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  1. Balancing costs and gains and arriving at a good combination is definitely not the same as heving everything at no cost. You're shifting goalposts here. Probably because you realized that your original claim had no basis in reality. But i will humour you. Which build has "good enough" combination of dps, heal and all boons in one package? (Hint: it's none of the builds you have already mentioned - they all lack one of those elements. In fact, i don;t think any has even two of them fully)
  2. You might want to take a look at the cost/gain breakdown i gave (again - assuming you ever did that). Then rething the question you just asked, and why it doesn't make sense in this context at all. Also, it seems you are trying to shift the goalposts quite mightily here.
  3. I gave those examples in my original post. I also clearly mentioned what each of those builds had to sacrifice for it. So, again, where's that example that can do everything at once at no cost? Because you're not giving me one.
  4. That does not asnwer my question. Again, what are those mythical classes you claim can do everything at once at no cost? Also, notice, that at the moment there's no class that truly can do everything. Why would we want to introduce one now?
  5. Well, you were talking about every boon (and more). So, please, do tell me, what are those "some classes" that can "have every effect in the game with out giving any thing up for it"? Because i don't see even one. No class can have "every effect in the game", and for what they do have, they have to give up something for it.
  6. There's no such class at the moment. In fact, i don't think there ever was. The closest was probably the infamous chaos chrono, and some of the Firebrand builds, but not even those ever had access to everything without having to give up something in exchange. Chaos chrono could give out practically all boons, but had no healing, and its dps was also heavily lacking to say the least. FB doesn't have full boon coverage (i.e. it lacks access to alacrity), and out of dps, heal and support can do at best two at the same time (and can't really reach its full dps potential in dual role mo
  7. @Senjun.8149 You played too short to fully understand what has really happened in all those 7 years. It's not that Anet intentionally reduced class diversity and made "unorthodox" builds so bad they cannot compete with strict meta ones. It was just that the knowledge and understanding of the builds and meta was in very early stages when you played. The difference between the bad, average and good builds was not so apparent yet, because almost noone was using the truly, fully optimized ones. So, basically, the differences were as big then as they are now, but not many people were
  8. Because being able to dps., and having access to alacrity does not mean you can get everything else as well. Go 10x such class? suddenly you have no quickness, no heal, etc. Good luck with such a composition.
  9. If it worked this wey, they would not mention it would be a part of the gear template system (because if it worked like that, it wouldn't be).
  10. You could also say it is a boon that results in a clock (cooldown) manipulation. And thus the icon is okay
  11. Actually, most of those quests or collections, while indeed long, are actually easy.
  12. And? What does that have anything to do with needing a mastery track? Sure, there's no need for a Warclaw mastery in PvE, but there's nothing that would make one needed in WvW either. In fact, Warclaw itself is not needed (not only in PvE, but in WvW as well. It already works that way. You can't get Warclaw without playing WvW after all. So, if you added a PvE mastery that unlocked on obtaining Warclaw, it would be unlocked by doing WvW content.
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