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  1. The pandemic started at the beginning of the year... there is no excuse for Anet to twiddle their thumbs while their servers are getting more traffic. Anet has had PLENTY of time to upgrade their servers and resolve this. It's time people stopped giving major corporations the COVID excuse when a solid 6 months has passed since it became an issue. Maybe the increase load was justifiable back in March, April, and May.. but its September, and they dont have an excuse for the lag to get WORSE
  2. they are aware atleast that it's an issue, and released a statement recently about it (after so many months of lagging) https://en-forum.guildwars2.com/discussion/111982/an-update-on-game-performance-issues The statement they made is complete trash. "The reality is there's no single sweeping change that can fix latency issues for all players, or even most players."This is not a latency issue. That statement pretty much says "there is no real solution for players who have latency issues, but we will look into it."This isnt a player latency issue, it is a server issue, and they seriously need t
  3. Here's another lag post.I just got my laptop repaired and haven't been able to play for over a month. So I am trying to catch up on content with a friend, doing the Icebrood Saga, and running around killing regular mobs, correction.. "trying" to kill regular mobs, I have almost died countless times due to the lag. How is this even acceptable and why has it not been fixed yet? It is clear this isnt caused by an increase in player numbers. Anet... what are you doing?What are your plans on addressing this issue?When are you planning on releasing an actual "FIX" to this issue? I honestly dont
  4. if you dont agree with removing them completely, I did add an alternative option. Increasing the experience/progress for the hearts. Many of them are just plain ridiculous. /thoughts?
  5. Do not matter since magic find only affect if you get blue, green or yellow when droped by monsters.It don not in any way effect when you identify them anymore. Linken is correct, Magic find will not effect the outcome of salvaging an item.Personally, I do what WDBoldstar's said.
  6. Title says it all.Honestly, this is the most mundane task in this game. Completing some of the dumbest mini quests over and over with different skins rehashed. On top of that, some of them are an absolute pain to complete. They should only be used for additional experience while grinding a character or to unlock the vendor instead of being a requirement to complete a map.I get it, its supposed to be a grind, but 303 terrible things to do, does not help when its already a grind.Alternate solution:Drastically increase the completion/experience gained from the list of stupid stuff to do to make
  7. If you already have a build load-out set up, you can use the hotkeys to swap to it. this doesnt work. i have all of my builds on hotkey and i still crash
  8. Same thing happening to me on all my characters. I also had some Revenant Builds saved. Tried to get on a different character and crashed as soon as I opened my build tab. I ran a repair and it hasnt helped. I cant play this game at all right now becaues 2 minutes into the game i crash, even if i havent gone into the builds tab. I get a "Build is invalid" error message upon logging in. I crash moments later.
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