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  1. Timelines are a "thing of the past" when it comes to game releases.It is devastating to say "X comes out on Y" only for it to not do that. Especially with how marketing is now for games.It is much better to do a roadmap with rough ideas. IE "X content in 'May' and Y content in 'June' More details later"This way players will know what to expect, generally speaking, and when to expect it. It sucks not knowing when exactly something will come out, but it sucks more when it doesn't come out when you think it will.This obviously doesn't count towards large content drops such as expansion packs, tho
  2. If they add fishing I just really hope it isn't like Black Desert's Fishing system. And more like Runescape (back in the 200x time).
  3. Farewell Gaile!It was a pleasure to work as a Forum Specialist under your care, you're a sweet soul and will be missed dearly.I wish for your good health and precious time with family.
  4. gz on beating it.Yeah Forums are much less for seeking info or help.More about complaining and giving feedback.At least in my experience.
  5. Yeah I never got lucky with asc chest drops in fractals either haha.Best of luck.But I don't suggest crafting more than 1 either.
  6. alrighty thanks everyone for the responses. It might have been my minor raiding experience of Magi Staff/Staff Druid. But it was so boring that I just got sick of ranger as a class in a whole lol. I'll take a look at the Chrono or Firebrand build.
  7. And the majority of those who "only care for playing the game" don't really play it, they skip as much as possible to get rewards ;) But as for what the TC said. Radio-silence is usually a bad thing. But there isn't too much they can say. Anything that sounds like a promise, is a red flag, broken promises had happen before and they're hard to recover from. So the best tactic to make sure that doesn't happen, is to not say anything at all. But it begs the question of, what exactly are the members of the Community Support team doing right now, if not communicating with us?
  8. I saw a few builds, on SC, of like Scourge or Guardian Healer. Are these builds useful in Fractals?Because I don't mind being a healer, I just don't like druid.
  9. I voted other, and thats simply, I love Arena Nets work.is Gw2 my favorite game? No not really.Do I think its the best mmo? No, but there really isn't a "Best mmo" to be fair. I just like Arena Net and the work they've done, so I play it when I feel like it.
  10. Let me clarify, the first one is very flat (yes shields are flat in real life, but not always) but I mean based on texture it looks like it shouldn't be flat.second one, like I said, not so much, but could be what the TC meant.Third one, depending at how you angle the screen, is almost pixel thin. Not all shields are very thin, not all are very thick either.
  11. I bet it is hard, just getting to level 80 now is much different than when there was only the base game.When you say living story season 4, do you mean you skipped Heart of Thorns, Season 2 and 3 as well? I would suggest doing those. If you don't have full exotics, do dungeons (don't even bother with raids), and meta events to get some exotics. Make sure you've got the right stats and build for your class. (I usually just use raid/fractal builds for this)
  12. Just make sure you have them in the collection (usually says go to collection or something). If it is there, get rid of it, or put on an alt just for the heck of it.
  13. How about a more realistic suggestion.Stop making square maps.
  14. I've had that a few times back when the game came out and people were in Orr or something, we'd be messing around racing eachother, or baiting the other person to trigger the enemies first, so we could harvest stuff in peace. Fun times.
  15. I want to say upfront. I do not think Raids should have time gated rewards with weekly reset. Just give diminished returns. But as for everything else, it is needed to keep longevity in the game, and promote retention rates.Is it annoying? Sure, because a lot of people are impatient in today's age of gaming. "I want it, and I WANT IT NOW" mentality, is one of the most unhealthy things in a gaming community, not time gated content.
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