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  1. You don't need to ress players. You can ress NPC's too. Near Destiny's Gorge is a great place for this because there are always many dead NPC's there.
  2. Yea this website is awesome. Too bad there is no "beginner" guide for mesmers. The other beginner guides are really awesome and I'd like to try out Virtuoso. But maybe they will update it soon. 🙂 Thanks.
  3. So I came back again after a year long break and I was hyped about EoD so I purchased the expansion, but I couldn't really decide on what spec to play so I went with Scourge. I did kinda okay in open world content but then I tried a more group oriented build and tried it out in some groups and I didn't really feel like I'm doing great. So I went to the golems added all buffs and destroyed it while doing like 11k DPS. So my question is not how to improve this, but maybe what specs would be for me? I really like the idea of playing Condi so I'm looking for something which is easy and
  4. The reason why I wrote new-ish because I've been playing this game in the past years and I'm aware of some basics, I did some of the expansion stories, masteries, etc... But I never actually did any group content. I'm looking for a guild where I can ask my stupid questions about my class, they will help me to build my character, why I use the skills and how I use them... My long time goal is to do every possible raid and high level fractals. If you have some questions or want to chat before you invite me, add me on discord: Tyrick#4314 Thanks!
  5. No, I've been playing WoW for like 15 years, I'm well aware of hotkeys and keybinds etc... That's one reason why I'm worried, I've been a hardcore raider in WoW and here I'm struggling with open world content. About decent traits... no idea, I'm looking up builds on websites and I usually go with some "open world" one. My wife is also playing a ranger but she wants to use bow, because she likes ranged skills in MMO's. However we can't play together all the time. What do you mean leave? Leave the game and look for something else? I'm done with the PoF story
  6. Hmm... I did that last time I played. Leveled up my ranger from level 1. That's why I left the game last time, everything was so hard
  7. So I've been playing this game for years on and off, but sadly never achieved anything matningful, no raids, not a single hard content. I enjoyed most of it still though. 🙂 However my wife and I decided to return once again, before EOD. I want to practice a bit and I noticed that I'm still suck pretty much in open world content. I tried my revenant, my ranger, but I usually die to anything a bit harder. Maybe I'm that bad and I haven't learned some important aspects of combat? I try to dodge and heal myself most of the time but I'm still amazed when I see people solo
  8. But isn't Guardian only viable for fractals as a power build? I really don't want to play a power class. I have a Scourge but I don't like it, because of the Shades...
  9. Well some people suggested me to switch from ranger to another class, but I only like Ranger and Thief but for a thief I'm afraid it's not too good in open world content. A condi deadeye looks totally cool too...
  10. So I'm planning to start playing my ranger tomorrow but I'm not sure if I'd set up my character according to this build https://metabattle.com/wiki/Build:Soulbeast_-_Condi_DPS Would I be able to solo champions open world or I'd need to keep a different set of gear every time I Want to do it? I guess more skilled players can solo anything no matter what gear they have but I'm not an experienced player. I just want to play a ranger with preferably dagger/x and maybe x/torch? Or a longbow could work too I'm not sure. I noticed that there are many people against m
  11. This is the video, it's from VoodenPotatoes I really like this build and one of my alts is a Mesmer that I'd like to use for open world like in the video. According to the commenters, there was some change/nerf that made this thing weaker. Could anyone please help me and suggest a new build with Greatsword?Thank you in advance!
  12. Or I'm doing something wrong? Do I need special tools or special areas? I tried to run around in PoF and HoT maps cgathering everything that I see but I didn't even make one gold.Could anyone tell me what I'm doing wrong?
  13. When I started playing I asked the same question and now my friends who knows that I play GW2 will never understand, but hey they are cool... I guess because I still don't have any but at least now I have a goal to get one haha.
  14. Could anyone help me with some nice beginner builds for open world? I'm planning to go with a bow and mace/axe or staff.I've checked the metabattle but those builds are pretty expensive, I don't have much gold.I'm looking for something tanky which won't die when I fight 2 mobs at the same time. Thank you in advance!
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