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  1. I guess this isn't going to be a fun thread. Is there a way to delete or should I unfollow it and abandon?
  2. Hmm I guess this is a lot less positive topic than I expected. OK pretend they did announce it then or its a surprise, what are your Tengu plans for the future?
  3. I collect Warhammer, Tzeenchan things to be exact. So if the low chance of Tengu coming ill make the bird like mutants called Tzaangor. I have names picked of the models on my account too. All I need is a Tengu and maybe some dragon horns. Any one else have any plans if Tengu come?
  4. I'm wondering if we will get temporary legendries for the betas to help experiment and show people who don't have them how useful they are. I remember the PoF beta we got a bag of gear that clogged up our temporary characters bags. What do you peeps think?
  5. Isnt superstraight that newish thing where you wouldn't date a trans person no matter what. There is also supergay, superbi and superlesbian too. The LGB types who dont like trans people also like it. They also said about adding superstraights to them. It might of also been started on 4chan as a dog whistle for SS, i heard. I know it might of been a joke to you 3 years ago and i not saying you are bad or whatever but things change sometimes.
  6. I think it will be like Eternity, you will have the skins (slumberings being a skin) but one legendary.
  7. i can log in to my NA account but not my EU accounts
  8. I think custom outfits made of skins would happen. Maybe costing transmutation charges to edit? Probably costing gems for outfit slots?
  9. I think female Sylvari should have only came from the Pale tree and have a second set of Sylvari from Malyck's tree to be male to have come later. It is eight years to late for that.
  10. I think its going to be 7 runes and 8 sigils, to account for underwater weapons and mask.
  11. I hope you are right. I have already made the 7 runes and 8 sigils. So that is my hopeful bet.
  12. Maybe it will come as a core mastery, in the legendary creation line?Maybe an outfit maker might come later? Making copies of legendarys useful for fashion wars for a bit.I just hope the armoury is released soon.
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