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  1. I'm excited to test the changes, although I think it could have easily been ranged, even with auras. Simply shoot out the aura for AOE damage, or explode it, or absorb it, etc. Each attunement could have had a different effect really in that sense. or each one could have given all of the options above but for different effect. Anyhow, I'll pass judgement after I have gotten to play around with it.
  2. No, his argumentation style and dismissive attitude was what made me wonder. As mentioned a few good points were made. I can admit that perhaps the wrong wording was used here by me EDIT:as it was used as an empathiser of the point, hence the following "either" clearly I missed the mark, but I'll leave it unedited so your own comment makes sense.
  3. I didn't miss the point, nor did I discount it, I am not saying I am necessarily right or wrong. To discount it because power builds exist, doesn't mean that I am necessarily wrong, but perhaps points at a different issue with how power builds work. Personally I don't think the damage of conditions is an issue, but the ability to spam them so many times that you'll find yourself building against conditions over other traits/skills - perhaps if you didn't have to build against condis so much you could build more against power builds. Whether that goes into the issue that, in GW2, you a
  4. I realised too late that you must either be trolling, or then very incapable of understanding differing opinions with an open mind. I say healing should be increased slightly, and you would assume that I think that everyone should have self-regen that could tank anything. Incapable of civic discourse, not so healthy if you are participating in a conversation pal.
  5. What a convoluted way of stating the obvious. My solution to team fights is largely the same, because it is obvious. I mean, you are still assuming a whole lot of things, you say you can trait differently and run, off, but simply not true, it limits playstyles, how many times have I not caught someone running away without them getting to put up a fight because they are running off and don't have the traits or utility skills to do so. To get caught off guard must not happen to you? Well in that case I am simply not quick enough, nor is a lot of players whom I catch or see get caught on the
  6. Good golly, power builds are the easiest to deal with. Condition builds and heavy CC builds are generally easy 1-1, sometimes 1-2 depending on player, but in larger groups that becomes impossible since you'll have spams coming from several directions. Right now the only "handholding" is on builds with conditions spams. Conditions can be very useful even when they aren't insta-cast everywhere. The meta perhaps is not determined so much by how conditions and CC works, but more with how the game is being balanced per profession, traits/skills. For example the amount of copy-paste ranger build
  7. Yes I am referring to the Random Arena team fights. I am not against having different modes have different rules. Overall though as mentioned condi spams are just that, spams. Rarely relying on much skill in when and how to use it, and more of spamming the skills. Your only break being cooldowns. In GW this wasn't an issue, because of - energy bar - you could spam only so far as your energy kept you going, hence the use of skills was much more carefully selected during matches. Since GW2 doesn't have energy bars, and won't, outside of PvE, yeah I think some limitations could be
  8. I feel that we get used to certain skills, and forget that other classes have better. Hence asking for a similar treatment is not too much to ask. I look at something like Guardian's judge's intervention. Without a trait it teleports at 1200 distance, breaks stun, has no cast time(can't be interrupted) and deal aoe burn damage. Traited it will provide a decent health chunk, provide fury and drop from 40sec cd to 32sec cd. Comparatively...
  9. Sighs... Where I am at with skills these days is that I play all of the classes, maining a couple of them. What frustrates me is that some classes have absolutely terrible utility skills comparatively, or they need traiting to become viable, and that is disregarding weapon skills and traitlines and other core mechanics. ... Now I don't think stances are bad, and I find myself using them at times, but I look at something like Balanced stance, and I find it hard to put it into rotation, despite wanting the stability and crit defense, solely because of the long cooldown, I would get to u
  10. I meant Bull's charge should have added effects. I overall like Kick, although that one could have some tweaks too. Yeah when I read that Headbutt self dazes and removes stability I was surprised. Like this is the line you draw insofar as realism is concerned? plus this a trained fighter in a fantasy setting, I think the character can handle headbutting without falling over in a daze.
  11. So I finally joined the warrior's club. I recently returned to the game after several years of hiatus, and generally main ele, but, I mean, well they are in a pretty poor state. I always had an issue playing warrior in GW2, but I put my mind to it, and finally came up with some viable power and condi builds for PvP. So I tried my hand at an interrupt build... This I found was way harder to pull off, mind you I haven't tried to make the build with spb yet. Like a lot of people I added Bull's charge to my rotation since it is a gap closer, even though I would have preferred "kick". Hones
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