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Thoughts on the Upcoming Balance changes?

Changes are listed here:

Seems everyone's getting their wishes. Scrapper and Soulbeast both getting hard nerfs.

Also, Tempest getting a few minor buffs, Berserker getting great buffs, and this month's oddity is Thief's trap skills getting replaced with 'Preparations'. Heck?



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    I'm excited for the chronomancer changes. I was going to level up my mesmer and start learning chrono, but now I'll wait until after Tuesday's patch. It'll be fun learning an entirely new flavor of class. :D

    Bit concerned for any changes meant for bunker scrappers (mostly because that's about the only class in PVP I can play somewhat decently). Scrappers were fairly useless in PVP for so long and have only recently gotten to be useful...

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  • I'm a little bit disappointed, to say the least. This balance patch seems to be for the sake of change itself only and I dislike stuff like that. Chrono sounds like it's going to be much clunkier and far less fun to play, Elementalist and Revenant are getting reworked without rhyme or reason, Scrapper loses functionality, Holosmith is getting nerfed, Druid is getting nerfed, Soulbeast is getting "fixed"... Did they fire their balance team, also? Do the devs playtest their changes? I'm at a loss for words and simply hope that it will not be as bad as it sounds. And to be honest, it does sound like the confusion change, where condition Mirage was unplayable in PvE for weeks.

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