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  1. What team were you placed on? Seven Pines What team did you expect to be placed on? Dragons Claw Did you change/toggle your selected WvW guild after Thursday night, even briefly? No Have you shard/world transferred recently? No What is your default world when World Restructuring is disabled? Gandara EU
  2. whats up with the skilllag since a few weeks. One of the best features of pof if intended or not was that there were basicly no skilllags in big fights for me and a lot of other wvw players i know. Now its back and worse than ever. Its often unplayable even in 2 way fights.Can we finally get decent servers Anet thankyou
  3. -commander tag you can only see within the closed squad-different nameplate colours for your own group in a squad-different colours for enemies feedback/reflectionwall etc like you did with warrior bubble-top 10s after each matchup:player with most kills without a squad or/and best k/dcommander/squad with highest k/dplayer who capped the most campsplayer you did the most damage with ACsetc
  4. can we get some nice rankings after each season?stuff like commander who contributed the mostplayer without squad with the best k/dplayer who capped the most campscommander with the best k/dand so on would be fun to see some stats after each season and it probably would be a nice goal to have for some people to get on the top 10
  5. all those beautiful gw1 armors as actual armors and not outfits!also legarmor without skirts, just jeans and a simple t-shirt for example.Design Armor for each race and not only for human and try to fit them on a charr :scream: the cultural armors are mostly great!Dyeable WeaponsBone Dragon StaffBackpacks that fit the back of a charr and dont hang in the airMountskin: Mistfire Wolf
  6. i think it would be pretty easy for anet to change the colour a bit and problem would be solved.But they might not even know about this as a problem, since they dont play much wvw... just my guess.
  7. maybe just make each colour just a bit darker so u can still see easily what kind of skill it is
  8. There were always those skills you couldnt differentiate between being friendly or hurting alot in a big fight in World vs World. Skills that look exactly the same besides a little red ring on the floor together with thousands of other red rings covering it. Till Pof those Skills were, while being used alot like Feedback or Reflectionwall, negligible if u see some new skills PoF brought us. Especially speaking of the new Spellbreaker elite, which completly nullifies boons in every way, a crucial and very strong skill.So what happens on Teamspeak in a big fight when there pops up that strange
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