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  1. Core pets are virtually better than EoD pets...except the turtle, one of the few things a ranger can look for whe buying EoD, the other pets from this expansion are just pure design trash not even good as placeholders, players should focus their efforts in bringing up those trash bags rather than trying to change the only decent one out of the bunch
  2. If you like bears that much...good for you but for me....Hunker Down is the best ranger pet skill after Smokescreen and we will keep it that way, that projectile denial is the first and only skill of its kind on ranger...
  3. Yes you can see the similarities....one nerfed..and people jumpn on the next best thing with enough sustain to kitten you off, a never ending cycle of people crying to nerf the next thing that doesn't instantly die
  4. SpB already counter mindless spam...given how FC is on a 10s CD and adrenaline can be collected by simply swapping weapons.....it literally blows my mind that people actively think warrior is weak or UP: By no means I am saying that warrior is some braindead gameplay aka mechanist or harbinger but the class is not remotely close to be the UP/weak sack of kitten as some on this forum would want you to believe
  5. You are doing good...just use your own judgement to decide, just watch actual good players on the class ...
  6. Warrior complaints are mostly unnecessary. Balanced gameplay....balanced build diversity and decent traitlines .....they have few very bad MU, being a pure melee class, you are bound to have very bad MU against heavy condi spam or thief gameplay, and even then only specific builds which when played well, will give huge troubles to any other class too regardless...so.... Yeah the complaints are mostly from RPGers who feel "warrior doesn't fit their fantasy role" so they can be ignored, the class has mostly balance number problems and not design issues like it is on ele case, there is no br
  7. He's talking about a time, you could play a staff or scepter ele with a modicum of skill and do decent on it...a time where your most relevant build was not a "no dmg" tank trolling nabs in PvP or some full minstrel crap in wvw...a time basically when it made sense to play the class
  8. It's supposed to be a defensive pet, which ranger has short amount to start with....
  9. They still have 5-10s delay before doing anything, every time you swap to an EoD pet, a breaking bug which has been left there for months now.....
  10. All I ever said about this class : effort > reward , every thing said in this video, it's exactly what I always stated for years: Nothing else to add....
  11. This is the reality of GW2...a gamemode marketed as RvR mode which has been dominated by the same 3x professions since launch in terms of representation : guardian - engineer - necromancer , the situation is so absurd that the same profession can cover a DPS or support spot by simply switching spec, and this has been the reality of GW2 WvW since 2012. By fault logic this is considered normal, in a game with 9 professions...there are no major complaints and you won't find any bookmarked 100+ posts thread about the issue, by contrast what you will find on the GW2 forum is some 30+ posts thread
  12. No.....you and the lot here, got massively outplayed by better players using a class devoid of easy win gimmicks like : a class again you and the lot can't play half as good as those who owned you. There is a very good reason why none of you here mains an ele.... Have you ever seen a stream of an ele main playing another class? Do you honestly think that players like @Grimjack.8130, @Boyce.4069 or @Solemn.6401 and similar others...are being carried for playing ele?.. I gave up on ele some time ago and I did ask to these guys how they could still enjoy something like ele, when the gam
  13. The OP can only run a pewpew druid, done so for years...this is his 1xxxx ele nerf thread...I'd imagine people would know the OP by now, 2/3 of the ele nerf threads are started by him
  14. The PvP scene in this game is dead due to constant whining and biased nerf cries, a warrior main asking to remove defensive options from others...but then warrior would have no business having the same mobility as other professions : remove mobility entirely from warrior GS, also nerfing mobility/range of Bladesworn and cutting the range of LB/rifle to 600 at best.....because warrior is mele and should no be as mobile or able to ranged fight at all like other professions are ranged and should not be good as melee. Furthermore....unblockable has been almost removed from the game, and beca
  15. Who gives a kitten about superspeed, protection, regen...have it all! It's the free/easy stealth spam that persecuted the whole game for almost a decade and if that gets effectively removed....glory to us all! they could give 24/7 invulnerability to thieves and I still wouldn't care! It's the griefing and the cocky attitude granted by perma stealth...let's see how this plays out...now I have even more hope for the Tuesday patch
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