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  1. Does hammer have a place in today's time if it was overhauled? not sure if anything since then has come to replace its role and if there is a role all together for hammer. Maybe Anet will overhaul it to make it useful.
  2. Question to you guys was hammer guard ever good?
  3. Was there ever any good moves on hammer for guardian? Just out of curiosity sake.
  4. The only thing i saw staff was in video recent was only in group play in WVW not solo roaming. Can't remebmer if there was acro too involved. It didn't seem to have the right amount of mobility and escapes for solo play prob and was better soloed to zergs. Damage was pretty good though but well its staff its a good dps weapon even in pve. When i pvped i did play D/P and S/D or whatever i tried a bunch of them i wasn't great though il admit that watching sindrenner helped.
  5. And thats fine if they wish to improve so long as they don't gut it. The problem i have isn't that some want it improved, its that a lot of the folks i see don't care for improvement and just want the class they hate to be always at a disadvantage. They care about winning not true balance a lot of these folks.
  6. I think a lot of times these kinda things are overblown. Yeah every class has its OP side but at the same time there is so much bias its unreal. People won't be happy until the class they died to has no chance of winning and is just free kill. Thief won't work without the stealth and mobility probably due to lack of invulns and other stuff.
  7. I was watching vallun play rev on herald though so mainly thinking wvw SPVP here since the playstyle is different and condi is used a lot in pvp as a way to do damage over time to burn enemies down such as with teh aoes which sword/sword has which GS i don't see a lot of actual strong condi damage applications. Maybe i missed something? And if the damage got increased maybe mobility perhaps it could also fight effectively as power vs firebrand.
  8. I was hoping vindi get a weapon that works better without needing aoes that are put down so they can play vs thief players and play sorta like warr or reaper. Perhaps it needs buffs in cc then and overhaul for that kinda situation unless perhaps i'm wrong in which hopefully someone informs me why. I want vindicator to succeed in other areas that herald doesn't which is what new specs should do. If thats not possible perhaps they could work on the utility to use in combat to give it a different vantage? Or perhaps they could improve gapclosers and that kinda stuff since its tryin
  9. If everything you guys say is true then they should give the reaper treatment to GS but with very revenantish abilities at least, to give them a different playstyle than aoe spam Herald which is close range but its aoe based and a bit more range, and better tools for dealing for close combat sorta like warr gs or something but revenantified.
  10. NO hell no. Just imagine reaper with stealth please no don't do it that would be a nightmare. If i'm playing ranger last thing i need is a invisible necro abusing 1 shots.
  11. I was thinking about something: would you argue that gs succeeds in cc or would you guys argue its inferior to all the other weapons in your opinion for SPVP? I was trying to figure out if gs can and will succeed pvp wise. i was thinking since i saw vallun play sword sword herald with dragon stance which seemed to be very heavy aoe condi spec and i noticed a few. Would you argue its competing with herald sword sword on gs?
  12. I would argue abit against that if only because you have 2 weapons you cannot go between i don't know if its normal that warriors get locked out of second weapon set in mid battle or not but yeah and then you go into 3rd weapon set for gain of flow normally which is saber then 4th set which is the actual dragon trigger moves. Its like ANET was saying here we gonna give you super flashy awesome moves but its going to be severely hampered by flow and rooted down and there are going to be moves you won't want to use in mid battle. I just think they prob coulda mixed dragonsaber and dragontrigger
  13. I like it since it would make warrs both a support in offense as defense. I really hope they do this as it would give me more fun things to tinker with and try out.
  14. Kinda makes sense really since both are completely different and in SPVP you are focusing on ways to get in free hits and all the mobility you can muster to be deadly, especially since SA has stealth mobility related stuff and some cc combined
  15. Besides spotter what else would you do then for banners to improve?
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