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  1. nope, scourge f skills are not imbalance because they are very limited by lf of scourge. scourges are slaves of their life force. everyone cry scourge is facerolling about their f skills, but use all of them in 1 spike kills 70% of your lifeforce. and lf reg is very limited too. only spectral armor is a good lifeforce reg skill, thats the reason every necro play with it. its the same with rev skills that often have low cd's but are limited by energy they need to cast. Scourge don't faceroll all the F skills, only Nefarious Favor and Desert Shroud.And the first can give a good amount of life fo
  2. Obv revive skill would be revisited. kitten do you mean??? Well, say some possible changes to Ritual of Life, Life from Death and Transfusion.And all the others traits/skills. Too much work, no? i havent used a single rez skill in the last 3 years besides warrior banner and ranger shout skill, most have a long cast time or a dumb condition also countered with poison which is VERY common nowdays, but to remove downed state anet needs to rework all base game/skills. Sorry man but I really don't care what/how you play. Wut?
  3. No downed state = OHKO fiesta, better if from stealthNo downed state = revive skills useless
  4. We appreciate your try to lower Scourge's Weakness output but this will also nerf all the others Necromancer's build.
  5. Maybe Judge's Intervention while throwing Zealot's Fire. Paired with Focus n°5 (Shield of Wrath) is a good burst combo.
  6. @Sephylon.4938 said: But it isn't a +10% damage anymore if <100% endurance anymore: better for PvE and Worse vs players.No tradeoff is good, counting that its a minor trait: our is a major and we'll pick it only if we want. I'm sorry, but I'm not quite understanding what you're saying. Can you please clarify what you mean by "+10% damage anymore if <100% endurance anymore:".Thay had a damage increase trait that got changed into another damage increase trait, both of them (the old and the new version) into a minor trait spot.Their damage will be better at high might stack but VS players
  7. @Sephylon.4938 said: But it isn't a +10% damage anymore if <100% endurance anymore: better for PvE and Worse vs players.No tradeoff is good, counting that its a minor trait: our is a major and we'll pick it only if we want.
  8. Not at all. The conditions will still do about the same damage, they werent nerfed. They just moved some over the damage to be over time. Havent fixed the never ending application nor the VERY heavy reliance on long cool down condition removal to be ablt to last long enough to win the fight seeing as how the constant application still hasnt been fixed. Condition application could not be slowed but the condi pressure is lower than before as targets will have lower stacks for application, even if for more duration.More time to work around the C.damage without making it useless. And more duratio
  9. Now we only need boss spamming stability to let the fun begin with Nightfall, Dread and Superior Sigil of Severance!Good overall buff for power builds and some damage increase for PvE conditions builds.Barriers now are pretty good and can reliability prevent peoples from dropping under 90% hp, so i'm happy :+1:
  10. P/P Thief counter DHs what? Never heard of "I'm swapping to P/P" thieves when versus DHs? There's almost no other build any form of DH hardcounters harder than P/PWhat P/P Thief avoid when fighting DHs:ToF damage - You'll not be Knocked out of it by Shield's Knockback and you'll have endurance to escape it as long as you don't dodge to brawl the DH(as if you should going to melee it) Hunter's Determination - It will not prevent the opening damage from Steal/Backstab, your damage isn't loaded into a big hitting skill but into more hits(better vs Aegis) You don't have to waste Steal to open wit
  11. (not talking about change utilities or traits) Use your blinds to load the thief with Confusion while negating their damage and endurance regen (if dagger's 2° AA miss), reset fights with The Prestige + False Oasis and chase it with your leaps when it want to flee. Force their double Shadowstep and then make use of Gravity Well + Shatter skills to burst it down. Follow it with Blink while throwing Tides of Time if it disengage, then channel your Confusing Images. Use Trail of Anguish before trying to heal to prevent interrupts and seek teammate's help: you can't burst thieves wit
  12. Post your builds and we'll teach you how to screw us.
  13. This could decrease Target the Weak's, Necromancer's and Reaper's synergy for PvP/WvW builds (even if putting Decimate Defenses in a better PvP/WvW spot).At this point they could just add the boon corrupt to Dark Path and Death's Charge, and reworking the trait.
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