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  1. Didn-t they start making water elemental more useful outside combat with weaver? i coulda sworn it was during pof or later where water started getting buffed to be useful outside healing such as vulnerability etc? I think its great to see that its useful as a vulnerability spam/damage
  2. Arenanet is bad at balancing i don't even understand this whole we gotta be in melee range.Maybe they can simplify the button combos of weaver and catalyst and raise up quality of life to make weaver and catalyst more accessible and fun.I kinda wonder if having it stay this way while also having quality of life issues could be repaired. I some of this is over my head as even though i've played some of ele for years my experience in weaver and catalyst is bad i'm extremely bad at catalyst and weaver and i'm probably mediocre to bad at tempest.
  3. You know all to well its a result of elementalists even with a dps weapon having access to water attunement to heal. I'm not saying its good for elementalists, i'm just pointing it out.They could overhaul so certain weapons have no healing at all but considering how you have 1 weapon some point of regen or something or i guess unless kits for heals.I just want to play a ele spec thats ranged.So tired of melee range and having to be a glass cannon.
  4. Ele seems to be well versed in a bit of healing and dps which makes it challenging to balance.Its glassy and depending on which elite it can be decently fast with extra dodges and decent melee range attacks.
  5. Reaper has been buffed a lot, so naturally of course its good.Arenanet after years of fighting the people with BUT MAH SECOND HEALTH BAR!! and elementalist is unrewarding due to complex nerf reaper complex classes should do more dps thing, so of course reaper gets nerfed into the ground and stayed that way for a while and slowly given small buffs and then a larger one and finally reaches a point where its actually good. Would be great if dagger had a actual useunless its good in WVW? i dunno i never tried it in pve only a little in SPVP and i got wrekd.
  6. Thing is arenanet's choice of how to nerf a class: 1:Destroy multiple things that weren't the problem first and then finally destroy what causes the problem leaving the class a mess and unenjoyable. 2:Make it even less fun by buffing that one thing that hard counters that class so that class gets hard countered by multiple classes too hard EG:Stealth and stuns and projectile blocks. What happens after that? a class that once was countered somewhat counters the class that counters necro hard because too many stuns invulns and spammable stealth. Years and years arenanet has used this design to nerf a class by overbuffing one aspect to nerf another class Thief got weaker while other class got more mobility and hard hits to counter thief.Rangers got a mix of high mobility very good CC and ranged/melee damage allowing them to insta gib. Overall there is just been too much power creep thief was kept in line when it was nerfed because they were forced to use their stealth to run away when they couldn't kill people and be a +1 but there are classes who had more stealth more speed you look at rangers who had speed+invulns plus hard combo attacks who could insta gib people mesmers had instakill from stealth in the past which is why the nerf crusade went so hard revenants were broken OP in the past themselves with spam plus they spit out boons nonstop being kitten. I don't personally like the idea of hard counters where they hard counter so hard, it becomes irrelevant to even fight back.I am unsure if they can fix it, but i am concerned they hit into a rabbit hole they are stuck at now with so many classes and some getting ruined by years of power creep
  7. I still wish they would add a elite around dealing aes and dealing good with trash mobs.The phantoms are usually terrible for dealing with adds and better at single targets.Maybe i'm just bad at mesmer which is 100% likely, i still do like the idea of mesmers.
  8. They are def squishy because they are designed to be mobile.
  9. Heard chrono wasn't that great in SPVP and i'm wondering because i know after everyone complained about chronos and mesmers and mirage they got hit quite hard with the nerf bat.I am concerned since we all know how Arenanet works:Hit with nerf hammer into the ground we say.
  10. They(Arenanet) should look at the projectile blocks in the game to see if its balanced.Too much and it becomes overpowered too and then scourge and any projectile throwing class will have a better time.This game has a tendency when one class gets complained about or another, to throw on a bunch of classes a bunch of stuff that counters, making the game less enjoyable due tot hat one thing.From my memory multiple classes had projectyle blocks i know ele on tempest has projectile block i think guardian and warriors probably some form of revenant so yeah that might need to be looked at.
