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Issues with resource exhaustion on Win10 PC, memory leak?

For the past year or so I've had zero issues playing GW2 with decent FPS even in zergs. When everyone is talking about the lag they are having during events, I have none.

Recently tho, I'd say the past few months, I've been getting CTD during heavy zerg meta events. I go to event viewer and it's because I've "exhausted my resources"I have no more available RAM. I currently have 12GB installed. So, I've begun micromanaging what's using memory. I've lowered settings and disabled most unessential services, programs, etc... The problem keeps happening. It's behaving a lot like a memory leak.

I start the game and it's around 3.7GB, but when it crashes it can be using up to 8GB+ according to system logs. 2nd place usually goes to my anti-virus, it's memory footprint has stayed relatively consistent. I've also configured the antivirus to use minimal resources.

I haven't started testing it and monitoring it too closely, but I can say I can run GW2 just fine initially. After about an hour of gameplay if I'm still doing meta events, it will crash. I've started manually closing GW2 between meta events and that seems to be my only real solution at the moment. So that shows me GW2 isn't releasing RAM efficiently on it's own.

The funny thing is that just a few months ago I could play GW2's meta events with Netflix or some other streaming-browser app on my 2nd monitor at the same time and NEVER had any memory issues. My in game settings were higher too and anti-virus was on default settings.

I'm a long-time PC enthusiast and I know enough PC stuff to try and fix it on my own. I've tested my RAM and no errors, I'm also using SSD drives with a page file.


  • Skotlex.7580Skotlex.7580 Member ✭✭✭

    I think GW2 has had memory leak issues since ages ago. The closest "fix" we've gotten is to change to a 64bit client, which offsets the out of memory issues by a large margin.

    That said, the client has gotten better over time. Generally, I can do multiple metas a day, for four hour long gaming sessions, and I will not get any of that. however, I did get there on a dragonfall meta in which I've run out of memory just as the meta was finished.

    I think newer areas somehow take more memory up, though I believe many of the leaks may probably be related to character models, as ever since I've lowered that to minimum the client crashes have almost vanished.

  • Same, I've lowered models to lowest.

    I'm using 64 bit too.

    Last crash was at the Choya Pinata.

  • Healix.5819Healix.5819 Member ✭✭✭✭

    Delete %appdata%/Guild Wars 2/Local.dat, and if it exists, Documents/Guild Wars 2/Local.dat.
    Open the %temp% folder and delete all folders beginning with gw2cache.
    Open the folder containing Gw2-64.exe/Gw2.exe and delete the bin64 and bin folder.
    Launch Gw2-64.exe/Gw2.exe with the -repair option.

    If the problem persists, any DLL that GW2 has loaded could potentially cause it, so try looking for something that isn't standard. If you had a recent crash, a list of DLLs is included in the crash log (%appdata%/Guild Wars 2/ArenaNet.log).

  • MrFayth.3546MrFayth.3546 Member ✭✭

    I start the game and it's around 3.7GB, but when it crashes it can be using up to 8GB+ according to system logs

    I have never had Gw2 use over 4GB of RAM, even with the 64bit client. Until I installed dx912.pxy and I've seen it eat up over 10gb of RAM(of 16GB) without a problem.

    It actually performs much better.

    I'm thinking the problem lies elsewhere.

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