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  1. G2A keys are acquired in a number of ways: From regional pricing which allows the game to still be sold at a profit in other regions. For example, buying a game in India or Brazil then reselling it in the US or Europe. Key can be obtained from giveaways or buying cheap bundles from Humble Bundle and resold that way. The third way keys are obtained is through buying them with stolen credit cards or stolen PayPal accounts. This is why buying anything from G2A has an inherent risk because if the payment method used to buy the key is charged back, the key wi
  2. Maybe this was wishful thinking on my part, but I was hoping the condition damage line on Virtuoso could get reworked into something else. Right now we have a boon support line, a power focused line and a condi focused line. Sounds like a like an elite specialization and more like trying to be Mesmer 2.0 in a clunky way that misses the mark. Given that the blade skill fact was added to greatsword skills and not sword skills, I was hoping this could be treated as Domination+ elite spec. Have a power line, a line of traits that interacts with interruptions like the Domination t
  3. G2A keys are often sold cheap because they are bought using stolen credit cards or are purchased cheaper in some areas due to regional pricing. However, if you purchased a key that was bought using a stolen credit card and a charge back is issued. That key could get revoked and the account that activated that key would likely get suspended or banned. As long as your main account wasn't purchased on G2A you shouldn't worry about that account getting banned.
  4. Ran into this issue tonight while playing myself which is frustrating. As you can see from the posted images all the conditions were set for the event, but the Wasmaa event just kept spawning every 20 minutes and the chain progressed no further.
  5. Per the title, entered WvW and waypointed to the keep and noticed that some troll had built trebs over all of the synthesizers, both making gathering from them more difficult and wasting keep supply. Would it be possible to flag the synthesizers to prevent placement of siege?
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