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  1. The only good thing in this video is my dog barking. They litteraly had ages to get this patch right... but they just can't. First banners. Now the new bladesworn ability is bugged as hell. It has no cd, when not using the charges, which means you can perma cc the enemy while getting your cds back with lush forest. wtf arenanet what are you smoking.
  2. I kinda disagree, bladesworn in his identity has potential... but things about it need to be changed... -scrap ammo system imo, therefore new elite. -make weapon swap avaible and let gunsabre be an "elite" w/e weapon -overall change charging system, you dont need to be in DT to charge make it F4 or W/E -F1 F2 F3 are avaible over all weapons and bring you into Gunsabre afterwards eg, gunsabre acts like a kit so you can immediately drop it if you want -F1 abilities on other weapons are disabled -rework utilities -rework some traitlines idk this lit
  3. lmao, I'm back from a 3 months hiatus just for a moment... equipped willbender with meta gear and w/e. It feels absurd how much better it kinda plays in contrast to bladesworn.... It's like the complete opposite. It's really smooth. You have godlike mobility, tools, good damage, durability. I'm kinda depressed that warrior didnt get that. I will play it a bit longer before going on hiatus again, they really need to rework that bladesworn spec 😐
  4. This would be quite a good skill for normal combat, we could have 4.5 seconds of evade, which would mean imo we dont need shield anymore and could use greatsword, bow, rifle second axe w/e pls arenanet do it, nerf shouts, buff defense and arms and we are going into the right direction...
  5. The thing is: Warrior was never as uniteractive as Bladesworn. Core is slow paced, but with nice burst "high apm combos". Berseker is fast paced all in all. Spellbreaker is between Berseker and Core in terms of speed, nicely balanced. Coming to Bladesworn it is a kitten show. You dont even have a combo really to begin a fight. You just click 3 3 3 eg, or get in fight to trigger flow. Now you wait. You get flow by time, not really by hits. Okay now you waited kinda 10 seconds. You fought some seconds on your wet noodle. The gunsabre. Spamed 3 and 4. You switch to axe to do a whirl,
  6. Well i just played one game with Bladesworn loling with rune of sanctuary on top of the boring heal tactics abuse gives... Bladesworn really feels uninteractive. I question myself how someone at the quaility assurance department could let that go through. Having only 1 weaponset while gunsaber only has one good spell -> Artillery Slash bc you can "spam" it, makes me cry.
  7. Wrong. I talked about Bladesworn aswell. I really find the design lazy. -> Shoutspam Berserker does not function in pvp/wvw. The only spec that left is Spellbreaker, which got gutted several times and pales in comparision to other classes/specs. Adding to this Warrior has zero variety kinda in pvp either you play spellbreaker or you kinda cripple yourself even more bc every other spec is even more unuseable. Performance and class design(pleasant to play) are things that go hand in hand in my opinion atleast. Both are equally important. *EDIT* changed cl
  8. Well that escalated quickly. The thing is other classes do not bring me as much joy as warrior does. It may be bias to the warrior class itself. But I just like the whole class fantasy and usual playstyle it comes with. In every MMO that I played to this day, my main was warrior. Every game that I play to this day, that has somewhat class designs I usually play "the warrior alike class", e.g. in League of Legends I main Aatrox. Adding to this I kinda feel cheated by balance in the game. I played warrior thousands of hours. In comparision to this I played Ranger and Engi
  9. I really just quit gw2 just because warrior ain't fun in any way. I played since release, I played every expansion, I put in so many hours at a beginning of an expansion and played always the new spec of warrior. But this expansion hit diffrent. I only played the story and left afterwards. I feel no urge to play gw2 right now. It feels like I'm crippling myself when I play my main, bc every other class is a better warrior in itself. I often look into the forums to see some good news. Anything w/e a new build that makes warrior fun and balanced again... but it saddens me that I always get
  10. It would open up a lot of build variety! and make fast hands baseline:)
  11. pls give me a clip the last time i heard his opinion on it, it was a bad spec, but yeah l2p, it is kitten, no doubt about it.
  12. Anyone who says bladesworn is above c should question his honesty, the entire spec mechanic is flawed, and is just a spamfest with a weird slow attack (DT) that doesn't work good, with the rest of the kit. Gunsaber is just a stick that does nothing. Your second weaponset got rid of F1 which makes most warrior weapons awful, except maybe sword, bc F1 of sword is awful anyway. It does not compete in any class with other warrior specs. If you want to play somewhat good pvp spec play sb, pve -> berserker, allrounder ->core. There is nothing to this spec sadly. It's not a support spec e
  13. Ammo design is a bad concepts imo all the way through. It either makes a ability very strong or just flat out bad. Shake it off is so mandatory because it's so overtuned. But every other ammo skill on warrior is average or bad. Designing a whole weapon arround the spamy nature of ammo in a skill that wants to hit big is just idiotic. Imo gunblade as a concept should be a setup weapon for it Dragontriger: e.g. give it a knock up on a condition if you hit your combo to land a nice F1 whatever. But right now you just spam your abilities Ability 2 is useless in all ways in every game mode. You jus
  14. It's rather about the feel of playing, I have no reason sadly to play this spec. And I'm talking about pve here... It's unfun and bad aswell 😞
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