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  1. Shrine guardians- take care of guard shrines dedicated to ancestors and great heroes. shrine guardians are agile warriors who move with such speed they make their enemies look like they are moving in slow motion. Weildding dual swords and decieving foes with they ancestor swords and light magic. think blade and soul blade dancer summoning spirit swords and attacking enemies with speed and flashes of light...Mechanic f skills change.f1- ancestor swords-each time virtue of justice triggers summon an guardian sword above your head. When activativated virture of justice release the swords at your enemy.f2 light of resolve- place light of resolve on you and up to 4 allies- each time an ancestor sword hits heal those allies.f3- courageous perry- after virture of courage's aegis is broken gain a parry skill based on your off hand weapon/2 hand weaponsword- swords of light- summon a sword of blinding light that blinds and slows foestorch- vanishing light- emit light from yourself then vanishfocus- wind of justice- slow enemies in the raidous and heal allies nearbysheild - rushing force- rush towards target with a shield leaving a trail of light that heals allies it passes through and causes damage and slows enemiesgreatsword- final dawn- slash your sword forward creating a wave of light that does a lot of damagehammer- knock down foes in the area and make them crippled. Shrine Guardians use Deception skills to distract enemies and move quickly across the battle fieldWill breaker- summon a ancestor sword down onto the battlefield. this sword taunts targets towards it.Retribution of guilt- place light aura on all allies and heal them.Shattered sins- explode light magic around you that blinds and slows enemies.etc.. more ways guardians would decieve lots of switfness and quickness in the traits..less burning more slow
  2. turn racial skills into racial masteries.that change the way your character interacts with certain skills for instance.Norn mastery. when your character has over 10 might they transform into their spirit form.asura mastery... would allow for you to build your own golem.. when you recieve damage that lowers your health under 50 percent pilot your golem for the duration of the fight.
  3. i think this is the best idea.the new mount types give players more things to collect.but it also gives the gem store frames to create different designs with.
  4. yes please!lets make this change.
  5. i know this is petty but god i dont want my players to retreat i want them to charge.retreat means we are always running away. sometimes we are running towards.omg change this.
  6. i love mesmere staff.. the only thing id like to see is choas armor being applied to allies when cast.wouldd be a nice setup for when i'm doing support mesmer.
  7. i think those are important for pvp... it lets other people know what you are doing
  8. i just dont wanna see those ugly blood red skills when i'm being a sparkle princess.. just take the red out let it be black and white and grey..
  9. yeah but the way it currently is you are always seeing 8 different colors. red, white, black, blue , purple etc..this way you would have less colors popping up at a given time. just black white and whatever color you are channeling.. it makes us less of a clown class and you have the ability to actually create themese. Like i could go legend of dwarf and dragon and i could go with a magical almost holy light theme. or go for a more edgy dark theme with mallayx and shiro or a light and dark theme with dragon and mallyx right now its hard to tie down a theme.
  10. rev need a main hand axe/dagger. mid range condi.one additional skill for each legend.balthazar with a great sword specialization. and let the color change in our weaponskills be based of the spirit we channeling.not red all the time. Kallah needs to be reworked the whole way!id make kallah feel more like a paragon. where the spirits she unleashes next to her and buffs allies or hurts foes. they shouldn't be aoe ground targeted skills. and they shouldnt be actual charr sized things. its too big and messy. give summoning spirits to somether class that it would better fit.summoning spirits while fighting with mostly melee weapons seems off.and then you add the bow and its still kinda off.it just doesnt work.
  11. I'm libra AF.And Aesthetics are super important to me.Revanant is quite fun but one thing that drives me crazy is the angry red in all its class skills.Sometimes i'm channeling glint and ventari, Which isnt an emo combo so when i'm all sparkle dragon and flower centaur id perfer if my skills reflected that. Guild wars 2 does an AHmaHzing job at letting you decipher who your character is within its proffession.This change could make revenant feel super different based on the spirit he is channeling.
  12. i mean..The big reason I think sub races is the way to go is because of the voice acting.idk if they need to add another full voice actor even tho i'd really love the tengu.but if they can find reason for sub races to give them some distinction for being visually different while still using the main character voices i think thats the cheapest and easiest way to go. and these are just my ideas for subraces.what are yours?
  13. sylvari are already plant humans, this will only allow ppl to make a sylvari with a smooth skin, something i really want since beta. yeah i just want smooth skin so it looks cuter with armor.
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