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  1. And the situation now is any different? I mean, rune options are even more narrow now that we don't have to worry about 6th rune effect anymore. And relic options for each role aren't exactly any more numerous. The "relic diversity" you're talking about in the end is just a "diversity" of choosing between predominantly bad options.
  2. Let me show you the example of fine and big content release that is Gyala Corridor.
  3. They likely didn't have that bug appear on their internal testing instance. Which means they likely tested that fight on a boss that was much easier than either the bugged, or the current, unbugged but buffed version.
  4. They nerfed (wait, "bug fixed") it at least 3 times, every time reducing the mechanic spam and randomness of it. And most of the players did not learn the mechanics. Most of the players that kept failing just stopped trying to do that event, which indirectly increased the average skill of those remaining.
  5. Oh, i understand that. Still, cost-cutting at every corner does not result in improved quality. In fact, it does not even help with retaining previous quality. It just makes everything look cheap, and seem like devs no longer care.
  6. Well, the end result is that, since i already have a full set of legendary armors, i don't have a reason to play this content. Unlocking a skin alone, for me, at least, does not justify the massive expenditure (t1 armor already costs close to twice of what i spent on Envoy, and t2 will likely be even more pricey). Now, if there was a path to obtain the skins alone at a reduced price (available only for those that already have legendary armor of any type) i might actually consider that. With weapons it's a bit different (because there's quite a number of those that i might need multiples of, and in that case it is quite reasonable to get different skins for those), but there's absolutely zero use for a second legendary armor of the same weight, as you can use only one at a time (and functionality is the same).
  7. No. You do not agree with me, and you actually were denying there were any meaningful changes just in your previous post: Bolded the relevant part in which you are here clearly mentioning there was no meaningful change between expansions. Which heavily conflicts with what i have experienced. Sure, the new expansion might use elements that are already known to us, but it uses it in markedly different way. It's like a painting - you can end up with a work of art, or something boring and uninspired, even though you used the same canvas, brush and paints. And while i would not really call earlier GW2 content a work of art, let's just say that SotO is significantly worse qualitywise in both artistic style and technique applied. To me, at least (although clearly i am not alone that has this kind of reaction to it).
  8. The example given is a bit weird. Minotaurs are also close by (a bit to the east, rather than to the west), and the fighting pit is the very place the heart NPC is standing under.
  9. And what we were told? What did they say to suggest to you that legendary relic effects would be differently unlocked than for previous ones? Was it this: this or this Or was it some other statement i have missed (and, if so, which one)? I mean, it would have been understandable from those initial mentions that Legendary Relic itself would be locked behind SotO (that's exactly what a lot of players did assume then, even if Anet was unwilling at that time to clarify the issue). I don't see however even a single sentence that would suggest that the relic selection from legendary relic would be expansion limited. That came only after they revealed it will not have full legendary capability, which was very recently.
  10. They mentioned it will become infused with magic in battle, that seems like a combat effect to me. The difference is that it will likely be an external SFX effect (glow/auralike), not a transformation effect applied to armor itself.
  11. In a way i agree, but for the exact opposite reason. Giving players an overall useful cc ability looks quite fine to me. What isn't fine is that Anet started to balance some cc bars around those SAK skills.. in addition to normal cc complement you're supposed to carry. CC bars are now bigger than before, and that is not good.
  12. Like i said, i see no problem. 150 LI for first, 300 LI per 2nd and 3rd skin would satisfy the content grind requirements. The rest of the cost can be easily vaived, on account of you already having legendary armor and not being able to use more than one anyway. And yes, i do have the Envoy armor, if you are wondering. And for the same "prestige" - since i don't feel it confers any, again, i do not see where the problem is.
  13. If the difference is when i am comparing the content i am playing from different expansions now (instead of comparing the content from new expansion with the content from previous ones i once played), then the difference is in the content, not in me.
  14. It's mostly older content though. I do not have the same negative reaction to older content as i have to the last expansion. I cannot specifically pinpoint it, but there's something that is just missing that was there before. And if my response to different expansions is different, it's not just a general burnout on my side.
  15. I didn't appreciate it when at one of the beacons mob spawned just right on top of it and as soon as it spawned the cleansing got interrpupted.
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