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  1. so, BG is the great example that they have pretty good coverage on all time, if WVW alliance is going official launch next month, and they want to stay in the status quo, create a new guild "BG", invite all the current BG wvwers into it, maybe plus more if there are extra free slots, we would only hope the wvw alliance will match them evenly with other 2 alliances...
  2. And obviously you are out of the loop of wvw news, there are wvw big guilds all joined in a massive new guild, that created to let other servers and guilds to join it, and they select that massive wvw guild for alliance. All members in that guild is for wvw alliance. A full guild is 500 as limit. This exploit alone already broke the core premises of wvw alliance to fix the number balance, if not now and more in the future. imagine a clever stack organizer, invite 125 wvwer each for all the timezones NA OCX SEA EU, it will be more broken than current BG.
  3. The main reason alliance is created to balanced the wvw numbers, but people already found a simple way to stack the wvw player in one huge guild, it will be more deadly than current server based WVW.
  4. Only EOTM style random fill server, 3 hour match game can solve WVW, alliance is dead before out of beta with the ultra-stacking alliance guild.
  5. it already broken with the ultra-stacking alliance guild that all different guilds joined together to crush smaller guild, and it is more deadly than a overstack server of now. WVW Alliance is dead and broken before out of Beta, exploited by player.
  6. if the stealth only affect so much in the wvw now, the easiest fix is put in the EOTM radar to wvw, 30s time, supply to build, this alone will disencourage perma stealth in big keep and tower.
  7. same crash on opening 1st page of the TP, no problem open the 2nd and 3rd tab, luckily it default open the 3rd tab.
  8. look like amazon have to relocate some servers to New World....
  9. Me: "play for fun with friends, and even enemies as they give you the contents." Anet: "Give them identities, "Alliance Apple", "Alliance Boys", "Alliance Cat",. "Alliance Dog", "Alliance Pepe"....."
  10. oh, my wvw-guild chose tab come back, after a crashed inside dragonstorm (lucky can join back in the instance), restart game and saw the wvw tab.
  11. i saw someone said he choose the guild in wvw tab, but after restart game again, its gone. For me, i restart 2 times the game to choose DX11, then check out the wvw, not having the wvw guild tab too....
  12. yea, talk about old old bugs, legendary weapon The Juggernaut collection 3 - Rakkan still bugged, for years, you have to wait for the map reset to go into 1st fresh instance to get it done... Which mean, you not going to get reply from Anet or fixes forever, try to look for so workaround elsewhere.
  13. stealth is the main problem, DELETE all stealth skills.
  14. Alliances = big guild vs big guild, small guild/roamers all to ghetto, one big guild can queue one map, and guild supremacy only want guildies in their squad and map. Its should have be 2 tiers alliance, called "Elite Alliance", "Ghetto Alliance"
  15. Even saw before a diamond rank necro Mag, fighting with the big group at OW, when he is downed, his body keep teleporting around his mate 3-4 times when 2 of us tried to stomp him, his mate should knows he is using hack and still went to rez him.
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