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  1. I want to go someplace new. Someplace we haven't been to before in either game. There's still whole continents to explore on the planet Tyria!
  2. I like what I see so far. I think I'll definitely be buying this skyscale skin pack.
  3. No. I haven't even unlocked the mastery for it yet. I'll get to it someday for completion's sake, but right now I just have no interest in the turtle mount.
  4. This is what I've been saying for years. Elona and Cantha expansions are nice and all, but what my heart REALLY desires is to go places that neither game have been to before.
  5. Just one for me, and really that's all I need.
  6. My charr warrior has named his greatsword "Severance". Haven't named any other weapons though.
  7. I've been pretty much using the skyscale exclusively with the except of water travel, and the occasional beetle run if I need to zoom across the map. I haven't even touched my poor griffon since I got the skyscale early on.
  8. One of the reasons I'm mainly quiet here lately.
  9. I LOVE my Skyscale chair, and when I use it, a friend or two often come and sit with me inside the tail curl. I love that!
  10. Uhhh...as for myself I've been playing when I'm not working. I rarely post in these forums anymore.
  11. I can't say I've really noticed any drastic changes on the Trading Post as I salvage and hoard all my materials for future use. Sometimes I think I'm the only one that does that.
  12. I went with the 6-colored armor route as there's really nothing else that can be done, and I'm ok with that.
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