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  1. Nah. Those are caused by primarily WvW guilds bandwagoning on low pop servers that end up linked to high-pop ones. It's not the casual players that cause those, but shifts among the dedicated WvW playerbase. I did not say that i think added guild slots will fix the issue. Nor did i say i know of any other way to fix it. Or even that this change is unneeded or definitely harmful for WvW. I just said that there will be issues that will come with it, and those issues will negatively affect certain part of playerbase. Nothing you said, btw, points to you thinking otherwise - you jus
  2. It's a bad design that forces you to decide between playing with friends and playing the content you like the way you like. Besides, i'd never make any of my friends have to give up their preferred gameplay style for the sake of friendship - because if i were to do that, *I* would be a bad friend.
  3. Well, yeah, if you do not want part-timers in your WvW, then you might indeed see this change as good, as it will result in a greater separation of different groups of players, and in hardcore WvWers being able to gatekeep more casual WvWers better. As long as it won;t result in too big of a decrease in the overall WvW population, of course.
  4. Well, Cantha at least is many years in making (and asking for) and goes back to GW1, so it's not just a seasonal fad thing.
  5. Considering a limited population cap on whole alliance, i'd say that if the guild won't be strict about who joins, it would mean they aren't that serious about WvW at all.
  6. It's not binary. There are players that focus on WvW content, and there are those that jump in only to get their GoB, dailies or kitty tag, sure, but there are also players in-between. Those that play the content more extensively, but not necessarily on predictable basis, and not as their only (or primary) content type. Those i call part-timers. Currently, that distinction between full-timers and part-timers is less important for theWvW guilds and server communities, but once alliances will fully go in, with their population cap it will be necessary for guilds to pick and choose their mem
  7. Yes. The system does not change player choices. It changes the consequences of those choices. For fulltimers and complete randoms that doesn't change much, but for part-timers it is a change for the worse.
  8. The current system allows for players to be part-time WvWers, without it being your primary activity. The new system creates a strict segregation between full-time WvWers and everyone else. Which may push some of the part-timers into just dropping the content completely (or decreasing their participation).
  9. There are community guilds that aren't for wvw. OW meta community ones, raid training ones, farming communities, trading communities, national communities... Alliances do absolutely nothing for those.
  10. That does not work all that well in the case OP mentioned. Remember, that the Alliance size is limited. For the leadership of the PvE guild you're in it probably does not matter whom they'll be allying with, but the WvW guild your friends are in will be unlikely to sacrifice precious alliance slots on PvE guild filled mostly with PvE players. And even if their leader might be willing to do it out of friendship, it would be detrimental for the guild as a whole, and hardly fair for those players of that guild that are not your friends. Or that have friends in other PvE guilds. Theoretically
  11. Not making enough damage is not an issue in this fight. Balthasar doesn't heal back. LB camping is actually a good idea for a newbie player there, as it does make a lot of issues with this fight easier to avoid. It's the "meta" approach that's more likely to end up with the player dead. The one that is going about usage of class mechanics and builds are you. Tht fight does not need a good understanding of those at all. What it does need is knowing how, when and what to dodge however, as well having a basic knowledge of positioning.
  12. What for? Just go all signets and you're set 😉 Heal, LB 1 and 2, dodges and some tanky pet are all you need. In fact, for many players going melee in that fight would make it harder, due to it being easier to avoid his aoe spam when you're at distance.
  13. That would not make that encounter harder. Balthasar has no reflects/missile blocks at all. I did those fights on a core bearbow without any issues.
  14. Yes, but the players without d912pxy may still be running reshade or something similar. In that thread, the people with the problem are either running some graphics adon, or are not specifying, and there are examples of people without any addons that have no problemn, and people claiming that updating d912pxy fixed the issue for them. (for me, for example, it seems to be working fine in both unmodified and with the latest d912pxy). Of course, it may also be an issue with specific graphic drivers...
  15. If you enter it through the Spearmarshal's Plea, and leave through the green icon at the main entrance, you will be returned to the place you came from. Only if you actually go through the portals will you end up in Jahai.
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