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  1. Guardian is just broken behind belief, but again none of you should be surprised...if people like @Arken have the ear of the devs when it comes to balance...god forbid, pretty soon, guardians will have access to portable tactical nukes ..and holos, engis in general ...well lol....grenades..that's all. That doesn't detract much from the whole argument about mesmers, except ofc the trusted and overused "L2P" commentary
  2. I pray you never meet a stunlock chrono....you'll cry your way to the uninstall option and this time permanently
  3. And far far far far far far far far worst....druid daze is mostly melee range and predictable, mesmer and thief daze is instant...not linked to a stunbreak and ranged/spammable
  4. Not the brightest I see... Can you re-read it properly this time?
  5. I reckon you can see the point @Sweetbread.3678 was trying to make. Professions like Mesmer-thief-Necro and guardian, have in-built defensive mechanics even before taking into consideration any trait, gear or weapon, so it's not surprising that the most widespread power and oneshot build belong to these 4 x professions, for the average player is much easier to play a full glass mesmer than a full glass ele, simple reason why for every 10 players playing power......8 will be oneshot mesmers. Mesmer players, average or not, have never been forced to be bunker to survive. Still, the choice has always been there: Condi Chrono Bunker, virtuoso, and mirage, have shown us how the average mesmer player can go either full glass or full tank without losing viability regardless of the skill level of the opponent. The average player cannot go oneshot ele or ranger or war or rev-herald, without being facerolled almost instantly......and ele/war/rev out of everybody, have 0 effective disengage , nothing beats stealth to disengage from fights when playing full glass, and no problem if you mess up your burst or the target didn't die...just stealth and go again, reposition yourself, drop target...on ele you have those 40-50s CD "defensive skills" and that 1-2s superspeed every 10s..and after that back to respawn. And the thing about Distortion, is it behaves like a block when it's instead 100% invulnerable and not semi-like an endure pain or signet of stone, so why mesmers can keep attacking while using distortion? That ability to attack while invulnerable, was removed from elementalist a long time ago. When mesmer is not blocking with shield ( now used on almost every build) or blurred frenzy, he's using distortion...then goes stealth to recharge mantra...if low, stealth teleport/blink/use heal..or moa form, all the while the clones keep the pressure on the target. Every fight vs mesmer, it's you being on the defensive for like 3/4 of the time. And it wouldn't be bad if the entry requirement to perform at such levels, where you can be constantly on the offensive...would not be so low like it is with mesmer above all, followed by willbender exclusively as guardian spec, reaper, harbinger and..yeah grenade engies, I include grenade engies, because they're problematic, the old "superspeed ahead while throwing grenades behind your back" gameplay is still there
  6. No...just no....absolutely no...just no kittening way! The GW2 playerbase is already super atrociously toxic AF! And a dozen nerf threads are created as soon as a "self-entitled" pro player loses a 1v1 fight with the only single build they can play. The last thing we need is a gamemode that further exacerbates the prima donna behaviour....it would be like 200 x nerf threads every single hour every day of the week. The worst idea ever in last few months! This is a MMO not Street Fighter 2 , there are dozen of buids combos and yes your ( (generally speaking to whole player base) "uber pro skill build", copied from metabattle or from some youtube video, it's bound to be "cheesed" by some other spec. All stop with this ego trip non-sense, no matter how much people want to pat themselves on the shoulders, this is a MMO and 80% of any output is build based..the rest is just resemblance of average human coordination in pressing few buttons in sequence. P.S nothing against the OP...just his idea is cringe as hell....a 1v1 mode in a MMO...it would bury the whole forum in hundreds of nerf threads every single day due to all the bruised egos, who got destroyed by a counter build
  7. They have removed the stability trait because...they expect a huge influx of off-hand mace rangers which grants stability every 20s with negligible cast time: SB - dolyak stance/off-hand mace/SoTP Untamed - FF,/hammer unleash/off-hand mace Druid - Glyph of the stars/Natural convergence/off-hand mace In Anet's eyes, rangers will still have multiple sources of stability on every build, and they are strongly pushing full melee power bunker /ranged burst dps sort of gameplay on ranger. We all know that mace rangers will be a thing and it will be for melee combat, other options like GS/LB rangers or shortbow condi druid are still viable so....in Anet's eyes this is balance
  8. They haven't got a clue man....I don't even know if we play the same game with these devs or if they are too busy playing Guardian and Necro all day long P.S Roaming is of no concern to Anet, they think more along the line of a frontline ranger wvw zerg gameplay, they don't expect pets to stay alive enough to make a difference there, so even if predicted the potential 7 condis clear every 15s with pets alive....it's irrelevant during zerg fights. Now for roaming that 7 condi clear will be busted.....but again there are dozens of even more busted specs/trait combos for roaming so...just a drop of water in the ocean. In PvP...maximum 5 x condi clear at launch...to be nerfed after few months, and knowing Anet there is a good chance those nerfs will be extended to wvw so yeah, ranger may end up worst than now along the line....been there seen that
  9. I don't think Anet wants rangers to be anything more than Tower ranger with "yolo burst and run for the hill" sort of gameplay
  10. Anet only balances if a spec makes people cry in low ranked PvP and then WvW zergings...everything else gets a pass, reason why Harbinger and Willbender are untouched
  11. Deadeye? These days is all about willbenders and reapers/harbingers....the rest is rare
  12. I'd rather trash "forum Pros" in game than otherwise. My "skill level" it's just fine to do exactly that ....I played the game for 12k hrs let me correct you, and that time was well spent as the mechanic/awareness learnt from wasting time on trash design, got translated to dominating gameplay on other classes...against "forum pros". I am giving recommendations to a frustrated player...the rest can go back to acting pro on the forum...and getting farmed in game sending then salty whispers ..cya
  13. Yeah..and you what? play condi rev? renegade pewpew? "immortal" vindicator? ventari something?....I see no ele gameplay from you, it seems you play one of "learnt over a weekend" sort of specs.
  14. And the ones saying otherwise...never played an ele but base their opinions on the videos of some tryhard guitar hero who play 10 hrs+ per day and happens to play an ele....
  15. I'll pay you to show a video of you playing FA ele...no talks...show us a video
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