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  1. Well I'll hold my applause regarding Colin's return for now, everyone deserves a second chance just not sure if it is the right move for GW2. I am thrilled there is finally some concrete news on the when and soon possibly the what! I haven't played in months and am genuinely starting to feel the urge with these announcements.
  2. As a roamer everything you've just said means little. I don't play in zergs, that's where people who don't know how to pvp or WvW roam go to hide their shame! As far as playing a thief, thanks but i don't do chicken shit builds either so try again. Either way nothing is balanced properly if you need to carry traps in order to engage or to fight. Like i said at the beginning thief isn't the only problem invisibility and how it paired to other skills is what makes it OP and the skill itself is becoming too common in class builds, so that is the really problem.
  3. What is perfectly clear is there are no other classes in game that you need to carry around tricks or traps to fight or engage. As such this means the class is in need of being reworked to the point a skill set, equipment and build is all that is required for any given encounter, period! Regardless of thief being an issue my original statement stands, invisibility is being overused and is creating a slew of problems in WvW which need to be addressed and shouldn't be some crutch used in development and if anything should be considered a last resort.
  4. Get out of jail free skills like this on classes designed with an abundance already is poorly thought out and ridiculous to try and balance. How does it make any sense for the highest ranged skills to also have stealth burst skills or stealth at all for that matter, if any class should be given a stealth skill it is poor mobility slow classes not thieves, trap rangers / druids etc. I've given up any hope that anything is done about this as i see far less developer / community involvement than at any other time in the history of the game or these boards.
  5. They haven't fixed most major issues so why start now and ruin that record!
  6. Right so every 2nd time you throw one down you have to run back and pick up supplies, that's a completely effective way to fight. Also name on other class you have to carry supplies to toss at before engaging, what a joke. This needs to get fixed period, it is a broken mechanic and has jack to do with learn to fight and everything to do with badly balanced and scaled skills.
  7. C'mon just how many times have you wandered into something a player takes 5 seconds to lay in front of you? Possibly going into a camp and one is there you don't see but in active roaming that is a useless mechanic nobody has the time to put down while being picked off from 1500 feet away lol. Fact is stealth and burst skills associated with it are OP and have been for a long time it is way overdue to be addressed. That said i doubt very much they actually care anymore and are only concerned with the next expack and the money that will bring in so people just need to get used to this cancer.
  8. Nowhere in my original argument did i say this was about thief, i said it was about invisibility and how overused the mechanic has become and how badly it needs to be balanced. Yes thieves are the main issue in many respects but it is fast becoming a problem with many classes and i think as a mechanic is overpowered in many circumstances and too easy too abuse. Anet has turned it into a get out of jail free card for far too many classes now and it needs to be dialed back and have some costs associated to it.
  9. Trinity is for people who don't have the skill to manage all facets of a character, dps, tank, heal. It is an antiquated gaming system that instantly brings out the very worst in people and promotes elitism. Not to mention the idiotic nonsense of waiting around to fill roles most people don't like to play or shelling out gold to those who do play tank or healer. You want trinity, go play it in the dozen games that promote the junk it doesn't need to show it's ugly head here, thanks.
  10. I have never asked for stealth to be removed, I said it was overpowered and excessive and becoming a major crutch for too many classes which needed to be be balanced and most certainly have some cost associated with using it.
  11. Those things are situational at best and clearly make very little difference for 95% of the stealth abuse discussed here so although they are valid they don't pertain to the crux of the problem. This needs to be addressed, period.
  12. Brilliant argument to the facts laid out, good stuff lol! All the excuses in the world doesn't change the fact this is broken and needs to be changed, stealth stomps, perma invisibility, poke poke stealth burst away, 1500 range and stealth, trap/burst stealth / repeat and if you're in danger stealth and run away.
  13. This gank fest can't end soon enough for me and all my guildies! This takes so much away from combat and frankly if there was any decision to make this permanent WvW would die a very quick death!
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