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  1. https://www.reddit.com/r/Guildwars2/comments/fk8zd1/guild_wars_2_legendary_ring_conflux/Well, I´m not disappointed but also not exited either. It has a reasonable cost but it looks quite bad.And i don´t get why the wvw version is colored blue and the pvp one is red. It should be the opposite way.
  2. Is that because they don't know what they can get with the piles and piles of spirit shards they have? Well, I´m sure I have got now clue whatsoever. Converting spiritshards into weapons and selling them for abyssimal profit is not that fun.
  3. as long as the required amount is not 10.000, I would be fine with that.^^
  4. https://www.guildwars2.com/en/news/looking-ahead-to-spring-summer-and-the-future/Anet just announced multiple things to get exited about, most notably the mentioning of a third expansion.But there´s also the announcement for a legendary ring that´s only earnable in wvw and an amulett that you get through pvp. Now, there are some similarities between all legendaries, in terms of what they require to be build, but I´m quite interested here what we will need to craft the ring conflux. Probably some of these legendary spikes that have no further use are needed or maybe another dedicated reward-tra
  5. Heroes of the storm is in some kind of maintenance mode, though they still get updates and new champions from time to time but there´s not a lot going on anymore.So, in comparison, GW2 is not there yet and the recent releases have me hoping that anet indeed has an idea of the grand scheme of things. But always keep in mind, hope springs eternal and thus the game might as well already be dead.
  6. At first I thought that he was right but now after playing a few hours on my trailblazer-mirage, the reduced duration of conditions does hurt a lot.I can still win fights but it´s kinda hit or miss. In addition, taking camps and flipping structures has become a pain, the missing damage is quite noticable.
  7. I don´t think that´s sarcasm, he´s gasp serious.^^ This patch brought necessary changes and a 200g reward-track, yay.FFS what the f was someone thinking when making such decisions. It´s horrible.
  8. An actual 1vs1 is a duel and therefore should take its time, like 3 to 5 minutes. A fun and engaging duel.Now if one surprises the other, like when you´re just passing by and try to catch up with a zerg then it should take around 1 to 3 minutes though that can´t be controlled. All in all, a few second long fights and situations where you get straight up killed in less than one shouldn´t be thing, ever.
  9. well, I anticipated around 250g costs, considering what they´ve priced the griffon and skyscale in the past.Overall very unsatisfying how they implemented such "content" that´s supposed to keep me playing and paying.I was kinda hyped before but now I will do neither of these things. No money from me, nor any more of my precious time.
  10. Pve-wise this patch is fine, though the wvw-side is not.200g for unlocking a reward track, yikes
  11. You can bet your money on that the gem-store skin is this one and the earnable one is just a reskin.
  12. It would be kinda cool if it is, tho.Nothing could invigorate wvw faster than putting this mount into a reward-track, no further updates necessary for quite some time.^^
  13. https://www.reddit.com/r/Guildwars2/comments/f8rkjf/new_warclaw_skin_and_official_twitter_giveaway/I bet 10 bucks that this is not the earnable warclaw-skin
  14. Let´s assume a third game is in the making, all skins that should be taken over are the legendary-ones. Not even the items themselfs and their properties, only the skins without additional stats. This should be done as an incentive for other players to replay gw2 and could serve as a thank you for all players who actually went into making one of these horrible time-sinks, me included.All in all, it would be quite the reasonable move.
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