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  1. Well said. It's something I didn't get to elaborate on in my previous post, but yes, even in WVW, that's basically how the weapon is positioned using its defensive capabilities and movement capabilities is the higher priority, and switching to a more proficient weapon to execute your attacks and burst from there. Which I don't think its bad, but then it leaves three other weapon skills on the table that could be improved to be in a more engaging tool in competitive builds.
  2. I see weapon skill three will make condi core even more viable in competitive mode ( with axe dagger as the pumper). Spear brings poke from range Gap closers 2, heals, and some strips. It could use an evade and at least a few more five-target skills. Again, this is all for competitive mode. A condition cleanse or stun brake or evade on stealth from weapon skill 3 chain would be nice ( give me old school pistol whip w/o giving me pistol whip)
  3. Snow Crows has some numbers all builds, core,DE,DD, and Specter pushing over 50k, so I'm not sure... We might get another bonk on the head like with Axe 🪓
  4. Good insight but I think % is a good step for anyone in competitive mode, less chance of boon strip or corruption of boons
  5. The weapon skill 5 (Shadow Veil) on the spear should be an area-of-effect block that affects 5 players, meeting some of the requirements for the support Specter. The weapon skill combo ( vampiric slash)could also be an area-of-effect for recipients of the healing effect in the area.
  6. Shadow Shot: The unblockable shot from this skill will now pierce targets if the Deadly Aim trait is equipped! June can't come soon enough
  7. Agreed it's every update now they sneak in a last minute Nerf or do a slight modification ( not a buff). I work in technology and I work with developers and I can tell you first hand. These are the things that you do when you do not like a specific component. It's very passive aggressive. I'm at a point where I want to spend my dollars elsewhere.
  8. SB just needed some buffs, with all that ground targeting it would have been perfect if they scaled it up for competitive mode.
  9. The chronomancer support changes don't look terribly bad. I'm actually quite interested to see what the mantras can do now that you can heal your party without having to spam your mantras!
  10. Make axe provide ground targeting and the stealth attack unblockable ( only the i"nitial "stealth attack) Increase the velocity of axe
  11. Sorry about that Invictorum.7643, that was meant for trolldemigod.
  12. While, I hear what you're saying mathematically you still can't do that within 3 seconds. You can't compile over 4 and 1/2 seconds of cast time into 3 seconds. That's not how math works. Then I'll address this specifically to you. how can you expect to have a legitimate conversation regarding this topic in this or your perceived issue, If you're insulting or devaluing a specialization and or class the conversation becomes disingenuous. I don't walk into a discussion and immediately start insulting someone or a specialization/group and then expect them to have an informed discussion regarding this to come up with actual solutions to better a situation. If you're saying to delete stealth my same argument would be then you would have to delete the other strong mitigations in the same game mode. Meaning you couldn't have any of the wonderful capabilities that mesmer have or the unique characteristics of dragon hunter much less guardian in the game because then there would be no counterplay to those capabilities. I do agree there are some changes to stealth that do need to be made but to start insulting the class and the community that it plays the class inside the thief forums probably won't benefit your argument much less, Have anyone from the powers that be looking at what you're expressing. I think you have some potential ideas and I would love to hear you express them more meticulously in this space and I encourage you to express them with emphasis to solutions. Not just complaining about something that you don't like. We can all do better and we all want better for this game. At least that's my perception.
  13. If this is your perceived insight towards how to play a game mode versus the skill combatant and yes, I could see that being your point. But I think you may be shortsighted to the overall concept of world versus world opposed to PVP.
  14. Just wanted to add one final note I understand where people are coming from as someone who didn't mean thief in different game modes and then moved to making thief just before the release of EOD. I can understand your frustration. Self reveal as a thief in competitive mode does exist (any initial attack done from stealth reveals the thief for 3 seconds. They cannot go back into stealth during that time) if you blind a thief even while in stealth or play any conditions while in stealth we are still affected by those effects (fear pull slow. Chill stun daze ect.). Here's the secret, well it's not really secret. We're either coming towards you or away from you during an altercation know your environment ( because that's what thieves do we know our environment!) Again, I understand you're frustration. Their are classes and builds out there that have even greater mobility can significantly mitigate more damage for a longer period of time. Is there classes out there with significantly more burst and substantially more cleansing/ barrier. What I've seen over the last few years are a lot of people coming into competitive modes, specifically WVW with Zerg builds and trying to roam (if you're running back to your group from a long distance, you probably need to shift to a roamer build). As someone who played an open world contested maps for world of Warcraft for way more years than I'll admit it was common practice that people run up on you and gank you with overpowered builds while you were on a farming build. Think of it like this. You wouldn't eat soup with a fork right? So why should you get rid of all forks because you're not using a spoon? I encourage you take a little time and play the other classes. Play around with other builds. Learn the terrain and over time you'll learn to counter other classes and other builds. As a thief I've seen people put in some amazing work to pressure me and to bring me down on different builds from elementalist would extreme sustainability and good mobility, to willbenders with great mobility and great burst damage. To mesmers with great CC and damage mitigation. It really depends on the skill level, understanding the other class, the terrain, and what you're looking to get out of the conflict. Remember it's called "thief" and the last time I checked these opposers of the common "men" do whatever it takes to get the most out of you ( a little role play doesn't hurt anybody).
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