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  1. I suppose you could say that my opinions are a me problem, sure. The cake analogy doesn't really fit here at all though. Not sure what you were going for here. Also a bit amusing that a light-hearted joke about a bug has people so up in arms.
  2. I would, but I don't care enough to do so. Also, a bit drastic to hide all ally visual effects just for the players that go crazy with it.
  3. A bug that actually improves the game. I like this.
  4. GuildJen actually has a great Open World Condi Minion Master Reaper build. It is one of the builds I play quite a bit in Open World and it is very effective. Your damage is going to come from bleeds and poison mostly, and will require you to make use of whirl finishers inside poison and ice fields. Your minions will remove conditions from you and heal you, and the minions from "Rise" will reduce the damage you take. You will also summon a jagged horror whenever you kill an enemy, so you can have a small zombie army following you around. Also, when minions die, they'll explode into a poison field, which gives you some corpse explosion themes too. It is honestly really fun to play, really tank, and does good damage too for an Open World build. https://guildjen.com/condition-reaper-open-world-build/
  5. I dunno, I haven't had any issues with this at all. It has the same cooldown as weapon swap. Whenever weapon swap comes off cooldown, I unleash then weapon swap and unleash again.
  6. Compared to the other unleash skills it does feel a bit more difficult to notice.
  7. Sword/Sword is good for condi Reaper only if you are replacing great sword. It is still a DPS loss, but you get a full ranged damage kit. The downside of offhand sword is the long cast times. After playing them in raids tonight, I like having sword/sword on Power Reaper since the DPS is the same and I get some mobility and ranged DPS.
  8. Yeah, looking at the DPS rotation for the current build, I guess you would replace dagger 3-2 with sword 2-2, which will be a dps loss unless you are hitting multiple targets. Sword only has higher DPS if you stay on the weapon set, which we currently don't do because great sword is so much stronger. So yeah, the only benefit to sword right now is if you are fighting multiple enemies or if you are forced to attack from range for prolonged periods of time. It does feel pretty crappy when compared to what others got. Edit: After further testing dagger and sword comes out to be roughly the same DPS because the cast time of sword 2-2 is shorter than the cast time of dagger 3-2, which makes up for the DPS loss. So overall I'd say replace dagger with sword so that if you need to range you can and you'll have higher DPS when fighting multiple enemies.
  9. Yeah, I feel like it needs some after-cast reductions and a bump in power coefficients. It just doesn't feel like that big of a DPS increase at the moment.
  10. From what I have tested, it is the best power weapon set to pair with a great sword, just not by a significant margin. Sword 3 is the only DPS loss skill, so use that one only for mobility or boon corruption. Still working on further testing to find the best rotation. Right now I am doing 2-5-4-2, 3 auto chains, 2, 3 auto chains, repeat.
  11. Yeah sure. Remind me again what happened to the last class that provided great barriers and DPS? Yeah I wouldn't expect it to last too long.
  12. We already know that rewards will not be removed and they have made no indication that prices will increase. You only need to complete 3 of the 4 tasks to receive your Daily, 4 out of 5 if you include the log on task. And honestly, I am already at the point where I am running out of stuff that I even want to spend my AA on, so the pace seems fine. I won't be able to play for an entire month next month, and I don't feel worried at all about missing out on anything. It's simple really, just do the content at your leisure and buy the stuff when you want. Any FOMO that exists is simply self inflicted at this point for no reason.
  13. This would be such a great change. It makes no sense why it is a 3 second cast time nowadays. If we get pocket raptors, it needs to be a small pack of them. They can still operate as a single unit, but it would be really cool to have like 5 pocket raptors following me around and attacking kitten.
  14. I think you are playing the game wrong. Why are you comparing our stability skills first of all? So what if ours isn't some shout that easily applies the boon? Our stability skill also deals damage and converts boons to torment and cripple. Also, in 90% of fights everyone is stacked. It takes minimal effort to hit everyone with the skill. Also, when I play I have 100% uptime on 25 might, fury, alac, regen, and prot. So it definitely sounds like you are doing something wrong there. lol
  15. This would be cool, but if they do this then I demand they make the locusts swarm around the players we give swiftness to as well.
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