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  1. Speaking of which, I heard that City of Heroes recently got the good graces from NC Soft to the private servers that have been adding updates and additions to it. Lots of customization to be had.
  2. The term P2W, and many others, are already watered down. Further still, people exaggerate (over or under) for social media clout or to win online debates. On the other hand, when you have clear focused dialog about the game talking about horizontal progression and so forth, you find contradictions and conflicts in definitions and goals. You can say it's bad faith but it's also dismissive to ignore the elephant in the room because you've settled on your own definitions while ignoring the dissonance with your reality.
  3. True. We entirely agree. Like I said before, people just have different terms for what is effectively the same thing. Certain approaches are tolerated while others are not. Certain pretenses exist that elicit disdain and others that are embraced. And like I mentioned in my initial post, some level of power creep is welcomed but too much will have backlash. If we bought the expansion and all it did was change the color of our skills to another color, we probably wouldn't buy it, or at least not as many would. As far as the OP goes, they boxed a feature in an expansion. If you want it, there's a one-time fee. I personally am not averse to it, however, I myself haven't purchased the last expansion. No reason behind that except I'm content with what I have when I do play.
  4. Like I said, people are going to have different qualifiers for these terms and how they interact with game modes. I'm not rewriting reality, I'm just bridging the gap of different interpretations. You can make up more and new terms, the point is whether it's predatory or not and if it impacts balance or not. Because someone can just concede and say "fine, it's not pay to win, it's buy the expansion to win" and you've not changed the position. It's a semantics argument. Going back on the two points, I don't think anyone would agree that buying expansions is predatory but the argument can be made that they do impact the balance. The point you side stepped (since you did quote my whole post) is how much should it impact the balance. Because too much is obviously not a good thing either, whether is from an expansion or a microtransaction.
  5. Eh, there's a spectrum to it. By definition, it could be considered pay to win but at the same time, the definition is broad and the other terms are rarely ever conjured. Pay to play, buy to play, pay for convenience, pay to progress, etc etc. They often hinge on a specific criteria being met but ultimately miss the point. Is this pay to win? Arguably. In some cases, there are clear advantages and builds opened by purchasing this or that expansion...but in some cases, the options unlocked aren't stronger. Like Oh, I just bought PoF and now I got Spellbreaker, that's just so much better than Berserker, isn't it? The point isn't whether or not it is p2w, it's more important if it's toxic predatory p2w. Because you can still roll out with core in WvW or PvP and rack up some wins. It's not like you're instantly deleted, as much as people like to exaggerate that you are. On the other hand, if you did shell out $40 for an expansion and all it does it change your skill colors/animations instead of add to the gameplay, is it even worth buying?
  6. I think it's a matter of perspective. Sure, starting an espec on a new player and giving them options on top sounds like common sense to us veteran players, but to a noob who doesn't have the understanding of how specs work or even how GW2 functions on a general level because they're still learning stuff like the other weapons of their profession, unlocking the espec IS the kit and unlocking the traits is the customization options on top of that. Having a more intrinsic understanding how the traits affect their gameplay is good on a drip feed and having options to circumvent the drip feed is a player choice. I didn't even roll a Revenant until Vindicator because it appealed to me as an espect...but I still enjoyed learning from scratch with the leveling experience to become accustom to Revenant as a whole...then Vindicator...then Herald. I still haven't played Renegade but that's mostly because I wanted to get back to playing Warrior and Ranger.
  7. Personally, I think more experimentation is necessary. Purpose is good and I feel weapons like Axe have their purpose, even Mace has its purpose (although it could stand to be better at it). The only thing I can see sword doing is the leap and "some" condition damage. Give it a strong purpose and people will build around that purpose.
  8. Watch this post have nothing to do with Lyhrs relic but instead it's about Nourys relic.
  9. I'd actually argue the new rune system is more easy to balance primarily because it's more bland. As for relics, those are also probably easier to balance too because they can just remove problematic ones or replace problematic effects with more bland effects. It sux, honestly.
