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  1. Ah that fixed it thanks. Clearly haven't had enough coffee yet...
  2. Yep - changed the order. Put multiple stacks in together. Changed locations. Logged fully out and back in again. Have never had a problem with MF til now - so this has me stumped. Putting in the cubs and dyes, the 'Forge' button simply does not light.
  3. Tooltip says combine 3 orange cubs and 2 unidentified dyes in the Mystic Forge. Recipe fails to action. Have tried the forges in LA, 1000 Seas and Lily of Elon. No luck.
  4. So a semi-serious question: as the new version of LWS1 is permanent, is this now canon? And what does that mean for 'peripheral' lore, side events, and even main ones (Southsun!) - now lost between the cracks and residing only in the memory of long time veterans, and an epic Wooden Potatoes vid?
  5. Have just completed this event for the second time. And each time, no rewards, and doesn't count towards Troubles from the Deep. Still broken.
  6. What it says really. Fascinating tho' it is for me to see I didn't quite finish enough matches for season 25, there's no reason for me to still see those old season achievement lines. And it's boring as hell wading through them to find your active season. Please can these be retired, or have their own subtab?
  7. A good friend recently started playing again, and we're keen to find a friendly and inclusive larger LGBTQ guild to join together. Reccs appreciated!
  8. Am just a day or two away from getting my 18th and final piece of legendary PvP armor - which has been several years of grind for me. The same sort of grind needed for the WvW and Raid armor. And I think it's a great idea to have pve legendary armor too - so long as it's also suitably grindy. Really, nobody should lose sleep over a new route to legendary armor, particularly now we have Armory and the real utility it brings.
  9. When the battle up to and with Zhaitan felt at least a little challenging - needing a group. Right now it's so very meh.
  10. Just.... thanks. Awesome vibe.
  11. Agree - we just had one spawn with 4.5 million HP, and it barely dropped crystals. Impossible.
  12. I've cleared 11 of 12 vermin for the achievement on previous runs. However they are no longer spawning (restarted the story several times to check.) Can't complete the Act meta at present as am just waiting on this one.
  13. You just swap one legendary EOD material for another - - so no, doesn't really work. Support kindly gave me back my Gift after I destroyed the traded Lamplighter's Badge. Easily fixed in future if the vendor offers buyback for those making an error like me.
  14. Wasn't really paying attention in Seitung, saw the heart vendor selling a Lamplighter's Badge - bought it for... what, what, that Gift of Seitung Province which I only just got for map completion?? No worries - I'll use buyback. Nope - doesn't register as buyback. So now I need a ticket. Assuming as in other expacs we can create multiple Gifts by combining four maps, WHY would this be for sale for this 'currency'?
  15. Still bugged for me - despite trying a different chapter and losing heaps of progress. I can't access my skiff - and can't progress the story in New Kaineng because of that. Nor can I repurchase from Sochee - which would fix this.
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