I feel like No Pain should be baseline anyway, not only for Fractals, but in some variation for most of PvE mobs.
    But I also think "Debuffer" should be a required meta role in the game, being largely responsible for Boon Rip, Vuln application and CC, as DPS hybrid.

    But yea, it's just RNG.
    I rather have NPNG for days, than 3 days in a row of Slippery Slope on stuff like 100CM again.

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  • If you do T4 + Rex daily, that's 12 rolls for instabilities. There are only 19 instab and, as @Ojimaru.8970 notes, some are blacklisted for certain fractals. If things were precisely even, then we'd still see every instab at twice every three days. Given that true randomness runs in streaks, it would be surprising if one or three instabs didn't show up early & often for us. As long as that instab isn't the same one every week, I'm fine with it. It's one thing that makes fractals interesting: having to adapt. (Yes, I know, not everyone is all that interested.)

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