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  1. Well yeah, that is why I suggested moving the match maker to Unranked. As for a solo queue AT, that defeats the whole purpose. Solo Queue has too many issues to be a truly competitive environment. If you want a team for AT, you simply form a group in LFG or chat.
  2. lol. If only there was an option to change your vote.
  3. On the premise of afks and bots moving to Unranked, I don't think this will necessarily be the case. Sure, in any scenario where it is not a strict 5v5 team queue, bots, afk players, trolls and whatnot will exist. This is simply because the system facilitates this. It is the only way they can exist. No one is willingly accepting these players on their team. However, with ranks, badges, titles, and league tickets all being in ATs, there should at least be a reduction in afks and bots that would even bother to move to the new Unranked. Also, with the new Unranked you could simply queue as a team
  4. I'm sorry, so off topic, but did anyone else read this as "buff butt nerf"?
  5. Yeah, I'd have to say this isn't really a P2W issue, it's a balance issue. It may look P2W since most of the core specs are at a severe disadvantage against elite specs that are behind an expansion pay wall, but this isn't the result of some nefarious plan to sell the expansion. This is the result of core classes being nerfed into the ground in their attempt to balance the elite specs.
  6. Yeah, that is how competition works, the better teams win. Telling people they can't play together because they are better than others is just silly. ATs allow players to come together and choose their team, put together a decent comp, formulate a plan, and communicate and improve. You don't lose because Anet forced you to team up with some troll that wants to rage quit and berate everyone. You don't win because you got lucky and Anet forced 1 or 2 players to carry you. It is an actual competitive environment. And with more participation, there would be more teams of equal skill to face off ag
  7. I am genuinely curious on the opinions of those opposed to this change. Perhaps there is a downside to this that I am overlooking?
  8. What do you enjoy about Ranked that would make the new proposed Unranked mode undesirable?
  9. So I am getting the impression that you didn't actually read my original post at all. I actually already addressed a lot of that. Also, Automated Tournaments are in fact available to all. And in Unranked, there is no rank or titles or badges to compete for, thus removing the need to game the system.
  10. Because Ranked PvP is where the biggest issues are, the system is constantly exploited, and it wouldn't allow for other game modes such as Stronghold and what not. Automated Tournaments are the best form of actual competitive PvP in GW2, and they should focus on that.
  11. For those voting no, is there a reason you don't want the change?
  12. I don't know, in all my time raiding I've never run into people like that.
  13. Yeah, for those I just ask when I join to get a feel for the group. Not going to waste my time with a group that I'm not going to enjoy.
  14. On my Deimos training runs I normally explain both strategies and let the group vote on which they want to do. For Goresval, we just take a look at how the group's dps is doing to determine if we are going to bother with updrafts or not. In just about every Gorseval kill we get, updrafts are completely unnecessary.
  15. If anything I would just like the option to purchase a level 80 boost for 80 Tomes of Knowledge. That way I don't have to deal with all that pointless loot that comes with leveling up level by level.
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