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  1. I don't know. It reminds me of how Elite Specs were introduced for HoT, and I enjoyed that way more than all of it being dumped on us like PoF. It keeps the speculation and conversation going for a good while.
  2. To be fair, not completely false. While they have announced their intentions to release new information, they haven't at this time provided any information to the players about the expansion since the original teaser. Granted, it is understandable, since they just started working on it last year after the IBS model failed. I wouldn't expect this expansion to actually drop until end of the year at the soonest, judging by how they are trying to stall as much as possible with recycled content.
  3. 3 people is not everyone, and no one here is arguing against your statement. In fact, this thread seems pretty civil so far. Not sure what "ranting" you're referring to...
  4. The down state #2 skill is a daze, follow it up with any attack and that will proc Ancient Seeds if it is not on cool down already.
  5. Actually, elite spec traitlines are still in effect when down. For instance, on Druid, you can still proc Ancient Seeds while downed. Therefore, this would definitely be an oversight, as the first trait that was changed was not also changed for the downstate.
  6. Yeah, honestly it made no sense for Renegade to become some boon support spec when Herald already existed.
  7. Now the pet swap for Soulbeast is completely a worthwhile change to look in to, since it is most likely an oversight. Technically the Soulbeast is still in combat and therefore should not be able to swap pets. For Core and Druid though, there is no precedence for a change.
  8. Rangers are also the only class with pets that they can control. The pet is a separate entity from the Ranger, with its own stats. Engineer turrets still continue to attack in down state. Elixir R will still continue to revive when thrown at your feet before going down. Just because something is different doesn't make it bugged or unfair. Classes are different. Also, Anet has never stated it is a bug, but they are also bad at communicating anything. In the end, if it makes you feel better to believe it is a bug, then have at it. Just know that it will be a weak argument to use and
  9. There isn't really any reason to think it is a bug. If you want it changed, fine, whatever, but thinking it is just some unnoticed bug that has existed from the start of the game instead of intended behavior is a pretty big stretch. As for the reason Soulbeast can't swap pets, you are both right technically. However, Anet abandoned the trade-off concept, just look at Guardian for example who's virtues become straight up upgrades with Elite specs. If they decide to change things now and rebalance down states across the board, then whatever. There is no reason to solely focus on the
  10. Most of the immob spam comes from Druid. Core and Soulbeast are still primarily just power damage specs. They can perform ok, but are far from being anything meta. Even when the Ranger has had a great build, it is usually short lived due to nerfs. Lately the Ranger has spent quite the long stretch of being mediocre.
  11. Necro was kind of there as a complaint. 😁 Ranger hasn't been great in PvP for quite some time though.
  12. And apparently Rangers aren't even worth mentioning. 😭
  13. Exactly this. The expansion feels like a last ditch effort to save the game after they realized their proposed business model with IBS was a complete failure. Now it is all hands on deck to push out something that passes for an expansion while leaving a skeleton crew behind to distract players and buy as much time as possible.
  14. Assuming no breaks for holiday events, which I super seriously doubt at this point.
  15. Which is all that is required to keep the masses distracted from the fact that they are trying to buy as much time as possible to throw together something that will pass for an expansion after their previous business model failed miserably. I for some reason thought that these new achievements would involve some sort of new challenge with the stories, but that was pretty stupid of me to expect them to have the resources to put in even a bit of effort. This is a participation trophy being used as a distraction, nothing more. I honestly hope this expansion is the greatest thing ever, cause it se
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