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  1. Unfortunetly I don't think anything will change in mechanical stanpoint for Virtuoso. It's exactly what the community has wanted for Mesmer: Does absouletely nothing but damage.
  2. I was expecting to see a "give X in return" part at the end. If you truly think this is a fix to Mesmer, 1) you must either be thinking Mesmer is overpowered or 2) you don't fully understand what suggesting a fix means. 1) If it's the first case, that's completely wrong. The changes you've mentioned are about PvP and Mesmer is only strong below Gold rank. That shouldn't be the basis for balance since those ranks consists of players who plays PvP only for rewards or just for the sake of it. Anyone who actually takes PvP seriously (no matter how bad they are) will be placed in Gold a
  3. I disagree with that. Having Alacrity only on Chrono means that you have to have Chrono in every single end-game squad. Anet also has realized that this approach is very limiting to the players and reworking Warrior Banners and Druid Spirits as well. What they needed to do is to keep Chrono's ability to give Alacrity. If they are so determined to seperate supports into Quickness and Alacrity givers, they could have just force Chronos to choose one so they won't be able to give both. It can be very easily accomplished by placing main Alacrity giving trait in the same column as Seize the Moment.
  4. I think the main reason is Condi Virtuoso stocks blade incredibly faster than Power Virtuoso. Infinit Forge is too slow and if gets buff Power might see play too.
  5. Or make it so that Lost Time gives group Alac. You know, the trait that absouletly no one ever uses.
  6. Yes, Mesmer is not in a good spot, but it's not gonna change earlier than June. In low Gold and below, I recommend going full damage because people won't know how to deal with your burst. In higher ranks, picking Power Block Mirage and play like a roaming CC bot is probably your best bet.
  7. There is also a trait in Chaos that others forgot to mention. It increases condi damage significantly while you have a staff equipped.
  8. If they hide the daggers Virtuoso playrate will drop like 50%.
  9. I know. OP said he is asking for PvP and Open World.
  10. The OP is asking for Open World and PvP, not for Raiding.
  11. That's the dumbest thing I've ever read in this forum.
  12. Because Mesmer is a PvP class.
  13. Yeah, good logic. Anyway, I was seriously expecting Mass Invis nerf and nothing else. They at least know what is wrong with Virtuoso even though the solution doesn't seem right. I'll take what I get.
  14. I thought they were challenging the enemy by saying this but after I've come to know that Bladesongs are literally the easiest abilities to dodge in the game, I've realized they are actually warning the enemy as a balance manaveur from Anet, ensuring Virtuosos are not terrorizing people with their massive Shatter bursts. Good move, Anet. Good move.
  15. All jokes aside this sounds the most likely "We've buffed Condi Virtuoso over the top and it's overperforming compared to Power builds at all game modes so we are nerfing it." and no other changes.
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