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  1. Torment was the condition helping against fast moving /teleporting, low condi-sustain targets (thieves, mesmers) in PvP modes. It is obvious this patch did not take into account the competitive modes but was made with the aerodrome golem in mind. For me this is a change towards worse.
  2. So some guy posts a build video trolling inexperienced players and suddenly core necro becomes a god. Just lol.
  3. @Rainbowdash.5314 putting the balance issues aside, don't expect to get a lot better through unranked games - the difference in team quality a lot of times can be very frustrating (happens often in ranked too). Keep in mind you have to invest a lot of time and effort (maybe some thousands of games) to start getting a good grasp of the mode. Also the clash you chose is one of the hardest to master as it's very squishy and needs to be played very intelligently in order to produce results - basically with thief is use your mobility to claim nodes, look for opportunities to spike enemies (+1) and
  4. Yes I imagine it may have to do with 'low dps' but the thing is I am not doing low dps (zerk thief using my shortbow to cleave) plus to rush stampede spawns is not an easy thing with all those ppl max dpsing everything. Maybe Anet should review 'participation dps' cause these happens to other people too.
  5. This has happened three times so far, I do the event normally participate in all rounds but in the end I don't get event completion. Is this normal?
  6. I also have issues getting into the game. I can log in fine, get in the character select screen, pick a character, then the map starts loading and boom I get a network error and the game shuts down. EDIT: OK it is fixed, I had this issue while trying with two of my characters. Tried on another (3rd) one and I got into the game successfully. So if you experience same thing as me try with other characters.
  7. Made an acc in NA and had some PvP games along with some tourneys. Met some 'Ruthless Legends' that were dying like instantly didn't even know what button to press. Sorry if that sounds offensive but I am really curious how such people got the title.
  8. The amulets you mention sacrifice vitality which means you are weak against condition pressure. And when you get those '2~3 seconds gangings' from power herald and thief combined, all this toughness won't do you any good even with protection on yourself.
  9. Conditions is a problem only for people that face-tank mindlessly then get ton of stacks on themselves in seconds - as others said before me play sensibly.
  10. Symbolbrand easy spam of everything be it mantras, tomes, utils.Weaver any kind of it for reasons we all know.Revenant and Thief - too much mobility and sustain for the dps they produce. It's funny seeing thieves facetanking groups right?Soulbeast still hits like a truck both ranged and melee.Condi Mirage despite the numerous 'nerfs' still king of 1v1 unless it meets a thief.Any meme build like core "perma stealth/one shot" mesmer and perma stealth DE (even worse in WvW).
  11. Don't play in EU, it's a tough experience Don't queue when that 'bonce' dude queues (could be boyce too). Rifle warrior can be dealt with just pay attention around you
  12. Scourge's poo self-dps/sustain on shroud and now warrior's rampage were the issues. Infinite Horizon and 30 stacks of bleed in 2 seconds were not, still with us. :)
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