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  1. Difficulty is irrelevant. You want to see the story, you need to play the strike. Of course you can YouTube it if you're determined to not PuG, but to not play is your only other choice. This current map is the same for WvW. So far locking away the Almora story is the only deeply obnoxious attempt to make you play those side modes but make no mistake that IBS is little more than a promotion of the other game modes. If anyone is finding things rather thin storywise, that is why.
  2. It's been mentioned above but Destiny's Edge checking their smartphones in the back of the airship while I'm up to my butt in risen and dragon champs needs to be fixed.
  3. The problem with farm zergs is that they're never going to stick around because the chests have been looted. But I also think part of it is the current compactness of the map. Maybe it'll last longer when the second half goes live.
  4. "Forced" is Anet locking Almora's story behind a strike. Vanity items are chosen.
  5. What other genius great leaps backwards do you suggest? 8 bit sprites? Anyway, this thread is just a stealth "Game ded".
  6. As someone who plays the MMO genre mostly for the exploration aspects this map has been perfect for that. All those little nooks and crannies. OooOOoo! Quaggan like.
  7. Having finished the episode twice now I'm sticking with my original assessment: Smodur sees the Kahn-Ur position as Him vs Bangar and Bangar's forces need to be wiped out before he can do that (Total surrender to him is the only option Bangar is accepting so diplomacy is off the table in his eyes) The other NPCs called Smodur out on how he is acting as if this civil war is just the next step in his path to the top several times so his motivations are obvious. Smodur is a politician and that means wanting power by any means necessary even if it results in becoming the king of an ash pile. His portrayal is fine if infuriating. And that leads to the actual characterization flaw in the episode: How passive The Commander is about all of it. Effram should have been stopping us from tearing out Smodur's throat over the grenade, not the other way around. edited for proper spelling
  8. I could tell they were organized when they ignored everything and zerged my Commander.
  9. Did Anet kidnap your dog and is holding it hostage until you finish your dailies?
  10. Daaaaaamn, this is one fine-looking map. Tip o the trilby to the team handling environments.
  11. For most invasive, highly destructive species this would be a thing to celebrate
  12. He can't be the Khan-Ur of nothing. He's bleeding supporters to Bangar.
  13. Prices sank the day Frostgorge became the pact supply week. Several weeks before both Mukluk and Cellofrag did an EZ Gold video suggesting to wait until then because of the piles of gold that map gives when you open there. It can't be a coincidence.
  14. Bangar is screwing up Smoldurs rise to Khan-Ur. Of course he's showing the true color of his fur. Nothing amiss in his portrayal of a hungry politician.
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