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Charr Players: Introduce your Flame Legion Character

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With the release of Bound by Blood, it's the perfect opportunity to share your Flame Legion charr characters. Who are they, and how are they faring now that Flame has re-joined the rest of the charr?


  • Synn Krunch, Flame Legion Shaman... now gladium who is aligned with the Order of Whispers and a operative for Ash Legion . Has been working as a info broker for the OoW helping Ash deal with Flame activities. Worked on helping to try to find grounds for peace with the Legions and Flame, but with the recent festivities. Synn may be looking for new line of work . He has mixed feelings of facing old friends and even family from Flame, specially once his own past activities evidentially come to light of his fellow Flame legionnaires.
    (will post a pic of him later )

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    i was used to into fire themed characters but all that POF stuff and balthazar makes me burnet out of the fire thematic.

    main pvp: Khel the Undead(power reaper).

  • Mine:

    Fume Cinderveil - Fume's sire--Dalgarn Flameveiled--was one of the Godforged who served Gaheron. Dalgarn was a zealot. He took an unusual amount of interest in Fume---Dalgarn trusted no one, and figured he could raise (brainwash) his cub to be loyal to him and--eventually--become one of the next Godforged. As a cub, Fume worked tirelessly to please Dalgarn. His Primus disapproved of Dalgarn's involvement with Fume--but he could not openly oppose a Godforged. Fortunately for Fume, the Primus encouraged him to think for himself, and Fume came to despise his sire. Unfortunately, Dalgarn figured out what the Primus was doing, killed him, and replaced him with another zealot.
    As he grew in the fahrar, Fume worked to please Dalgarn openly, but secretly dreamed of killing his sire. He didn't have to though--shortly before Gaheron's death, an enemy soldier snuck into the Citadel of Flame and assassinated Dalgarn. Months later, just as Fume graduated the fahrar, Gaheron was killed and Flame Legion was thrown into civil war.
    For the past 7 years--all of his adult life--Fume has struggled to survive and hold Flame Legion together. Civil war, plus war with the Legions and the Pact, has torn Flame Legion apart. Fume, a young Shaman himself, believes the Shaman Caste is to blame. For him, his father represents everything the Shaman Caste did wrong--God worship, zealotry, selfishness, and obsession with power. Fume knows that to save his Legion, they need to rejoin the rest of the charr. When Efram Greetsglory came to power and led efforts towards an alliance, Fume pledged loyalty to him.

    Asynda Cinderlight - Asynda was a slave in Flame Legion. Herself infertile, she acted as a midwife on the breeding farms where rebellious females were sent. When Gaheron died, the civil war forced Asynda to flee Flame Legion for her life. She is loyal to Flame Legion--but she realized she would die if she went back to them. She worked--first as a prostitute in Lion's Arch, then as an Order of Whispers informant--and finally, as an assistant to the Pact Commander (another charr character of mine). The All Legions Meet is the first she's heard of Flame Legion in years. She attended, seeing it as an opportunity to possibly re-join her people. She was willing to do this, even if it meant giving up her past 7 years of freedom. For her, going home and serving her people is preferable to having extra freedoms, but no home or nation. Obviously, circumstances for females have changed a lot in 7 years, and to her shock, her return to Flame Legion meant joining Fume's warband and learning to fight.