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  1. I have no idea OP, but now lol... now I want to do this
  2. I did this the other day. This is the best advice IMO.
  3. I think they are going to do a comprehensive review for the june patch
  4. The exception is that all thief elite specs are butchered underwater. You can't use a staff or rifle underwater either. Why should specter be any different? This makes me upset sigh.
  5. The vipers build is fine for survivablility if the rotation includes popping into shroud while initiative is being restored. I guess this also involves knowing what skills give stability etc so it can be more technical. Single target focus can feel tedious when there are a lot of mobs. There is a lot of cleave with shroud, but shroud does not seem all that rewarding for damage. Right now shroud is mainly used in order to wait for initiative to be refilled, some extra survivability and consume shadows on exit. Normally shroud is only activated for a few seconds in dps builds.
  6. That's not what I was getting at. I am a little disappointed that a promising "support spec" would be sidelined as a meme build. This has happened time and time again to thieves.
  7. Sigh the so called "fixes" for healing downed players with consume shadows makes me a little disappointed. Granted it was super strong. People are calling specter a meme support build now sigh.
  8. IMO this is the best build that I have tested. It uses harriers for armor/weapons and magi for accessories. I tried swapping magi for plague doctor, but it did not perform as well. The [EcK] thieves guild which I am a part of theory crafted it. I have tested healspec in raids and fractals so far. http://gw2skills.net/editor/?PaABsixjlhySZqsOWLeqWnxfA-zRRYQBrG9syo6UI9Kw3Zp9NL-e
  9. Vipers gear does the most damage + tormenting runes, tormenting sigil + doom sigil on scepter dagger. I can get about 30k DPS, but I have seen benches do 34~35 solo. Apparently if you have a ally it can go up to 40k. The rotation is really tight/technical and uses quick pockets. Heal specter I would recommend taking shadow savior in SA, harriers monk runes for armor, harriers weapons with transference, concentration sigils and plague dr accessories. Sword/Dagger should be taken so shadow savior can be used on skill 2 as well. I would also chose all bottom 3 for specter for heal SA for con
  10. I am not sure about a hybrid build, however for a full heal build I would suggest harriers armor/monk runes + plague dr accessories and transference/concentration sigils. Make sure to take shadow savior in SA though.
  11. The visual clarity of raid boss teleport circles should be increased when wells are put on top of the areas where teleport circles appear. It will be something to get used to and I know the signs of a teleport going to happen, however if the wells are obscuring mechanical markers obviously that is not good.
  12. Here is one piece of feedback. * Heal/Support is completely useless if you need to do anything underwater (I have discovered a build that performs very very well). I have been running support heals for my fractal group along side a QB for extra boons so the boon well fills up. ANYHOW we had to SWITCH the person doing support because unique weapon skills + wells don't work underwater. Specter is completely butchered for that type of content. Once again thieves elite skills don't really serve well underwater.... RIP Please make wells locked to the person who cast it or make it linger
  13. I agree. Here are also 2 other potential options. 1. simple take: in addition to what you said make boons 5 person only or 2. spicy take: up the player limit on aoe damage skills. This means that a smaller group could rival a much larger older style blob party. It would put squads at a disadvantage to all stack in the same place. This take isn't mine. It is from someone from my guild who has 40k achievement points and 1k+ wvw levels.
  14. This only happens when action cam is enabled. It never happens when action cam is turned off for me. Maybe you have a setting missing?
  15. Ah, it was a ragtag team, but it was quite fun! I was in it for a couple of hours.
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