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  1. I play a Ranger the majority of my wvw time, simply for enjoyment, but rarely ever join the zerg squad. Even running very glassy I have huge amount of survivability so I'm not needed there and would take up boons and a spot that is better given to a meta class. Rangers do not belong in a zerg generally Plus i'm forever disappearing to check on a keep/tower, cap a camp and havoc a bit where needed. The only times i will look to join a tag is when the squad is partial, 20/50 or so, and always watch for it filling up so i can leave when i can see that others better suited need the spot.
  2. Its a decent start however some major issues: Too few build templates for a startShould have been 3 equipment templates to match the 3 build templates, 2 & 3 makes no logical senseNo option to lock templates from changes.Screws up legendaries by dropping out the sigils and infusionsCharacter bound build templates rather than account boundNo way to link armour and build templates and hotkey themToo much of a cash grabToo much of a cash grabToo much of a cash grabToo much of a cash grabYou came up with a fairly decent system which would improve QoL and then totally kittened it into the sea b
  3. 2 reasons, Most importantly, its fun. After *000's of hours on AH Guard, Hammer Rev, Scourge or whatever is needed and now I play what I find the most fun. I don't really give a shite about its super effectiveness although its still very strong if your doing alot of small scale fighting or for picking of the loose or poorly positioned zerg targets, though versus alot of classes the glassiness makes for a quick death in 1v1's Not a fan of Ranger GS, if i could switch Guard GS skills for Ranger GS skills my soulbeast would never drop GS. On switch is generally always Axe/WH because i find it
  4. Doesn't bother me too much, i still use mine in PvE coz it looks the best :)
  5. Increase the warscore from PPK by a big factor, decrease the PPT warsecore gain by a big factor and Increase the rewards from player kills. Might do fuckall but with the shite state of WvW these days, could it make it any worse?
  6. I main Ranger in WvW mostly because I like playing it and it suits when i drift off and roam/scot/defend. If you're a ranger and in the zerg then generally you are doing it wrong. Its fine if the squad is 20/50 because then, why not share/recieve the boons but as it fills up you should be leaving so that a proper zerg class like FB/Scourge & Rev is not without a spot. If i really want to be in teh zerg or its needed or i just want loot bags then I switch to Scourge or more preferably Rev, hammers are just so satisfying :) Rangers, even average players like me in full glass gear & set
  7. I think most of the content is fine, specially for solo players, and we have fractals for a nice progressive dificulty mode however I would say that its time for a change to the meta events. I don't think these are challanging enough and are generally easily completed without much difficulty. I'd like the meta bosses to have a fractal like random fuck things up effect like higher level fractals have, just to make players think a little bit and maybve make the odd ones fail now and again
  8. Will National Servers be linked with International servers in this new system?
  9. Clicker mainly because I'm a very fussy leftie and I haven't been able to find a good comfortable left handed many buttoned mouse to use (currently a steelseries kana) and also i've been a game clicker for 30+ years and CHANGEISBAD ;) Got some keys bound but for general use i dont have alot of nearby keys to pick from with my movement keys choice Right ctr - JumpKeypad 4&6 - Left & Rightkeypad 5 - backArrow key - forwardkeypad enter - elite skillkeypad 3 - heal skillkeypad 7/8/9 - 3 utility skillskeypad . - mount/dismount current mountkepyad Ins - mount skyscaleMouse buttons - target,
  10. If it can't be removed then I would change its allocation. It's given to the lowest ranking server of the tier however most non-national EU servers wont play on it or just don't have the numbers so certainly don't defend it, leaving it to be karma trained by green and blue virtually guarenteeing that red drops tier again. I would make Desert the Green border as I think that it would give the weakest server a better chance of staying up a tier and just to mix things up a bit, or just randomize it
  11. Because I like bows, have done in every game and frankly since Anet have done their best to kill off fun zerg fights by the massive power creep, passives and scourge/fb spam I find small scale much more fun and in that realm SB is pretty strong Also much better for all that other crap that zergers tend to think doesn't happen like camp flipping, tower defending, scouting etc. My guard is also a perma DH/Core for the same reason and if i ever want to zerg then i can run scourge and facemash/get facemashed through 1 pushes...
  12. As a ranger main, I don't belong in the squad. More useful classes which synergise better with a zerg fight need the spot better than me and I have enought sustain and protection that if i play my class the way I should then I should need no assistance. Occasionally I have joined squads if a com just wants everyone no matter the class or numbers are a bit low but it's rare and usually i will let them know to give me a kick anytime if a meta class needs a spot, not a problem.
  13. My legendary armour and Backpack have both been reskinned to others i prefer. I got them for the changeability of stats not the look, my bow and sword on the other hand look very cool and i use them but my GS for instance uses Cobalt despite having a few legendary skins available, same with Scepter, freebie Wayward wand all the way. Its all about how it looks to me, I don't really give a kitten about what others think of my look (Cobalt fits perfect with requiem armour on my Norn DH :) )
  14. I've never had that error message (that i noticed) but I did have repeated issues with GW2 whereby the screen would go dead but the PC still on and I would have to reboot. Eventually tracked it down to a faulty mem chip, once i replaced that everything was cool. Just thought i'd mention it incase your cpu cooling doesn't resolve it
  15. Hell no, selling in GW1 was time consuming and cities were just mass spamathons
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