  10. I still miss Retaliation as a boon lol That said, I really wish there was a version of that for boons. Boon punishment. It doesn't rip or corrupt boons, it just causes an effect for every stack of a boon that gets applied to a target. And if you want to be really fancy, putting different kinds of boon punishment on different professions would make it tougher. I initially had the idea for it as a unique Spellbreaker effect called Fissure where every time you get a boon, it will apply bleed, torment or burning randomly on them. Get 5 stacks of might, you might get 2 stacks of bleed, 1 stack of torment and 2 stacks of burning. Get 3 might, swiftness, fury and vigor all at once? You're getting 6 stacks of these 3 conditions...and it compounds when you start getting boons from allies. You could diversify it too where a Chronomancer specifically punishes Alacrity and Vigor with a daze or an Elementalist punishes Fury and Swiftness with Chill. The counterplay would obviously be that you'd have to actually connect with this effect BEFORE they apply these boons and if you get afflicted, just don't apply boons to yourself. Ultimately, it's not to stop players from using boons or to lessen the boons but rather to make the boons more expensive because now you need more cleanses or more stability, etc to counter this effect. But you also need a decent means of applying this but they'll keep nerfing all the corrupt/rip/punishment options so yeah, this probably won't work...
  11. I could see Gauntlets to be 2-handed rather than be main/off hand instead. Would be awesome to see ele using big sweeping animations to summon meteors and water globes while mesmer just floats the gauntlets so they can punch you with 4 fists instead of just 2.
  12. #1 isn't our problem. If they want money, work is required. #2 you gave a decent solution, just make it so in competitive modes, this is automatically turned on so only your dyed skills are displayed. #3 there should already be a min fx option and that goes doubly so for PvE. And I'm sure there would be other things added to censor players before this idea would get off the table, like an Ele coloring their water/ice skills yellow or something. My only counter to this idea is, they don't even have weapon dye channels so how would this idea ever be on the table?
  13. All this talk about complete overhaul, move in DT, trash it and start over? 👎 If people don't want all the aegis reflects? Change the aegis to regular blocks (no boon duration here) and some to evades or whatever. The freebie alacrity they added just opened up the window for more pocket nerfs to add to the pile. I don't even know what they want to do with it. I just want what we had.
  14. Reread what they said. They said "Comparisons between class toolsets are not a proof of anything". CLASSES. I know things get confused because people keep calling classes classes instead of professions so we have these odd equivalencies, mix of terms, categories, etc. The argument being made is comparing across professions shouldn't be proof of anything then you come in saying you can compare across specs. Let that sink in. Congrats, you admit you're trying to troll people with reactions but also remove others' opinions and end the debate with "truth". I won't even bother responding to you further because there's no point. I will continue to argue my point until they lock the thread however. Ciao~ 👋 Reminder: you brought up attacking while dodging as an example. So the argument being made that Mirage Cloak's ambush is not unique because other professions can attack while dodging too. So you're kind of defeating your own argument (because it would actually support your initial point that other professions too can attack while dodging but you're tossing away more examples) while also misrepresenting ambush attacks as just another attack. But it sounds like you and several others have a problem with them altering the functionality of how Mirage Cloak worked. I'd be right there behind you that removing it's ability to work while immob (it shouldn't work while CC'ed tho, like stun and knockdown) just screwed up a lot of advantages of why you'd look for Mirage Cloak as a replacement for regular dodge. But guess what? You never made that argument before. You've just been going on about how this profession or that profession has unique dodges and how they get this and that trait. None of that matters tho (because keeping it a buck, Vindicator should have been stuck with 1 dodge but that's neither here nor there)...and mind you, this is all a tangent on a trait, not Mirage Cloak itself. I don't think you understand how this works. You're the one behind primarily because you have to convince the majority and the devs to implement your change or some change. You attract more flies with honey and all I have to do is show you're covered in vinegar. Both you and the OP seem very vindictive and angry despite what you're asking for isn't even that big a deal. If they did change the trait to SS, great. If they didn't, Mirage still has a good set of tools and tactics to work with. You paint a target on yourself acting hysterical and emotional when people simply have a different opinion from you. Try to work on that.
  15. I wouldn't be concerned with reacts. That said, there could be potential specs that reused an already used weapon as well. For example, Warrior has a lot of weapons with only things like Trident, scepter, focus and pistol main as options left. With enough effort, one might divert future changes from "checking boxes" to "fulfilling fantasies". Like, rather than trying to shoehorn a scepter on War, just give it a new spec that changes a couple current weapons' skills.
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