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  1. It's a joke? I don't like the idea of GW3 but you know they're not going to do that. It's a company
  2. Becuase now I play the game for a few minutes and those minutes I will dedicate to the most fun thing in the game. I know it's stupid but there are players who only have a couple of hours a day of free time
  3. I explain my way of playing. In single player games, you play, complete it and abandon it. In games as a service, you play the game for the long term, helping/interacting with other players to achieve certain goals/objectives. MMOs consume a lot of time to achieve the player's objectives. What am I going to do now. I'll wait to play the "new" content of the mini-expansions and that's it. I'm not going to bother making achievements or helping other players.
  4. This. I used to invest my time in getting legendaries and helping new players. Now I connect, I go to my home instance and I leave.
  5. Is not the same. GW1 is not a real MMO. GW1 you can play alone without anyone with your AI friends. The amount of content in GW1 is not even comparable to GW2 In GW2 you need people to do group events, so yes, with GW3 people will only be able to play the personal story of GW2, it's sad.
  6. If Anet doesn't talk about these rumors that seem to be true, then GW3 is on the way and I, like many, am not going to invest my time/money in a game that is not going to receive more attention Good news NCsoft, be careful with your words
  7. https://boards.greenhouse.io/arenanet/jobs/5488580 All these works started after EoD https://web.archive.org/web/20221127015324/https://boards.greenhouse.io/arenanet/
  8. I very much agree with all points. To clarify, the low quality/quantity that SoTo offers us, except Cerus CM, is mainly due to the new game that Anet is developing. It is evident that the money generated by GW2 are not in GW2. I also have to say that we don't know how much money NCsoft offers Anet. We know that NCsoft has a bad reputation.... We only have to wait for the third mini-expansion (that is, LW) to know the future of GW2
  9. Hello, I'm World of Warcraft and I need to install 300 plugins to have a "better in-game experience" OP, I play with a friend to do these types of achievements and I only look at the wiki or Youtube when we're 1-2 hours into trying to find the last item. Then we complain about why the games are getting easier...
  10. Exact. I use them and I made a lot of gold but you know OP says it's worthless.
  11. https://boards.greenhouse.io/arenanet/jobs/5488580
  12. Of course, LW cannot be a replacement for what Anet offered us with its expansions. But we already know that they are working on that secret project and we have no other way but to wait (who knows, 2026) to find out if they will use the real resources that GW2 needs again or if the new game will be their new future for the company.
  13. It is true that the drops in WoW are higher than GW2. But think that WoW can do that because EVERY MONTH WoW receives €12.99 from all players. Are GW2 drops unfair? Yeah It's also unfair to play and pay for post-DragonFlight patches with poor, repetitive content. Choose wisely
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