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  1. Would it be possible to organize friend list in sub sections? It would be nice if we could assign the names of the sub sections ourselves but I could also go for predefined ones close to what LFG categories currently are (WvW, World Bosses, Raids, Fractals, ...) I'm starting to have a huge list and the only way I can organize it is by assigning nicknames for now
  2. Update: If my guildmates are in the squad I see them as blue (but only my guildmates)
  3. Same here, never had issues that big, some skill lag in some really large fight yes but nothing that big. Game entirely froze for around 3-4 seconds, while computer was doing ok, once opponents were coming at us. There was not even any stealth involved here, and it wasn't a 50v50v50.
  4. First 3 screenshots to show different  map instance while on same instance. Final screen to show map displaying squad mates as non squad
  5. And some people are even reporting not seeing them on map. I don't know if this is related but when hovering on squad people I see some of them as located in other WvW maps (not the names that are amongst the 3 generated one I am with), even if they are on the same map instance as I am.
  6. I hope they will rollback it asap as well, I am afraid it's under reported as there is no crash report menu and it affects lots of players that are not used to contacting support by themselves.
  7. Game never crashed before. DX11 is not activated (I activated it briefly at launch and deactivated due to crashes while playing story instance) and crash occurred in thunderhead peaks while chasing the hydra. I just did the oil meta with even more people right before without any issue. Difference is that we were moving all over the place with mounts.
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