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  1. One can only pray...this community is hard tired of melee combat where you need to constantly hug your target for damage, let's ele players for once play like a classic glass cannon ranged mage like elementalist class is in all other MMOS, only in GW2 an elementalist has to go toe to toe melee range with enemies while still being an actual mage. 1) No hybrid weapon....full kitten power damage on all attunements, no half baked skils , half condi, half power BS where you need to use cele gear to max anything 2) No long kitten casting time with rooting bullcrap, after cast and s
  2. You can get a win 7 key for less than 10$, if you have a computer already and a copy of gw2, you should be more than ready to upgrade
  3. Very very well done to Anet! I can actually be mildly optimistic up to this point about EoD, I pray now that all elites will follow this new trend . No AoE spam, no stealth/staff camping, no AI centric with apparent and clear counterplay options, I am sure to receive loads of hate but...yeah I hope all elites follow the same balance philosophy that's all I have wanted to say
  4. Insane barrier generation...did you check the numbers correctly Pal? Also you said it right...ele sacrifice mobility and damage for sustain while using defensive utilities...you can do the same by using torch, decoy, blink...plenty of defensive options when you invest in it! I love nothing more than to see the same treatment eles have received since launch being extended to other professions....trade damage for sustain and viceversa... it'd be about kitten time
  5. Wait! You mean......you don't have sustain if you slot a defensive line?.....Wow god forbid the rest of the GW2 playerbase gets to feel like the ele community for the last 10 years, imagine being forced to choose between sustain or damage ..the horror...
  6. I pray the spec is single target projectile, that's what is needed after years of aoe spamming kitten
  7. Haha the irony, it will be fun to watch 2 virtuoso fighting each other while having reflect on dodge. Welcome to generic world where you pay attention to spammed reflects and no AoE bomb around. This virtuouso seems more skill intensive than condi staff camper mirage
  8. How convenient and smart of you....but that's not how it work, there is a thing called time/effort relation to judge precisely something, it is surely harder to become a certified doctor than a fitness instructor and yet both work with the human body, now should the doctor be rewarded the same as the instructor...it doesn't work that way. It is easy to be good on necro, less time and effort compared to ele and that's why there is one good ele for every 100 necros, this is the only uncomfortable truth.
  9. From the OP there is already bias! I just hate that this community recognize as "skilled" only what they identify with and everything else is deemed "less skilled" and should be nerfed. This is what I have mentioned in my other thread about the wrong mentality of this playerbase , I win duels on a core ele, is the spec now the best roaming spec? I think not, when it comes to duels/roaming I only experience good and bad players...who they die regardless of what they play. The nerf mentality starts when people refuse to recognize the opponent skill level, this creates a vicious cycle
  10. I just hate this type of threads...it will end up like every other similar thread.... it always boils down to the same mentality : "My build is skilled and your class/build takes no skill and should be nerfed"
  11. Nothing would be immortal........while playing necro, if rather than spamm off CD while running in circles or backward, people would actually pay attention to what the opponent is doing, like what attunement , defense used etc etc....ofc it's easier to spamm off CD and then claim everything is OP when things don't drop dead to the braindead spam P.S There is an "immortal ele" for every 100 necros, and for certain whoever this ele may be....he will be somebody with 2k wvw rank min, some pvp titles etc etc.....nobody can jump on ele and perform to "immortal" levels from day 1 ,
  12. This year I am ready with video recording so no chance for them to edit afterward...I will be waiting for that moment when a dev almost dies trying to showcase new ele elite......I will become a MemeLord
  13. You must be trolling..or you don't play pvp/wvw, we have builds where people press all buttons while running in circle..and you call it..."generally good balance" ..lol
  14. That was GW1 gameplay but....skill based game=smaller playerbase=less revenue and in the gaming world at large in 2021, everything is about revenue.....everything
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