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  1. The solution to stealth is stacking, if you can stack stealth upto its maximum 25 secs then 1 second should equal to 1% damage reduction, so the longer you stack stealth the more you get damage reduction. Now as a consequence of this thief should be able to take a trait to reduce this debuff by lets say for an example by 10% as this is a major mechanic to thief but only through a specific trait it can select, but this shouldn't be by default. So the longer you gain stealth by stacking the more you reduce damage upto the maximum of 25%. This should only be implemented when other specialization's damage has been equalised to compansate other classes being able to take advantage of the damage reduction over already weak classes. You could then based this debuff on the same time parameter of reveal and maybe tie the reduction to the ability of removing reveal/stealth debuff which some thief specializations can already do, also you can further expand this idea with support specializations and thief to give aoe support of the stealth reduction trait to your allies under certain specializations. This helps new players get over the higher tiers stealth stacking mechanic on SPVP/WVW as they will be more inclined to focus 1 target to get the same effect as before this implementation, just idea's. Let me know what you think!
  2. imagine having a thief avatar and complaining about mesmer on the forums
  3. Escape artist is distortion to a phantasm not the mesmer, and decoy is situational that you wouldnt run on virt in pvp. Maybe on chrono. Your points make no difference. The dev's arent going to rework all the classes, specially ones that have niche mechanics to the profession like mesmers distortion.
  4. Remove the excessive health pools on all the other classes and remove all other channelled blocks and invulnerabilities and evades apart from dodge, then you can remove distortion that lasts for 1 second because most of the time you wont have enough clones to get the full distortion amount anyway because most people would kite or 1shot the clones. In other words the dev's arent going to rebuild all the classes just for you because of a 1 second distortion.
  5. You can remove infusions from any gear by buying the infusion extractor from the fractal vendor. https://wiki.guildwars2.com/wiki/Infusion_Extraction_Device
  6. Sorry to hear about both your troubles with real life issues, I just wanted to say that you could always consider contacting a wonder group called Special Effect based in the UK they could help with setting up a system for you that could help with your difficulties you have mentioned. https://www.specialeffect.org.uk/ All the best in your journey through Tyria.
  7. They could of just condensed all the stat numbers down to 5 of the legendary runes and made the sixth just a selectable special bonus instead of writing code that has no real value apart from extracting more money for the same functionality. That way you could of had two special bonus effects one for the head and one for the aqua-breather because you all know underwater combat is totally different to on land. It's looking like a total con job if you ask me and a carrot to those that cannot see the illogical thought process of it.
  8. Check the Dev tracker, but here you go. Will Relics invalidate legendary runes? [Merged] ArenaNet Staff Posted 15 hours ago Hello everyone, we have been following this conversation and continuing to read your feedback since my last post, and I'm here to give you another quick update. Like other major elements of the expansion, we’re planning on providing more information on relics before launch. For relics specifically, we’re working to get that blog ready for publish on July 18—and because I know you’re wondering, that timeline is so we can write it, review it for accuracy, edit it, and translate it into all supported languages. We know that the legendary rune compensation is of great interest to you, and we'll be sharing more of our plans about that in the blog post. While that's still coming, I want to clarify a bit about my note on compensation. This will not be an unrelated item; it’s going to be part of the relics system. We’ll have more details in that upcoming blog post. Finally, I want to thank you all for continuing to have this conversation and share your feedback with us. It’s been helpful and we all appreciate it.
  9. Is it difficult for you to understand, they're removing functionality from legendary runes and putting onto another item after they told us that legendaries were safe from gear grind. And with some of those relics being locked behind expansion exclusive rewards its pay2win. Sigils, Runes, Armor & Weapons were never effected by an additional stat combo because they were baked into the legendaries. So can you please stop with the well HoT got this and that, you obviously dont have legendary items to understand there function.
  10. Please dont tell me what I can and cannot do this forum is for issues that arise from the game changing and not what I should personally do to appease your desires.
  11. Finally. thank you for realising what they are trying to do which isnt good for anyone in the long run because if they can do it with expensive items like this imagine the infusions getting nerfed when some cost over 10000gold, for instance you need a full set of infusions to get the visual effects
  12. now you're just trying to rephrase whats already written in his post
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