  11. Thief:Designed to be oppressive instead of dealing with counters to stealth and mobility they nerf the damage nonstop and keep making the same stupid mistakes in SPVP. still prefered build i think by ANET is daredevil due to its mobility or core thief which now forces you to harrass people and run away because you got literal no damage. Pve side:I haven't honestly played as much thief in pve as in pvp.I did ranking so i can't really say but i did play daredevil with lotus poison and dagger/dagger it was fun dodging and poisoning enemies. It seems they got limited aoe and thus have a issue with that. Ele:So squishy and they nerfed the stone form invuln while having it in Melee range WHY? ele also plays like a piano and if you want to play cata good luck. PVE:I've played tempest for years and i noticed WHY OH WHY must every ele be in melee range and squishy? why the nerf to staff meteor? why must you force me to stand around channeling on a squishy class and take hits?. Necro:Every time they get good they get nerfed into the grouund EG:Scourge nerfed into the ground.For a time reaper nerfed into the ground, Pve:Over the years they have been improved reaper is getting better and is no longer mid to bad in pve, which i remember being laughed at and thrown out just for daring to play a power reaper DPS in raids because they weren't desired. Warrior:Hammer is crap for some reason. And for some reason they are glassy. I don't honestly even know anymore. I didn't play much pvp as warr as you can tell or pve so its smaller. The newest spec might be op i don't know for certain you have to be pretty good got good mobility hits like a truck when fully charged. PVE:I don't know why some weapons are useless it seems my go to weapon is greatsword i think and sword? I dunno. mesmer:I have more experience on this than warrior and played some on pvp. I?m terrible at mesmer at pvp and can say i cannot hold a candle to any of you pros but i notice that mesmers are always about abusing certain kinda stuff like stealth bomb dodge invuln clones etc.I imagine its because they are very glassy.If there happens to be a non glassy mesmer spec please tell me as i could be wrong.The mesmer class went from ridiculously overpowered to now it seems MEH!! they have been hit quite hard over time and it was deserved as they acted as rock countering hard.They had mobility like thief practically with fast burst allowing them to harrass warriors eles necros for years. Mesmer:PVE i hate hte fact they and revenant and guardians are the norms for boonspam meta. They were responsible for alac and quickness and became a must have for every raid because of it.They also have lackluster ae which i feel is kinda sad.I feel like just because its responsible doesn't mean it shouldn't be improved, especially when considering everything chrono/mirage mains have gone through.I kinda wonder what identity with virtuoso out? Engi:hardly played but: PVP used to be easy bags in the past .I've messed around a little on engi and i've noticed flamethrower and nades cried about it is ground targetted Spec seems to have issues with its utilities and some of the lackluster weapons.I heard scrapper has identity issues but i coulda sworn i heard of scrapper nades bomber in SPVP was a thing, or is that just gimmick? PVE:i can't comment as i haven't played much. SPVP Ranger:I played a bit of druid and core ranger for years. I played as heal druid and enjoyed it can harrass a bit but has limited ability to do dps and escape you need some skills.Core weapons of axe is still insanely good and i feel like ranger has always had a issue of best of both worlds too good range moves too much boon in the past and too high dps. I feel like it was a class of its own due to its balance and everytime a new spec came out i'm looking at soul beast now because its ridiculous it was overpowered. Personally i never liked ranger much and prefered ele.I know druid sustain got nerfed hard due to celestial avatar being so strong and it still suffers because of it. PVE:I did a bit of druid dps core dps not much of anything else. Rev:Never played Guardian:I hate how this class was always passed up over years for nerfs and felt like where it would deserve a nerf others would get.At the same time i do think DH if you get caught in the trap its your fault.I know firebrand was a thing in WVW and in SPVP i heard the newest spec is a good roamer? I'm not a guard main hardly played. PVE:I did power dps hated firebrand how it was quickness spam and aego all that stuff. for years it always bothered me how ez it was
  12. I tried and for the life of me i cannot seem to git gud at ele in SPVP, its so hard. Weaver gives me problems in rotation in pve too mind you.I tried Weaver in SPVP and i also tried cata. Cata for me just seems to be way harder and i don't get it.
  13. Necromancers used to underperform under reaper and every time their new spec reached equal dps to other classes they got nerfed and thrown into either mediocrity or sub par dps wallowing in mediocre bad dps and sub par performance. Reaper doing anything but competitive dps is bad reaper should do high dps because otherwise it would be useless and not taken.If reaper were to do 32-33k dps and others were 40 but offered buffs? well then reaper would be untaken because it doesn't offer buffs or other stuff worth using. I had to redo 35k dps isn't great obviously its kinda on the low side but it might be taken but its unlikely. See A class that offers nothing would need something to see the light of day if you take away 1 thing and it has nothing else then it falls into obscurity and becomes not playable unless you want to grief your guild during raids.
  14. Personally scourge should be dealing 34-35k DPS not 40k DPS.
  15. might be encountering bad players too who don-t know how to react/play
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