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  1. Hey now i didn't say ht cm was easy. It does kitten me off that people say it's the hardest cm in the game though. Gameplay footage shows people nearly asleep while completing it with the audacity to say it's insane lmao. I'm waiting until every ad isn't a prog and then i'll clear it. I got Aetherblade title my first time running it without knowing mechanics, it was easy. Any chance kp shows i've ran each eod strike like 3 times max? I did just run HT again 5 minutes again, was a bit cooler this time around but thats probs from saving the orbs from people not knowing mechs. Still easy tho
  2. I'm referencing the wow vets that are gonna pick up gw2 like it's their native language
  3. Unpopular opinion, HT is wildly boring and easy. The other strikes are pretty decent though. Definitely nice to see a strike boss actually move
  4. With strikes and emboldening + making some classes that can hit top dps with minimal effort is great for escorting new or chill style gamers to end game content. Great efforts by Anet and good results. But if you want this wave of new players from other "on the downslope MMOs to continue", they're gonna need some more end game content. As I see it, new (hardcore) gamers coming in at EoD have about a year, maybe 2, before they reach the final stages of end game content. Absolutely everything for success has been documented for it. I'm not talking open world / stories, I mean raids and fractals.
  5. I agree ... I actually gave up on hammer for these reasons. I found great consistency on condi dagger dagger, spheres always up when I need them, perma ele empowerment, etc. Its my goto open world class, I love the feel but i'm typically under a good quickbrand by 5k dps in raids even with perfect rotation and try hard mode engaged. Just doesn't work right now, for me at least. They could definitely revisit the whole attunement swap adds energy trait. This is reminiscent of the original beta spheres and isn't very useful now. No need for it on heal and not as powerful as getting empowerment st
  6. Well dang, thats not a bad idea. Remove the 100% boon duration trait forcing quick to run actual concentration. Not sure what grandmaster they could make though. The more I look at it I think the current stability from aura is meant for pvp, ele empowerment is for dps ... If the last buffed jade spheres to be actual support utility like you said that would be phenomenal.
  7. It's fully recognized that quick catalyst dps isn't a thing. I'm not here to refute that, the build WAS op. But as a heal quick tank I shouldn't have to run two traits to upkeep quickness. Id like to run stability on aura gain ... Since thats obviously a tank trait but I can't. 100% boon duration and I can't upkeep quickness without a major AND grandmaster? Thats kind of rediculous. At least give Spectacular Sphere 7s of quickness instead of 5. Add -99% damage if you have to, no ones running dps quick cata anyways
  8. Oh hey, they did it. They killed quick dps Catalyst
  9. I agree, the swap alone reduced dps by 10% it doesn't make sense to add another -10% on top
  10. I know that people who have 12 different accounts and 50 different chars to have the optimal dps for a specific 2 minute fight are going to not agree, so just butt out. But this change is good for Catalyst quick. Sure it's a dps loss but the ability to not pulse quick but instead grant it at full duration really helps upkeep on your team in fights where the stack breaks often. Access to fury with quickness is nice even though its forced, but whatever. The rotation without [Sphere Specialist] is still possible with 90% BD as long as you can upkeep ele empowerment (and most of your boon duration
  11. There is no way Anet would give up so hard that they just say, if you give boon you do less damage. If thats actually their solution im going to laugh so hard.
  12. They actually added a permanent source for this not too long ago! Its called tempest support. Should be more meta with alac coming
  13. Were just trying to theorize a fit for tempest in the meta. Unlike ren, this ele alac has potential to fit in as alac heal, kind of like heal alac mech. Alacrity dps tempest isnt doubted at all, it fits in the current rotations by default as all dps tempests have to overload.
  14. The separation of a great and ok tempest is rotation through ALL attunements. Water camping is not efficient. I assume alac tempest as healer will have to run arcane traitline to reduce attunement cds. This is what I have to run for Cata heals and it works great! P.s. there are tons of tricks in ele kit for casting into an attunement swap which really lessens the blow of having to swap your active kit so frequently. As far as water overload, i've personally always found it useful in a pinch if ive just used my water abilities but I know a big dps hit is coming. The reason I don't use it o
  15. I agree. I think people arent understanding the insane heals Tempest has. Without Elemental Bastian you still have the ability to heal alac, its just going to be more difficult. Heal alac tempest will be a thing but it won't be for noobies
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