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  1. I had fun with it when I was in the gunners seat one or two shotting most mobs. communication betwen playes is a must. The Turtles bigest strength is also its biggest weakness as it relies too much on co-op to make it usefull. This is unfortunatly going to put me off using it as I am one of those people that don't group up all that often.
  2. PC Gamer just dropped an article for the siege Turtle. 😀 https://www.pcgamer.com/uk/guild-wars-2s-new-siege-turtle-could-be-the-best-mmo-mount-yet/ It goes under water and has jump jets. From the artical.
  3. 1) How many Asur Enginers are we going to see beta test this? 2)Why do I have the sinking feeling that this is going to be like the Catalyst as it is now? i.e. A horid mess that does not gel well together.
  4. The mech looks cool. 😀 Definatly need to play in beta next week.
  5. I am really aprehensive about this spec. I wait with baited breath on the reveial video ( hopefuly on the 21st of October).
  6. I have noticed that some of the hammer skills have a long cast time and animations for them don't flow together from one skill to the next. The long cast skills can't be interupted by the player rooting you in place.
  7. The question is does the attack range on the fire and air hammer skills need to be increased or should it stay as it is? In my opinion I think that it needs to be increased to put it on par with the septer.
  8. I have to admit that I am impressed with the catalist now. Before tonights stream I was thinking that I would not want to play it but now I do. The preview video put me off.
  9. Initial responce to this class is Oh dear. I will need to play this class in beta before rendreing my final assesment on the class but it is not looking good. I will just have to see how well it works with secpter and staff otherwise I will be sticking with the Tempist.
  10. The wepon looks like it could work like the gunlance from the Monster hunter stories games. Link
  11. After watching the video a few times I am left a little bit confused is that a new wepon? Or is something else going on here? Definatly going to have to watch the streem and beata test this.
  12. So are we going to be playing Cricket or Polo now?😁 Looks like we are hitting a ball with a mallet or bat.
  13. I hope that we don't have to level up fishing to progress the story as the fishing mini game did nothing for me.
  14. /grumpy sigh😞 kitten! Well the game mechanics had better be good. Maybe we will be using the hammer the same way that a mesmer uses her gratesword.
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