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  1. Exactly. I'm not looking for the best performance, I'm looking for the most thematic build.
  2. It's not for efficiency's sake, just for fun. In generally I like being a tanky dude in RPGs and I know that in GW2 the mobs focus on the guy with the highest toughness. So I'd like to know which class can get the highest toughness possible so the monsters will always want to spank me hard in every encounter.
  3. First of all, I'm NOT looking for the best build in terms of damage. What I'm interesting in is finding which traitlines that actually complent and/or complement the herald spec, in terms of mechanics and theme. Herald, from what I understand, is supposed to be a decently tanky spec with lots of boonsharing. As a main mechanic it has the facets, so it should revolve around upkeep skills I guess. Regarding upkeep skills, the only traits related to them outside of herald are in retribution and corruption. Retribution I think fits well with herald, since it further improves
  4. I was afraid that allowing more than one vote would result in votes being spread all over the place. I am aware that pretty much everyone will like more than a single race/gender, but for the purpose of this poll I'd rather go for "choose only the very very best for you". It's nothing official anyway.
  5. It's the first time I make a poll and I found that option. Not that it was necessary really, I just used it because I could.
  6. After playing both a female charr and a male one, I found out that the difference in quality between the two genders is quite steep. Of course personal preference plays a role in it, but I'm quite curious to know which of the 10 race/gender characters available have the most liked voice acting to back them up. TO BE CLEAR: it doesn't matter if you haven't played through all the game with all of the options available, nor if you didn't really like any of them, just pick what your hears more or less enjoyed the most out of the characters that you played.
  7. But the monsters will inevitably aggro someone, right? Or do they get confused if none has any toughness?
  8. I would be ok with that in a game like diablo or path of exile, where finding the most broken builds is part of the fun. In a MMO like gw2 though I think that every spec should have very clear roles, and the attributes they have access to should complement their playstyles in very clean way. Of course every spec should have more than just one build path. Let's take herald for instance: the traits let you focus on either boon sharing or on personal survability. But given your skills, you're always a mix of those things, and you're also a frontline character. Which means that at least
  9. We have a lot of specs with a fire theme, but pretty much the only one with an ice theme is the reaper. Vindicator will have a decent chill uptime, but that's just for gameplay reasons, not because it actually fits in thematically with the spec. So I'd like to get a legend that would fit in in an ice/cold themed spec. Svanir could be interesting, with maybe the possiblity of shapeshipfting into a bear (like the norn racial), with ice themed abilities. Jora, Svanir's sister, could also bea thing. She's the hero who first stood against jormag. Asgeir is instead the norn he
  10. I quite like the options given by traits overall, for every class. What I simply can't bring myself to like is the attribute system. I'll leave PvP out of this, since in that mode you can change stats whenever you want without any hassle, and I guess pretty much every stat can have a place in the appropriate build. But of everything else, so Open World, fractals, raids, and wvw, I just can't understand the reasoning behind the system. There are so many atribute combinations to choose from, yet all I ever is full berserker, with the occasional viper for condi, diviner for renegade, and so
  11. Seeing how many bruisers the new expansion is going to introduce, and how they pretty much all have slow but strong attacks, in addition to other stuff, I wonder how reaper will keep its identity. Bladesworn is all about strong attacks that require a lot of charge up time. So limited mobility, slow, hard hitting strikes, lots of AoE, and is relatively durable as a warrior Vindicator's GS is pretty much all about AoE, is average-to-slow in terms of animations. The spec can have great or limited mobility depending on which traits you choose, and if you focus on damage your mobil
  12. In general I tend to gravitate toward tank classes, and while I'm aware that tanking isn't really a thing in GW2, I would still like to know which classes are most focused around "taking as much damage as possible and surviving". I don't just mean which class can absorb the most damage to cover up for mistakes in playing it, I mean which specs are actually encouraged to take damage for the team, or at least block/absorb it.
  13. Tanky, support, decent self sustain, also good in wvw. My best bet would be scrapper. I'm levelling one these days, I'm not yet sure if it's the right class for me, after years of maining reaper, but on paper it should fulfill that all-rounder yet more of a tanky support idea I'm looking for right now. So while I have played little of it so far, after doing my own research I'd say that it's the best bet, outside of firebrand and maybe spellbreaker
  14. Player will always revolve around what is most convient. And due to a painful lack of balance updates, we've had the same things for years. Thus players stick to what is keeps being most effective. Sure there are other ways to play the game, but then you have to build a full ascended set of armor (at least trinkets are trivial to get) and find a particular team composition in which you toon can fit. Meanwhile what has been generally popular continues to be effective more or less at all levels of play. IMO it's not the players, it's the devs who need to pay more attention to the pro
  15. I'd just like to know if there's any chance Anet might eventually post any kind of thread in which they kinda discuss how the old specs fare, in relation to their original concepts and in terms of overall balance. Mainly to see if they're still fiddling with the specs we already have, and to let us know if there's anything planned for them, in addition to the new specs coming with EoD
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