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  1. Exactly this, MMOs were not a niche genre back in early 2000s (especially upon WoW release), Ultima Online, Dark Age of Camelot, Everquest and whatever other MMORPGs you played were pretty big compared to some other titles. But it has gone down, and even though we are playing a niche genre... we are having a blast doing it.
  2. Unfortunately, I get blasted when playing my Cele Weaver by Cele Heralds, and I blast Cele Weavers on my Cele Herald. People often don't understand that Weavers don't really "control" their condi cleanses (bar Fire 5 and Earth 4) - as they are stance-dancing anyhow. Maybe I suck on both of those classes, but hey, just saying my experience playing Cele Weaver a lot and a very good amount of Cele Herald (quadra swap cheese, not the actual Mallyx condibomb).
  3. Cele Herald is a pretty good counter to Weavers as Chill spam is very annoying and debilitates the Weaver. On top of that, quadra-swap Heralds poop out so many conditions, Weavers cannot reliably remove most of them. The actual counter to Cele Weaver is kiting - Weavers have 1 or 2 gap closers and that is pretty much it (unless they are running Dagger offhand, then it is 3, but they have MUCH LESS utility on 4 and 5 skills if so). Weavers need to be in melee range to do damage and their only stun is Gale (and the Elite use skill). Stunbreak Gale and do not hesitate to do so - if th
  4. What we all hoped for was to have a pretty cool and fluid range spec (why not a kitten Gunslinger of a sort?) - instead we got another "Battlemage" which is VERY clunky and demanding to play. Elementalist shouldn't deal with "clunky" in its base kit due to complexity of it. At this point, only a mid-expansion rework could potentially save a hammer Elementalist... which still sucks imho.
  5. Greetings there, this is not a bashing thread. This is not a nerf this nerf that thread, or a bad matchmaking thread - nope. Now that we got that out of the way, let's dive into the fun thought experiment. PvP game mode is solely reliant on the "Domination" mode, meaning controlling points. At times, sadly, it is purely balanced around this (I know, "balance" is a tough word to throw around these parts). BUT If sPvP lifted ALL its restrictions and became the same balance-wise like WvW (everything, skills, gear, sigils)... what professions and elites would reign supreme
  6. So this guy makes this post and then: - this as well Get the kitten outta here will ya?
  7. Not to be a kitten, but there have been games who lived up to hype: - World of Warcraft: Wrath of the Lich King - World of Warcraft: Legion - Valorant - Starcraft 2: Wings of Liberty - Overwatch etc etc Now, what happened later is a completely different thing (lack of support or a complete change of direction), but those games definitely lived up to the hype they produced.
  8. Legendary armor, lots of Gem Store skins available (depends on your preference) - there's a buttload of skins that you can get and make your "perfect" armor set.
  9. Yes, make sure whoever made that idea is now jobless because their whole purpose was "yo i got ideeea, barriur" You people are scum. What they need to look at is overperforming specs, why are they overperforming and would "nerfing" that overperforming ability put them in a good state or in an unplayable state, or a really dissatisfactory state - where it just doesn't feel good to play that profession. The entire community agrees that several specs are overperforming in sPvP - that would be Holosmith, Support Guardian, Core Necromancer, Thief (and all its var
  10. Nothing new for Warriors, I'm afraid - always getting the short end of the stick. I honestly wish Warriors were good at something other than 7sec stun Berserker cheese Burn and running away with Greatsword.
  11. That's the thing, we are currently not stacked for obvious Alliance reasons - FoW is indeed carrying GH. I am not here saying "my server's kitten is bigger than yours" - on any pairing, we were usually #1 or #2 (Germans tend to run late-night groups). But currently, in Alliances, it is simply all stacks of players everywhere (I did not even choose an Alliance) - and small groups of everyone everywhere, meaning solo roaming, or, at times, small group roaming is neigh impossible. The question still remains though: What is the point of Alliances? I am genuinely curious - n
  12. View from it from this perspective: some professions and elites couldn't benefit from Trailblazer while essentially wanting to do the same thing: stack conditions and be tanky. Trailblazer Tempest/Weaver PALE in comparison to, for example, Trailblazer Mirage, Soulbeast, Druid, Necromancer - however, Celestial "allowed" these builds to be played as Elementalists really need the Healing and Concetration stats due to their squishy nature. Do we need more "Trailblazery" playstyles in WvW? Not really - do we really want WvW to be a bunch of cheesebuilds with 1shots? No, not really (at l
  13. Greetings there, No - this is not an alliance-bashing thread or question, I am simply asking a very simple question: Why do we need Alliances? I am on EU on Gunnar's Hold - mostly paired with Fissure of Woe, and the action and the server balance was USUALLY 40-30-30 whoever we are matched against (there is always an overperforming server and the other two are kinda there). Also, it was very solo-friendly (except if you stumble on keeps during prime time obv) - I've been playing for quite some time in WvW now and it is rather infuriating to attempt to play as a roamer on almost
  14. This isn't due to Cele (Cele Mirage isn't really getting as much benefit from it unlike Elementalist is, for example). Mirage is even more broken when running Trailblazer (their sustain is almost untouched and their condi cleanse is still the same), they do not benefit much from Cele buff. Scrappers are annoying, sure - but no Scrapper was running full Berserkers or Marauders anyhow, everyone I know has been running Diviner here and there. So, not much has changed there. Core Necro is even more busted with Trailblazer, the whole strength of Core Necro is rid
  15. So, in order to do this you must: 0. Enable Free Camera (which everyone does anyhow) 1. Keep holding W 2. Hold left-click (make sure to move it just a tiny bit so the game recognizes you are holding it) 3. Press "About Face" keybind 4. Press right-click while holding left click (while holding W) to change direction 5. Repeat For me, I press W with my middle finger, the "infamous" 2-4-5-1 combo is pressed by 4-5 with my pointing finger, 1 with my ring finger, and my About Face keybind is "C", which is pressed with my thumb. It takes time to
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