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  1. Yes, now you can. They changed it some time ago that as long as you have below 1300 AA when you are claiming a WV reward, you can claim it even if it would put you above that value. The highest you could actually go would be somewhere above 1700 (when claiming weekly metareward at just below 1300 AA).
  2. Let me guess, the Wyvern boss is going to end up even more annoying than Sorrow? Although, at least it's in Convergences, so it can be safely ignored.
  3. Do they need to? No. Practically nothing about design principles of any game is a "have to". Tehere are always multiple options to choose, and quite often they are equally valid, just appealing to different players. However, once you do decide on certain design, and certain playerbase, and create some assumptions about the future of the game, thn you change them at your peril. In short, there's nothing that makes devs need to keep their word to the playerbase, but if they won't, the loss of trust is not something that's easy to repair. I do not intend to lock myself out of playing the newest thing in the future. What i do not want is having to prepare to have fun. That's what i consider to be anti-fun. Personally, i'd rather avoid both power creep and the need to grind in order to keep up. Because being allowed to work to stay at the same spot is hardly a reward.
  4. Honestly, it wasn't too welcoming (in the west at least) even among the original WoW crowd. Even earlier, with MUDs, pure PvE ones were significantly more popular than the PvP ones. Lineage, of course, was made for the asian market and that player community is a bit different in their tastes, but among western players even there PvP was mostly either avoided where possible, or actively hated. Most players just do not have the mentality for this type of play, especially nowadays when player crowd is much more casual than when the games were more niche. No to mention OW PvP has always been more about griefing than actual challenge, which is fun mostly to those that do the griefing, but far less entertaining for everyone else. That's because you (as you have already mentioned) do like this kind of playstyle. Even a cursory look on forums from WoW, lineage, or any other MMORPG with OW PvP always reveals a ton of posts on the issue that result from personal experiences that run from mildly negative to absolutely horrid.
  5. You can adjust the character coloring (as well as eye shapes). What you see here is all within the possible range of choices.
  6. This. An unoficial response from me to @Enko.6123 however is: that does not look like an allowed use. Does not mean you will certainly get banned for using this, but for all we know you might. Do it at your own risk, knowing full well it might become an issue.
  7. True. The fact that they coded it in one way (and have mentioned multiple times that even small adjustments/additions to UI can be highly problematic to them) however likely is.
  8. Well, that was the reason they themselves gave when people initially asked about UI being more locked than in GW1. And as for overlapping special effects... initially there weren't as many. Att some point Anet even did a significant reduction of skill visuals to help with visibility (ele skills, for example, were changed quite extensively). Overall community response was strongly negative to this however. The same with player interest in skins - those with flashy visuals and over the top SFX attached always ended up being vastly more popular than the more down to the earth ones. So, if you want to blame someone for the SFX spam, you now know where to point your fingers.
  9. Covering the center of the screen with UI elements and looking more at the various displays than at the field and enemies is exactly the situation Anet did not want to see in this game.
  10. I'd love that too. I just have enough experience with that type of content to undrstand why it would not work. Hint: there is already "public" queue for each strike. There's a reason for why next to noone actually uses that system.
  11. I present to you my previous comment about that: Except in the case of self-selection they would not even mention they selected wrong role, but would stay silent instead. Every queue system where you self select suffers from that (need i say ESO?)
  12. If properly built and geared only. Which was never a given. What you are missing is that druid is not a healer class and never was. What is a healer is a very specific druid build. Also, again, that original druid you mention? It was not taken due to being healer - there were better options for that, like heal tempest. It was taken due to buffs it offered in addition to being the (mediocre) healer. Druid without Grace of the Land, spirits and spotter had no place in a raid composition at all.
  13. ...chronomancer build was not a healer. It was a pure support build. It is also a good example of what i was talking about - the roles change. The original chrono role (pure support) does not exist now, and has been split into two hybrid support roles (one alac, one quick, of which one is dps and one is healer - but which is which depends on group). There's no banner slave role either, it has been completely eliminated by balance changes. Any potential automatic queue system would not only need to be able to recognize builds for the role they are queuing for using their class, espec, trait selection and gear stats worn, but would have to be manually adjusted by devs as soon as any new balance patch hits. Which is flat out impossible, because it's not devs that decide upon the meta, it evolves from the player community, and quite often does not follow dev plans for it at all. Not to mention, as i have already said, there can be different strats for different bosses, and that can impact the roles needed. And as for players deciding upon their own roles... "LF alac/quick" "hi dps"
  14. The meta druid build is currently a healer. The condi druid is not a healer. The druid in full harrier or magi, but selecting condi traits instead of healing ones is not anything. The druid with heal traits selected but dressed in full berserkers is, again, not anything either. And notice that it's sometimes enough to change one trait to make the build not perform its expected role (in case of heal alac druid, that key trait is Grace of the Land - change it to lingering light - the heal trait - and the character suddenly is not doing what it is supposed to do, which is giving alacrity in addition to healing). You really should educate yourself first about the GW2 build system before you start discussing about it. It's not so simple as in other games.
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