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  1. You literally have a weaver as a profile pic, doesn't it bother you that you have to commit yourself to learn an actual rotation to deal a fraction of that dps? With that build you literally go afk and press 1, i can't stress enough how ridiculous it is. Low apm build are fine but this thing it's not, all because the jade bot itself is so cracked that it doesn't matter if you're at the keyboard or not
  2. Yes there are, you can tell otherwise all day but the facts are something else. Yes, that one is easy as well but at least you have to throw yourself some elixirs, go in shroud and press 1 2 if you want to afk 🙂
  3. At least with other builds you need to press a couple of buttons, this one literal braindead afk stop defending it lmao
  4. Oh i'm sorry, you have to move a little bit left and right ah kitten now that is an actual challenge meanwhile your mech shreds everything and you will auto 24/7 regardless
  5. Keep telling yourself that, a build that literally does 29k and you could go make yourself a cofee is just insulting and you can't change that fact
  6. Promoting mobile gaming gameplay is not a right decision, low apm builds are fine but it's literally afk cmon
  7. So are we really going to keep the power Mechanist press 1 go afk and deal almost 30k? Please don't.
  8. Imagine lecturing me about mechanics ignoring completely everything else that i've said and then telling that pistol is a hybrid weapon lmao
  9. No really, what is the point of it? Pistol is clearly a condi weapon, plus core power weapons are just sad, why bother in the first place to try to make this spec something that can't be when you lack something so basic? We're fine in the condi and quickness department, but i can't stress enough how we lack a power spec (no, reaper is in a horrible and sad state so it doesn't count when an afk spec does more of him by just existing and your precious open world winterberry farmer reaper build can't tell me otherwise, but that's another issue). It has a pathetic dps and unless the devs don't do
  10. We're fine in the condi department (although imo they should give at least 10 stacks instead of 5), sadly we can't say the same about power 😞
  11. I was comparing reaper with mech because it's the easiest offender to prove the simple fact that his dps is under performing. It's a fact, where you want to recognize it or not it doesn't matter. Also yes, balancing should also consider "why a melee dps should do way less than a ranged afk". The only thing i can agree on with is that there some broken specs that needed to be tuned down. Everyone is talking about pMech, but let's not forget about specter and virtuoso and other specs but i digress. The point is, OP may be exaggerating when stating that there is 0 point at all to
  12. Where i said that there is no reason at all to play it? You're the one who's not making sense. I literally stated that you have several arsenals at your disposal (and guess what, almost all of them are the core necro skills and not the shouts themselves), but compared to what others classes can do it's in a sad state. You're either just a troll or blind, people can play whatever they want i really couldn't care any less but when an afk spec does more dps and has a better QoL than reaper by just existing then you know that is an actual problem. And let me rephrase it again so that your attitude
  13. Oh man the famous Atena giving his hot take about necro! Man i couldn't wait for it 🙂 I don't care about meta or speed running as well, but for the love of God stop pretending that reaper is fine. He's not. I've already made my point of how sad this spec and how much it desperately needs (and deserve) a rework for his power weapons and shouts are just pathetic. But you can keep you head under the sand and pretend that everything is fine the choice is yours
  14. It doesn't matter in the slightest unless you're going solo when you have hfb, HAM and every other classes that covers boons. Reaper is garbage because it barely has 29k and like you said it doesn't provide anything to the party boon wise (unless you take well of power for whatever reason) that's why it needs either a rework or as a band aid a dps increase, but at least you can still provide a bit of boon rip, a good amount of CCs and grabs. Yet you see people stacking power/condi mechanist, it's a selfish class as well but unlike reaper you can literally go afk and bench higher than him by ju
  15. Oh and i forgot to mention, before you say that selfish dps isn't viable i recommend you to have a look at: condi untamed, virtuoso both power and condi, power bladesworn, catalyst, soulbeast and i could keep going but you get the idea. I can assure you that selfish dps is more than viable 🙂
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