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  1. And then you have complaints about catchup why do i do 33k while ele does 42k then buncha folks do 50k Even with the complaints it has to be done, because its making the game too ez. If Anet doesn't curb the power creep before its too late, its going to kill the game. In fact i'd happily take nerf on nec to 32k if others get nerfed down to 32k same as reaper.
  2. Maybe then they should nerf other classes down then? It makes the game too ez to have so much dmg. I'm not against fixing problems for nec, but this mentality has to stop, as if we keep this up the dmg will be able to solo raid bosses with 2 peeps.
  3. Personally nobody should be doing 40k i said this earlier, because its far too great damage. It used to be ahuge gap in damage due to power creep, but at least necro wasn't part of the problem. but now we have classes doing 40+k which is insane.
  4. The question is what should warrs give that others don't, because nec can give regen and migth eles can give a buncha stuff mes can give quickness alacricity, as can guardians, so how do you make it then so warrs offer something desired.
  5. I think what someone else said is prob true, it lacks ability to give anything support wise for the team, cause if you don't have those other stuff, you better have really high damage to compensate, and the damage is good. Problem is though that with survivability reaper has and tankiness, it could turn out a problem if it had 40-45k dmg.
  6. Its also because it helps create a opening to kill for warriors. Looking at the warrior kits, it makes sense logically why they would have so many stuns, since its one of their main things.
  7. Let i remind you that not too long ago, few classes could actually have enough condis before the big shakeup. There is still tons of cleanses and condi corrupts. Heck one of the reasons scourge was so successful, is that it could keep up with the classes that corrupt condis into boons, and mirage threw out enough condies to actually be a threat. If you are going to nerf condis, you have to massively nerf the cleanses and other stuff too. because nerfing 1 creates a unbalance that causes a huge issue.
  8. Is that WVW or pve or both? I would be interested some day in seeing how well a warr can hold the group alive with heals and give buffs.
  9. So i take it these are mostly good for WVW and maybe big parties of enemies in fractals maybe? I didn't know warrs had good support healing, now i'm mighty curious to see a support warr with phalanx strength and vigorous shouts.
  10. He was playing in WVW. Roleplayer experiences all game modes with one build !build !media - Twitch It looks as if the tactics tree is mostly damage and support with boons and stuff. I can see why you'd want to go with tactics tree for shrug it off.
  11. It brings barrier, which is desired in raids, even if admitedly its been used mostly in the past to carry bad players.
  12. You know its funny you mention that. I saw vallun last night playing warr with tactics in his build. I didn-t really understand why he went tactics, but this reason you gave might be why.
  13. A guy on warrior section said start with fast hands and the utility. It sounds like a good start to adjust things at first see if it helps a lot warr, and some have asked for ranger like skills on sword. It would be nice if ANET figured out where they want warr to go and what to do with him.
  14. The problems i heard how do you buff warr without causing it to be broken op? I heard on warr forums that warr has had trouble from going unplayable to when buffed so broken op it pushes other side noders out.
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