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  1. Ha! I was also thinking about Venom while participating in the event. Especially the "ballad" reminded me somehow of Venom's Countess Bathory.
  2. So MMORPGs shouldn't concentrate only on one part of potential customer groups? What a life changing revelation. In favor of Carbine, risk is part of entrepreneurship. It's always easy to criticise and know better afterwards. They surely knew that they were developing for a specific niche audience. You are not the only one with a brain. The living story in GW2 is something similar. In my opinion Anet saw an opportunity in it but unfortunately changed the course multiple times over the years and lost player due to it. Might not be the most relevant group to them but still.
  3. Since my "hardcore" days are over in MMOs, i like to play a more casual gaming style. i was quite happy to see the fractal changes after i came back in january this year. Through the changes i can just hop in for 1-2 fractals and leave. Raids look very interesting but i don't want to invest so much time into raiding. So i hope strike missions will be a good substitute on a less time consuming level.
  4. Hopefully the PoF improvements will arrive soon. Looks like Anet tries to get more players into PoF maps again.
  5. It got polished and they added new achievements and weapons, but for the rest, it remains as it was in 2014. So two worlds with three difficulty modes. But coins and currency are still the same? Have some of them in my bank. Good opportunity to get rid of them.
  6. Great! Remember when it first came out in 2013. Was a blast and a every unique event among MMO's. Stopped playing in 2014 and recently came back, so what can i expect?
  7. I tend to be more negative towards mounts in WvW since i can't imagine a positive influence. But i would be lucky to be taught otherwise.What bothers me is the communication again. Being in touch with guilds to discuss WvW, seeing the mount debate for years and now this? In my opinion it doesn't really matter what is happening next week, Anet affronted many player for no reason.
  8. It's hard to agree with that ... did anyone here think the latest LS epsiode didn't create the powerful moments that he is referring to? I think it did. I think it's easy to lose sight of what really is delivered with an expansion; I could care less about how many ways I can kill Champions to earn HP's or grinding meta's ... fundamentally, the expansions are more about good storys and gameplay than mechanics. In my opinion it depends on the player. For example I think the whole LS didn't create a powerful but stereotyped/zeitgeisty moment. I am more into the mmo part of this game which means
  9. Hmmm... spawn, run in, get one-shot, and spawn again? Aren't we there now? :p Haha, some kind of true ^^
  10. Awesome is GW2's answer to Futurama's "Good news, everyone". I'm kidding. I say WvW will become a Battle Royale Game
  11. Other classes have this problem as well. I am fine with charging my skills after a map change but what bothers me is the charging after swimming or just falling into water. Pretty annoying.
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