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  1. While you might be right, 24 weeks takes us to November, not January, No guarantee either that New World won't be delayed again.
  2. It's already 14 months since EOD was publicly announced, and my guess is we won't see the expansion for another 5 months. Plus current game play has been seriously curtailed to free up the resources necessary to publish EOD this year. Plenty of time and plenty of resource appears to have been devoted, therefore, to meeting the stated launch goal. So please do stick to the plan Anet, and don't delay.
  3. Loving the trailer. LW Season 2 still has such a great place in the game (just spent this evening running a packed RIBA in Silverwastes, eg!)
  4. Astonished that the original poll was taken down. All businesses should be willing to listen to criticism and feedback from their paying customers - even if it makes for some discomfort. The finale - while technically ok - had plot inconsistencies; disposed of two giants of the game in minutes; gave no real sense of chapter closure per previous episodes - and left everyone I know within GW2 deeply disappointed, and nervous for the future of the game.
  5. Like Vindicate said. Howcome wvw gets a Volcanic Stormcaller weapon, while pvp does not? Please can this be fixed asap??
  6. The DRMs - both grind and rewards - are so uninspiring I've stopped playing GW2 for the first time in ages. I have no high hopes for the third instalment, since it's likely more of the grindy, misery-inducing same.
  7. I've pretty much given up on DRMs and indeed the wider LW game now I have the /stretch emote. The devs have completely messed up the balance between input and reward, imo. To get the last two Dragon Slayer weapon achievements, for example, requires an insane number of daily grinds, in an otherwise reward-poor and majorly slow environment. How is that supposed to be enjoyable?? Other companies have made a mint during Covid, because they invested in their games in recognition of the free time so many of us have had. Anet has instead starved us of content over much of the past year - and I susp
  8. Ironic that since he fixed his post, your own anti-spoiler comment is now, ahem, the spoiler.
  9. Even doubling the drop, who in their right minds would spend 75 days grinding this tedium. I ALREADY HAVE A BORING DAY JOB ANET!!
  10. This. Just got the new Mastery, unlocked the vendor and... nothing! Release page says "An additional faction will float your way on February 16, along with new upgrade options for your Dragon Slayer weapons." So I guess not til then. So why the fug add the achievements now? ?? And what are we supposed to do til Feb 16th???
  11. On the final day of DRMs before Champions: Power (after what feels like endless runs), I finally got my first Volcanic Stormcaller weapon box. Had I sold it, I'd have got 800g for the shield I chose. If I want the other 15 weapons for that Mastery point, then the current TP cost is 9,000g more. This. Is. Broken. There are some great suggestions for improvements in this thread and others. If Arenanet again drags out the second instalment with miserable rewards, over-long instances and dull bosses, then I fear for the game. What's the point of a new expac, if half the player base has gotten bo
  12. The Volcanic Stormcaller weapons are such a rare DRM drop that the TP presently only has 9 of the 16 models on sale - at an average price of 404 gold each. So there you have it: unobtainable current content, including a Mastery Point. Nice job, Anet.
  13. DRMs are looking like dead content right now, despite being the current 'episode'. Zero in looking for groups in either Tyria or Champions after 30 mins of waiting. Other maps and LS episodes still busy. This needs an urgent fix. Because if the next instalment is as poor, I fear people will start drifting off - myself included.
  14. 4,800-6,000 gold for the Volcanic Stormcaller set is the TP equivalent price of 3+ legendaries. I can't recall them ever putting AP and a Mastery behind such a high gold cost wall.
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