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  1. No downstate reflects what GW1 was, a truly skill based game compared to this mess , if you got caught out of position it was "down with you", positioning and timing ..the epitome of skill. There is absolutely nothing skilled dancing around with perma boon builds running like a phalanx unit thx to perma stability/protection/regeneration/resolution+ gyros, barrier spam.....
  2. You forget ressing glyphs and similar utilities, stealth/block/reflects/invulnerability to guarantee ress.....plenty of tools to survive for those who should be back to respawn
  3. the only groups I see are made of scrappers, FB, necros, tempests, C-Heralds or renegade outsustaining everything else, getting outplayed despite their tankiness and still come on top thx to ressing utilities and extra sustain.....I see far less skill in that than prancing around knowing you can die as fast as you kill
  4. I like build diversity too especially the one working against the low common denominator gameplay of condi/boon tanks, I really enjoyed the pre Feb balance for most parts....especially because of this, they were far far less "pro" on necro back then
  5. Can you read the post above you? Got too many angry messages/whispers from mad kids and the last thing I need is banning due to RTM scams , I play the professions I ask to be nerfed...unlike most of you, it's that simple .Ranger and thief blah blah blah..ok I invite any of you to come and show it in game! I am waiting ..and again identify yourself whoever whisper me, too many angry rants to filter through
  6. Always receiving mad posts from angry kids coming in game from the forum , so identify yourself next time instead than sending yet another angry rant, got way too much trash whisper/message to clear periodically, about the rest : 1) You're supposed to come in game as ranger/thief 2) I don't share my builds or anything Can't wait to experience your "OP" gameplay...
  7. I don't think perma everything dancing in a circle is anything better, it'd be nice to have something in between but..oh well
  8. Yes...ofc you run power....so if trailblazer not an issue I don't see why you care
  9. Do you realize that you're in a thread whining about the very one of the few things that counter your condi cheese gameplay?..You must have forgot about that with all the pointless ranting. The entire necro community is a clown fiesta event :" you need to kite when we enter shroud you noobs and just range us"....you then range them ...."omfg ranged dmg is OP, noob players pewpew from distance"....clowns on automode gameplay specs complaining about balance Ohhhh...you're not trailblazer ..cute...what are you? celestial? settler?dire?rabid?apothecary?.....certainly you're not zerker
  10. Thank you! Many refuse to admit this simple truth and main reason why they all play condi tanks...the same dmg of power builds..minus the risk
  11. There is nothing on this forum indicating the skill level of players and skill level is something the devs try to keep in mind when balancing, no company can balance a game so that even the most uncoordinated/slow/untalented individuals can find success in the competitive environment ...Just some salty necromancer , upset that his trailblazer condi kitten gets countered...typical
  12. So now you have to be skilled before being broken it seems, that makes your previous statement incorrect although the people dieing to average thief/ranger certainly do not play a FA ele, they actually play meta class...with meta spec...and they lose because they suck . Then these people come on the forum claiming how broken thief/ranger is and if you then certify that you can kill those same thief/rangers while using even a weaker spec...the answer you get is :"but yeah if you face PRO thief blah blah"..now hold on a second! If something is broken it doesn't require skill to be
  13. Anybody dieing to rangers or thieves in 2021 GW2...should stick to PvE or at best limit themselves to play only minstrel tempest/firebrand/scrapper or some trailblazer core necro with undead runes. Ha yes and I use a core war...no stealth or heal burst or trailblazer build...Just dodges.....
  14. Credibility is based on truth, certainly not approval
  15. So people wait all year to play thief/ranger for a whole week..they will spend whole week whining on how broken stealth and sic'em are...the following week they go back to their minstrel/trailblazer tanks facetanking for the remaining of the year....sad
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