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  1. Yeah. So good that Snowcrows refused to include any Dragonhunter and Power Berserker builds in their benchmarks and current build lists. I think that your opinion of what constitutes "extremely high damage" may not be universally shared.
  2. If you make a HC content,you tune it towards what HC players are capable of. But if you make OW content, you tune it for OW players. Does that make sense to you so far? Now, that may be a bit harder - you tune it not for the top OW players, but for the average ones. Now, imagine a situation where due to balance changes, the capability of top players goes up visibly... but an average OW player still does 4-6k dps. Do you tune up the content to go with the increases at the very top? Then you end up with something like DE, where groups doing the content don't want to see any of those average
  3. With the exception of the extreme top few percent most hardcore content, you don't actually tune in the content to the theoretical capabilities of classes. You tune that content around the players that will be doing it. So, if you "tune the content" up to "meet the power creep of professions" that say, 5% of the player population doing that content is running, you actually also be tuning that content away from the remaining 95% of the players there.
  4. Old school Anet was all about "we feel guardian is in a good place, so no changes to it this patch", "necro is a selfish profession, so won't get any boon capability" "necro has shroud, so can't do good damage", "ranger has a pet, so its weapons must be weaker by 20% on average compared to other classes, but we won't buff pets to be actually useful, because that would be OP" "you say weapon X is so bad noone is using it anymore, and averyone feels forced to use weapon Y. We heard you, and so this patch we will nerf weapon Y into the ground", and "oh, that build is actually used by players in h
  5. That would be an argument for improving the worse elites for said professions (because, yes, some are really bad). Not really against having Mistfire be permanent. Frankly, even after that change i doubt we'd see much use of it except for a short time during leveling (when some elites might not be accessible yet), and for purely aesthetic purposes.
  6. Considering how weak it is even when it is summoned, that would be more like pay to lose.
  7. That's not really true. Perma upkeep was always a thing among those groups that cared about it. And while it is true that quickness was once extremely scarce, it was before it became a boon. Perma alacrity was possible from the very beginning it was introduced, even when it was an unique chrono effect and not a boon, btw. In the end, it's not the ability to upkeep boons permanently that is the greatest issue. Nor is it even the apparent lack of cost you have to pay to have those boons up nowadays. The real issue was always in how massively strong those boons are. If they offered a modest
  8. It's both, actually. The percentage-based boon bonuses are a part of that multiplicative stacking, while the flat bonuses are in turn balooned with those multiplicative bonuses. Full boons offer around +100-200% dps increase. And while boons themselves are not part of any powecreep anymore, because the perma upkeep of current full complement of boons has been a staple of high end play since HoT (and, in fact, some boons got nerfed in effectiveness since then), the ability of builds to supply those boons while doing other things add up to the issue. Remember, that original primary boon pro
  9. Yes, originally the game utilized GW1-based AI for mob behaviour. Mobs could move out of aoe, move away from you if ranged, or dogpile a single target, for example. They could also utilize the GW2 additions to the engine - they could dodge. And you remember right, that it made the game "wicked hard". You probably never thought out the consequences of this however. Anet had to massively nerf the mob AI then, because otherwise 90% of new players - and i mean of those that did ultimately remain for longer - would have just quit on the spot instead. You might have personally preferred the game to
  10. This. Anet definitely has access to a much wider amount of data than we do. That does not automatically turn into knowledge, though. Sometimes they may misinterpret that data (there have bees some truly ridiculous examples of it in the past). Sometimes they may lack in-game experience to understand what the data actually means. And sometimes they may not even look at it at all. So, they definitely have the potential to know more than the players. The degree to which they utilize that potential however changes on case by case basis. And as for whether players can know better... well,
  11. Notice also, that for some of those skin sets whose packs do not cover all of the mounts (like Branded) Anet has already released complementary skins... in some of the later mount licenses. Now imagine all potential issues that could happen if someone has the old pack and bought the new license in order to complete the set, and Anet has decided now to switch that one skin from the license to the old pack.
  12. Maybe, but as a reference, i will link something: and this: That's a pre-HoT core warrior, if you're wondering. It seems to me it's your memory that is flawed.
  13. No. It's just the first time they made the content truly finetuned for around the ceiling of what player groups can do. Not even Dhuum CM was that - it ended up being lowmanned or run in undergeared/meme groups relatively fast, without any time for powercreep to change the playing field first. The truth is that, due to the massive differences in effectiveness within playerbase, it is entirely possible to create a content that would be prohibitively hard (or plain impossible) for 80% of playerbase, while at the same time being laughably easy for top 1%. That's because the gap is massive no
  14. No. You'd have to unblock/reblock them for this to kick in.
  15. So, you admit that the numbers you supplied in your first post were not for the AFK version. Nice we can agree on something. Is clicking 3-7 buttons now called being AFK? That seems to me like a very weird definition of being away from keyboard. You mentioned an AFK build with 35k and 100% alac upkeep and range capability. A 32k melee build (and one that requires specific positioning), which does not give 100% alac is something else completely. Please, do not try to mix several different builds into one and use that nonexisting mix to support your point in a discussion, be
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