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  1. experienced the same problem, but in mi case disabling camera shake did not solve it, had to try for hours till the fight and scenes were over
  2. The merchant doesn't appear in the map?! the hell anet!?
  3. What even! Choya? ps1? Apologies if this has been posted before
  4. Happens to me too, R7 5800h RTX 3060, any idea if this is an amd or nvidia only issue?
  5. Happening to me too, in two different computers, one with Ryzen 4800H with GTX 1660 ti and another with Ryzen 5800H with RTX 3060
  6. Specter dual skills can't be used on enemies while in action camera, am I the only one with this issue? It says I need a target to use the skill
  7. Can we please have barricades like the ones from the marionette fight? Those would be great for creating choke points
  8. How about instead of increasing initiative costs they just increase the disengage radius? Would that be possible?
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