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  1. Why do they have to be banners, is there any rule or code that says that the warrior must always have banners? change the skills that are only shouts or something like that they want to balance and break something else haha
  2. Why can't they be shouts instead of banners?
  3. You know what I think you must have like 3k LI and in fractals like 15k of UFE which has all legendary a boomer weeb who plays since 2012 when the game came out believing that everything he does and says revolves around him, his ego people like you do so I have already met several like this in this game. I say it from my point of view of being new and that he likes to play druid and his POF class cannot compete with the class that came out in the new expansion and if some people feel the same and share the idea go ahead and if they can't shut up This is addressed to a forum dev to analyze it a
  4. ok dude I keep raiding on pugs with the kids comanders talking kitten because the alacrity that my class gives for doing several things is useless haha that deactivate 19 seconds is super instant https://i.imgur.com/zcpLdQe.png
  5. Trapper's Expertise Entangle jacaranda and staff 4 for cc and for push long bow 4 and Glyph of the Tides for push adds
  6. Some dev can make the skills of the spirits passive and that they be instant activation to give alacrity it is very silly to wait for the animation to be able to give alacrity since there are bosses or certain situations in the instances where you transport or mount and they disappear causing I can't give an important boon and skills to your group or you need to save important skills for certain situations and I don't have them available because I need to activate the spirits to give alacrity. My class is pusher, alacrity,bk,hk, give might, root adds, kiter, greens and ham is only 2 buttons rl
  7. I have to do it 8 times type the name 8 times to delete those objects. Are the objects linked to the account that they gave me when I purchased through prime gaming, what are you talking about?
  8. Simple kids it's just a suggestion Option: https://i.imgur.com/NBTSPdu.jpeg message + confirmation: https://i.imgur.com/T5EuCqV.jpeg
  9. I suggest an option to enable that functionality, simply type delete and that's it or people need to type and process the action they are going to do in the game or have lag in the head?
  10. Hello, I am in my new account and I am using a prime gaming code. I received a chest which has several objects and when I try to delete them, it asks me to type the full name of the object to do so. my suggestion is to change the name of the object to delete as it is easier to do and less frustrating https://i.imgur.com/cDaTfun.jpeg
  11. Hello I want to report this event the npc does not move. https://i.imgur.com/U32evFl.jpeg
  12. I only did it with 3 people the event https://i.imgur.com/WEAwgYN.jpeg
  13. Anet please fix this event 2 days trying to kill him to get the turtle mount.
  14. In cryptseeker achievement when etching amber keystone is recorded wrong this achiev is need it for the hidden poi https://i.imgur.com/OUJRM6s.jpeg -.- https://i.imgur.com/A9kavYr.jpeg https://i.imgur.com/IvwOPop.jpeg
  15. I was in that quest for 1 hour or more I had to use the 3 Greatsword to get out of a room where you stand on a button and the door opens, there was also a battery that I destroyed with only the pet that is behind some barriers they should verify that mission that error that puts you behind the door did not appear to me -..- but dit it https://i.imgur.com/fyZYje9.jpeg
  16. I can not complete the map because there is a bug in the hero point pls fix it. https://i.imgur.com/ehezmaE.jpeg https://i.imgur.com/jxZhYNH.jpeg
  17. Hello, the game has been disconnected this afternoon every 5 minutes, I already did a speed and ping test and my connection is stable, could someone please verify it tanks. https://i.imgur.com/hku3LNi.png https://i.imgur.com/F2BvPyO.jpeg https://i.imgur.com/DpmZuKQ.png
  18. what now bois ? im wainting on lion arch for masive ppl kick D;
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