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Where are those skins going?

I've been salvaging Awakened weapons that I pick up during activities in Path of Fire. Each time it tells me that somethings been added to a collection and a skin has been unlocked. However, when I go to the wardrobe that skin just isn't there. I can't find a collection that contains the skins, either. That goes for the Elonian weapons I've salvaged as well. Where is all this stuff and how do I access it?


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    Unlocking the skins for the awakened weapons unlocks the recipe sheet for the corresponding Mordant weapon type for purchase in The Desolation. The awakened weapons are not part of a collection but the Mordant ones are.

    It sounds more like you have salvaged some weapons with Mordant weapon skins. The awakened are rare while Mordant are exotic and includes a superior sigil of severance.

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    All weapon and armour skins are unlocked in your Wardrobe when you equip or salvage an item with that skin. There are two ways you can see them:

    1) Wardrobe menu on the Hero panel. This is the 3rd(?) option down, it looks the same as the equipment menu but instead of changing your equipped items it lets you change how they look. (Changing them costs 1 transmutation charge per skin.) This menu will only show you skins you've already unlocked and only for items you currently have equipped. So if you're on a warrior with a greatsword and rifle equipped you'll only be able to see heavy armour, greatsword and rifle skins, not any of the ones for other weapons or armour weights.

    2) Wardrobe menu in the bank. This will show you all the skins you have unlocked (sorted by armour and weapon type) and almost all the ones you don't have yet (some are hidden, mainly because they're discontinued or otherwise not available any more). You can't use this menu to change your skins but it lets you see what you've got and preview skins you don't have yet so you can see if you'd like them.

    You can only use weapon and armour skins of the same type, you can't make a sword look like a hammer or heavy armour look like light armour, but you can unlock all skins even if you don't currently have a character that can use them. Unlocked skins are account-wide, so if you ever do create a character who can use the others you'll have them waiting for you.

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  • Thanks, guys. That clears some things up for me. :+1: