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Tanking in GW2

Just came back to GW 2 and I never properly leveled up.
What classes can "tank" so to speak? I know GW 2 doesn't have a conventional role system like other MMOs, but I know certain professions can do it better than others.
Who would they be?


  • The most common tank is Chrono (mesmer), but firebrand (guardian) is starting to gain more popularity and imo is the better tank.

    Other classes can tank, scrapper (engineer) or Herald (revanent). But due to the makeup of a 10man raid squad won't generally be taken.

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    Usually Supports double as tanks so others can focus fully on DPS.

    Stuff like Herald Chrono Firebrand Scrapper.

    These classes also have very high survivability and skills to help them survive.

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    If yer soloing open world you can easily tank but some of the expansion and LW mobs have a lot of strong CC and have friends that hit like a wall so all it does is prolong your death if they lock you down.

    I main Scapper but recently changed to a might-stacking/ full berzerker gear offensive build just because of the innate sustain it has not really needing help. I've found the "offence is best defense" to be mostly true for

    Tanking in a group? That's all meta stuff and a deep pit to jump into, but I find keeping the DPS dealers on their feet is what people want if you're trying to be helpful.


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    Herald and Reaper shine as classic tanks.

    Reaper has the ability to mass ress allies which really shines in harder content not played by seasoned veterans. On top of that is is naturally tanky and can push that miles further if he wants without big drops in damage. Because he has tons of free offensive stats in his traits (crit chance, power, ferocity), when played correctly he can go for semi-tanky (Valkyrie, Marauder) or very tanky (Knight, Cavalier, Crusader) gear sets and still do very respectable personal damage.

    Herald shines with how varied his defensive pool is. Both panic buttons to completely negate damage as well as continous, damage reducing and self-healing traits and abilities are here. And there's the legendary staff 5, the breakbar buster skill. He also has great boon coverage for large groups of allies keeping them buffed and protected (literally - with protection). And there's the option to go full healer if he prefers it. Condi build is recommended here - both for good access to AoE (which power build lacks) and lesser demand for offensive stats (condition damage is the only must, with expertise being welcomed but not mandatory).