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  1. Thanks for your replies. I mentioned earlier, that condi tempest with scepter/warhorn (equipped with full Viper set) was too easy that's why I opted to try sword (melee) power weaver. I am not very familiar with the class but it seems it favors condi builds for Open World/ solo content a lot more than Power builds? Even Celestial 'power' weaver didn't seem very efficient. Also is it only me that I find rotating among elements and dps'ing/ sustaining with hammer Catalyst is easier, compared to Weaver?
  2. Just a small update. Your advice helped a lot but still weaver was the most disappointing of all the ele specs I tried so far. Now I am on Catalyst and it is so satisfying to play with this spec. I am using Lord Hizen's Celestial Catalyst build (Water instead of Earth compared to AliamRationem's and with hammer) the dps is good but the survivability is very high - even compared to necro who I main. Now I am finally having some enjoyment with elementalist again. 🙂 Again, thank you all very much.
  3. I am EU player thinking of either Gandara or Piken. Thoughts?
  4. Thank you all for your replies. As mentioned I found condi Tempest very easy (Fire Aura so broken^^) that's why I opted for the power build. I don't have SotO so I have to use an "allowed" off-hand weapon, and went for dagger I usually open with Fire #2 to create the field, then Fire #4 to update the field before going to Air and Primordial Stance then maybe Earth sometimes if I need to play more defensively but still the damage I get is high and usually I have to go Earth-Water to sustain (without working most of the times ^^). Switching to Celestial makes sense and I will give it a go - damage atm isn't bad and Crit Chance with Fury at 93% which means I crit almost every hit. Guess power and precision will go down but if survivability goes up it 'll be worth it. Big problem is against condis, I find cleansing or even tanking condis isn't that good on that build, even when I upped Vitality with Master's Fortitude. Any suggestions on condi cleanses and combos for healing? Thank you all for your input.
  5. Hello been playing a lot of time but... as many, was intimidated by the "many buttons" of elementalist and have stayed away from the class. As of late I tried to put some effort and try to learn how elementalist is played. Core and Tempest have been straightforward (just a little of playing time with Core) and sustain in open world (did all LWS3 maps exploration, doing events, metas, etc) with Tempest (using Signet as heal) was pretty effective. But with weaver things have changed. Here is the build I use: http://gw2skills.net/editor/?PGkAwilNwkYUsMmJO6KZvNA-DSRYBRDWMszoNJQFKAZeZAgKA-e (from Metabattle) I want to play power to add some difficulty (Condi Tempest was fun but easy). Thing is I am doing now LWS4 maps and here you have Joko's minions among others condi bombing you, hitting hard too. I have great problems sustaining even against a party of three (3) enemies - like a Veteran and a couple of his allies. I understand (?) the build is a bit 'glassy' and the aim should be to kill first, before you getting killed. Also I am unaware of potential healing combos or ways of how to effectively play the class since this is melee. This is about Open World. Any ideas, recommendations or advice would be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance.
  6. Thank you all for your replies they have been really helpful. This is the build I am playing based on what I understood when I started the class - aimed for an open world survivability build: http://gw2skills.net/editor/?PaABgqxrlNwEZXsNGJW2SbrTA-zRJYihvQ6rAqICyOFkaAA-e Based on your comments I will revise it and that's my plan, playing, understanding the various traits and adapting. My goal is to learn how each of the traits work, synergies of traits (would appreciate your input), traits and weapons, etc. Ideally I want to end up with a balanced core build for full map exploration so that I get used with the class. Then I hope I manage to get into sPvP which I know it's a tough mode for thief class.
  7. Hello all, new to the class. I come from main necro, trying to learn thief and would like to ask dedicated thief players some questions. I understand thief has a relatively low HP pool, low armor too so he relies in mobility, dodges, stealth, interrupts, blinds to survive. The class is then compensated with high burst damage. So far so good. I try to understand the specializations mostly core ones for start. For example in necro class there is the Soul Reaping spec which is almost mandatory as it enhances the shroud mechanic - is there any 'mandatory' spec trait line for thief? Then what is considered a 'defensive spec trait line' for thief? (Like Warrior for example has defense). Thank you.
  8. Get the blood reaper PvP build from metabattle. Play some games with it, try to understand how it works. Reaper is a fragile class so you need to carefully position yourself and be ready to disengage or kite. Enemies will often focus on you, so be prepared. Some basic tips on the class. At start try to build lifeforce (use your staff marks, axe, focus #4). Do not face tank groups. instead look for kill/cleave/big dps opportunities. When you are focused by enemy group and low on lifeforce disengage. Use Shroud #2 Death's Charge to run away, Spectral Walk, Flesh wurm port (Necrotic Traversal) if stunned. Avoid 1v1s and stay close to your group. Keep an eye on the map for thieves, mesmers they are your nemesis and should avoid them at all cost.
  9. Torment was the condition helping against fast moving /teleporting, low condi-sustain targets (thieves, mesmers) in PvP modes. It is obvious this patch did not take into account the competitive modes but was made with the aerodrome golem in mind. For me this is a change towards worse.
  10. So some guy posts a build video trolling inexperienced players and suddenly core necro becomes a god. Just lol.
  11. @Rainbowdash.5314 putting the balance issues aside, don't expect to get a lot better through unranked games - the difference in team quality a lot of times can be very frustrating (happens often in ranked too). Keep in mind you have to invest a lot of time and effort (maybe some thousands of games) to start getting a good grasp of the mode. Also the clash you chose is one of the hardest to master as it's very squishy and needs to be played very intelligently in order to produce results - basically with thief is use your mobility to claim nodes, look for opportunities to spike enemies (+1) and don't die.
  12. Yes I imagine it may have to do with 'low dps' but the thing is I am not doing low dps (zerk thief using my shortbow to cleave) plus to rush stampede spawns is not an easy thing with all those ppl max dpsing everything. Maybe Anet should review 'participation dps' cause these happens to other people too.
  13. This has happened three times so far, I do the event normally participate in all rounds but in the end I don't get event completion. Is this normal?
  14. I also have issues getting into the game. I can log in fine, get in the character select screen, pick a character, then the map starts loading and boom I get a network error and the game shuts down. EDIT: OK it is fixed, I had this issue while trying with two of my characters. Tried on another (3rd) one and I got into the game successfully. So if you experience same thing as me try with other characters.
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