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When will you have a South American server?

I've been playing GW2 for over 2 years exploring this wonderful game, but what makes me very sad is the lack of a South American server, and GW2 is home to a lot of players from that region.
Arena.net, it is impossible to play with 2500 ping.

Please help us


  • Unlikely, unless the population of new purchasers and those willing to leave NA/EU friends was large enough to populate 3 (if playing the same 2 other teams) WvW servers, or better 6 WvW servers (so there is a little bit of variation). That's quite a bit of new and existing players.

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    Wait isn't that Baruch Bay :P

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    It's home to a lot more players from Asia and there's no server there either. At this stage I don't expect there'll be any more than the existing two.

  • The only way to have a separate South American server is to have a separate datacenter and have enough players to populate and be able to do the events on at least one set of all the PvE maps and on 3 sets of the 4 WvW maps, and it would be nice if there was enough players to fill up a completely separate sPvP. If ANet ever decides that there are enough players to do this then they may set up a new datacenter and allow players to transfer over there.

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    South America will get a server when Australia gets on..
    2500 ping though? Id be more worried about the moon dust in you pc as that sort of ping (if its constant) put you on the moon.
    In all seriousness have you done a trace route to see why its jumps so high? How olds the pc? Because South amercia should online been in the 100-130 range at top

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    Remember, the game didn't get a South American datacenter (or OCX one) even when it had a lot more players. As such, the chances of this happening now, when the population is much smaller, are close to zero.

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