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  1. Oh wow, seeing as the BLTC includes the Gem Store, Gem Exchange and Trading Post (which means all three are merely components or parts of the BLTC) I certainly didn't expect to have to explain all of this to a long time player such as yourself! Yes indeed, some people posting in this discussion did not know that they could open the BLTC Trading Post directly, either by simply right-clicking an item in their bags to sell or simply visiting a "Black Lion Agent (Trading Post)", but my guess would be that most of those are new(ish) players who are still learning all of the various parts of the gam
  2. I specifically watched the GW2 launcher when I ran it earlier, I did not see any download so I just logged in and then launched the game. Rather surprisingly when I checked the BLTC by pressing the "O" key it opened normally and displayed everything in the Gem Store section correctly! No crash at all. I then went to a Black Lion Agent (Trading Post) and clicked on the Agent, the BLTC Trading Post opened normally. Still no crash. Exited out to the character screen and there was no crash there either. Seems that somehow the issue may well have been fixed for me as well, though I think I'll wait
  3. What? I didn't say I couldn't open the TP? Really? How about I try underlining the part you are clearly missing then: I can see the words "trying to open the BLTC whether to access the Gem Store, the Gem Exchange or the Trading Post" right there, that part that very clearly states "whether TO ACCESS the Gem Store, the Gem Exchange or the Trading Post"! I really didn't think I'd need to explain the phrase "to access" for anyone! 😲
  4. I sent a ticket on the first day, got a similar reply: "We are aware of the issue and investigating. Please check the forums for an update". For some reason I can't access the TP via an NPC nor by right-clicking an item to sell. The game just crashes as soon as the BLTC opens on either the Gem Store, Gem Exchange or Trading Post. Sometimes all three tabs are just blank and when that happens I don't get the crash until I exit to the character screen. I updated my ticket earlier and commented about missing out on time limited sales, got a reply stating that they were goin
  5. Really? Try reading the first part of my post again and this time please take some time to actually try to comprehend just what you are reading: Snipping that part out and just quoting the last sentence in the paragraph doesn't help anyone, it just shows that you are either ignoring relevant information or simply failed to fully understand what you read! 🙄
  6. When trying to open the BLTC whether to access the Gem Store, the Gem Exchange or the Trading Post the game either crashes instantly or the Gem Store, Gem Exchange and Trading Post are blank and cannot be interacted with at all. Can't type a single letter, let alone a sentence, so just how is anyone supposed to try this "suggestion"? 🤔 🙄 Been getting this since the patch on the 14th Dec 2021, so three days now. Once I got a "The BLTC is temporarily unavailable. Please try again later." message and when I then returned to the Character screen the game crashed! Same thing happens whe
  7. It's a known issue that is currently being investigated. Don't waste your time trying to do anything because there is literally nothing you can do to fix this! We just have to wait for the team at A-net to figure out what's gone wrong so they can fix the problem on their end.
  8. Ah yes, I think that's their standard response. It's usually something along the lines of "it's a known issue, we're currently investigating, the solution/fix/whatever will be posted in the forums". 🤔🤣
  9. Post about BLTC crashing the game over in the Gem Shop crashes the game thread! 😉
  10. They've been having problems with various payment methods for a few months now. I used to use my debit card for gem purchases up until August 2021 when I attempted to make a gem purchase and the purchase just would not complete. I submitted a ticket to Support and was asked to try again and provide a screenshot of any error message. But there was no error message, the purchase just would not complete no matter how many times I tried! The next reply from Support was that it is a known issue and they're investigating how to resolve this. I was then told to try PayPal if possible as an alternativ
  11. Just got this crash problem after todays patch. No problems with the BLTC when I played last night, but when I logged in tonight as soon as I press "O" to open the BLTC the game crashes! Logged back in-game, pressed "O" to open the BLTC and this time the BLTC opened but was empty, as in no items were displayed. Exited the game to the character screen, clicked on "Log Out" and the game crashed! Logged back in-game, pressed "O" to open the BLTC and this time the BLTC opened but then the game crashed again! I'll try once more but if the game crashes again I'll just leave it until tomo
  12. This pretty much sums it up, there's simply no need nor requirement for a new system that would allow the reallocation of spent Mastery Points. If you don't have enough points to spend on the Masteries you want then you just need to get out and earn more points. You don't need to earn every single point that's available, you just need to earn enough to learn all of the Masteries! Seeing as there are more points to earn than there are Masteries to learn, you can simply pick and choose what you're going to do to earn all the points you actually need.
  13. That was a cross-promotion with SteelSeries, so that's not really anywhere even close to being in the same area as players living outside the US wanting to be treated equally the same as players living inside the US. All those Special Sales only available to US residents; Special Offers only available to US residents; Free Items only available to US residents; meanwhile all those outside the US just get watered-down, lesser versions, of such promotions! Remember when the EU server had a serious crash last year (May 2020) and for over 24 hours we couldn't play the game, heck we couldn't even lo
  14. The key phrase in this response is that "coming soon" part. That could mean anytime: maybe this month, maybe next month, maybe in 6 months, or maybe next year. By the time it actually does happen, US players will more than likely complain that they aren't getting the same "special promotion" so A-net will quickly push out another "special promotion" just for the US players within a week! There's nothing new here, those of us outside the US have known for years that US game companies consider us as "lesser" than our counterparts in the US! Complaining about it won't change anything, it is what
  15. I've learnt over the years that it really is worth taking a few minutes to read the information about whatever you're planning to do over on the GW2 Wiki before you actually do it! That way you know about any known issues before you get there and can then avoid messing up! ;) No worries, we all have other things that get in the way of our game time! =) Hopefully this time around it goes nice and smoothly for you! ;)
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