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  1. I personally agree. i remember someone pointed out that guardians and necros have well designed specs with traitlines in some that just work out very well. Reaper? fits power DPS Dragonhunter in pve? good spec firebrand? support scourge? kinda supportish or condi dps I'd like more of that spread and done well to other specs many already fit like: Tempest for support or weaver for power dps Herald for healing and cleansing i like it i can enjoy even druid spec and support part. Anet isn't fully at fault but yes they do take blame. Its us the players
  2. Necro:Overhaul dagger and staff possibly maybe make gs faster take away the quick,ness so it feels good on reaper class? elementalist:There are a few weapons and class specs to change Staff for ele could use some fix some of the Summons could use overhauls as fiery gs is the most used and the others don't see nearly as much. Warrior:A good start allowing warriors to put down more banners so they can help their team overhaul berserker something's gotta be done about sustain probably i feel kinda weird how zerker and bladesworn exist. I wonder is bladesworn trying to driv
  3. I honestly hate this design choice when made in classes becasuse of what you described. I want to be able to enjoy what i love about ele and not worry bout class beingg nerfed into oblivion.
  4. I'm not against going condi i'm merely trying to learn each class. As you guys know i'm not great at mes i'm not even a master of ele and i've played more of it than mes at this moment. I just was thinking about this class and tinkering more because i legit enjoy mesmer class.
  5. So basically the openess just makes it harder to balance is what you mean makes sense it seems like they are always fidgeting trying to balance the powers of classes for each mode.
  6. If i were to buy path of fire cna mirage be played power and be decent? or is it mostly condi? just curious.
  7. aren't the stats supposedly still useful and unique from banners?
  8. Maybe warrior mains will be lucky and ANET will decide to give some other changes to improve banner slave warriors such as not having to pick it up but have it on you the whole time or put multiple around the map or something or maybe something different. If Alac and quickness aren't enough then prob need overall overhaul. I'm kinda sick of ANET just nerfing things into the ground forgetting about them leaving them unsuable i don't understand that mentality. One could only hope and dream ANET does something and fast to overhaul and improve. Members 7,330 posts
  9. How much do you guys want to bet warrs will get alac and quickness soon if you guys already don't have? just wait for it. I bet bladesworn wil have quickness or alac shoehorned in somewhere.
  10. I got a question to you warr mains: Why was arc divided nerfed?
  11. Play the class style you like the most. Don't focus on multi classing to classes you hate but play because it happens to be viable now play a class you enjoy. I play ele and mes a lot and thief because i enjoy the playstyles. I find ele fun to change elements i find chrono interesting because of the illusions and running away. I like playing druid because i really enjoy support classes.
  12. Actually ANET listens to the whiners.
  13. Personally i don't get why ANET favors melee unless maybe because of nagging and whining. I do think ranged damage weaknesses on bosses should be a thing and favoring on some range plus i do want staff ele to be useful.
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